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The 45 Year and Older Professional Club

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The 45 Year and Older Professional Club

Morggul's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 06:16 PM | #651
nice post, im 42 , former police officer, now a professional bodyguard for playing on ebon hawk, my main toon is Morg'draktul, imperial side only lev 22,feel free to grp with me for quests and heroics.

pyropete's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 07:22 PM | #652
I am 38 and I am an investigator. I find people for a living. -- Ex full time police officer but am employed by the department as "on call" now.

I play on Bastion and have 7 level 50s and one level 33. Working on my last char (Operative) then I will have one 50 in each class. Only 8 left to go if I want every class/sub class. I also have a 700-750 presence and my companions break the 10,000 health mark at about level 30. Not to mention they allow me to solo 2/4 heroic missions when on planets most of the time.
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Gumbeau's Avatar

04.03.2013 , 06:41 PM | #653
Hold on there. I am a 67 year Tech Support Vice President at a very major computer company. I use the game to stay in touch with my sons and to release some daily stress.

Themanthatisi's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 12:22 PM | #654
Im 44, an IT professional since 1990, born and raised in NY, moved to Jacksonville FL in 2004.... My wife, 43, retired from the state of FL, currently a full time TOR player and house wife. I mention TOR first, because since she started to play this game, she cant get anything done at home. lol.

Niebuhrian's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 12:42 PM | #655
I am 41-year-old professor who plays on the Harbinger (and lives in CO). Feel free to find me if you want to group with someone who can speak in complete sentences

(Chew-bacco (trooper), As'kikr (shadow), and Franks'n'beans (slinger) are 3 of my 50s).

Lanja's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 01:03 PM | #656
42 year old fundraiser for a major international non-profit. First MMO, but enjoyed playing KOTOR 1 and 2 when we were running projects overseas. My wife (culinary trainer) and I play rock-paper-lightsaber to see who gets online once the kids are in bed. Oh and our older boy looooves his trooper (which he gets to play if he does all his homework well).

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 04:32 PM | #657
I'm 42, located in Germany, and currently being unemployed, which I hope to be able to change this year (IT area).
In-game, my characters are located on V-Chain.

In terms of video gaming, I'm an adventure games player at heart, second role-playing games. I write Fantasy short stories as my hobby (for about 10 years now, in fact). Did a few SW-related fan-fiction stories, too.
Word-games and word-jokes are my "secret passion", so to say.
Thus I prefer to role-play SWTOR.

JustinnTess's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 08:00 PM | #658
Good to see that there is a pack of us old hipsters still running around raising a little hell.

43 here, recently returned back to school to get educated in IT. Before that I was a section manager in the mold injection department of a bottled water company. I just started playing this game recently, but Ive been a fan of MMO's since the mid 90's when Meridian 59 came out.

I have a Sith Assassin at lvl 14 at the moment. Also working up a Jedi Knight and a Bounty Hunter, but that Assassin is too fun to jump on with after a tough day of classes and let loose the lightning...

Brightblack's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 11:51 PM | #659
36 (I think). Work as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic in the Canadian Arctic. Spend a month at a time up north, on-call, so I have lots of free time while at work to play. SWTOR is one of my preferred ways to pass the time. All my characters are on The Harbinger. 50 Mara, 50 Jugg, 50 Guardian, 42 Sniper, 40 BH, 38 Sent, and a few lower ones.

It's nice to see an older group enjoying this game.

MSchuyler's Avatar

04.05.2013 , 06:06 PM | #660
I'm 64, a retired Systems (IT) Librarian. My 14 year old grandson got me into this a few weeks ago. I'm up to Level 28 with a sniper and still struggling. I'm a lot slower than my grandson, but I tell him age and treachery trump youth and beauty any day.

All you guys claiming to be oldsters. Geez, my oldest kid is 40!

Did anyone start a Geezer Guild? I haven't gone through all 50 pages of the thread. I mean, there's a game to play and all!