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Hi, fellow Hardcore Pvp'ers, LF a simple help....

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Hi, fellow Hardcore Pvp'ers, LF a simple help....

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01.19.2012 , 12:30 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Tatwamasi View Post

I am looking forward to pvp hardcore. I play from the middle east and i get a latency around 160-220 ms.
I would like your suggestion based on your in depth knowledge in pvp, which class mechanic would be the most forgiving , playable to the best in this latency frame.

I cannot reduce the latency no matter what , coz this is the least i can get due to geographical location of the place i play from, and Yes , i do use leatrix latency fix and have tried lowerping (when i used to play WoW).

It would be a great help if u could suggest me a class, and why it would be the best.

Note: I am open to play any class except the trooper class (as il be playing the republic side. ty

ya akhi shoflek le3be thanye, tere swtor zbalet elzebale fil PvP wana lvl66 battle master ya3ni a3la shi.
Valor 66 battlemaster
SWTOR is the worst pvp game I ever played (i only played wow and war though -_-)