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Which class do you want?

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Which class do you want?

EpicDezward's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 01:08 PM | #1
So i've been wondering during the buildup to this game, which class is everyone going to play? Are there going to be people who want to experience the thrill of power of an inquisitor, or are you going to join the army and lead the charge as a trooper?

If your posting here, say which class, why you want to play it, and your second choice.

I'm going to be playing a Jedi Knight Guardian, because i've always loved the fast paced lightsaber blocks in the movies, and for my second choice its going to be a sith inquisitor so i can go lightning a** ape s*** on people for the lols.
BIOWARE, Y U NO GIEF ME ACCESS NAOW!!!1one!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!?