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Post 1.1 Ilum PVP Issues Discussion

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Post 1.1 Ilum PVP Issues Discussion
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Qcto's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:20 PM | #101
This is going to be 100 pages within the hour. Turret farming is ~= 15:1 (turret farming:warzone playing). In other words Valor gain is roughly 15x faster while farming turrets over playing warzones. There is no potential issue, its blatantly broken. The republic are stuck spawning over and over at their med center until they get a warzone queue. This is just laughably bad.
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Wolfury's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:20 PM | #102
People have gotten more valor today, than I have in 50 levels of PvP... What were you thinking?
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Quelthela's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:20 PM | #103
The Valor earn today at Ilum needs to be deleted. It's a major problem for all PVP players of this game. (I'm an imperial btw)

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adrenalinee's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:20 PM | #104
Just so you guys know for future reference: if you want to BALANCE the factions, be sure to NOT reward the bigger faction for being bigger. Maybe a little bonus to the smaller faction that isn't gamechanging would help.

Nishifumi's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:20 PM | #105
This is just sad. I worked very hard for my level 60+ valor and they're giving it away. Friend just logged off. Where do they come up with these ideas when every server has 2+ to 1 imperial to republic ratio?


Also, my trinkets are now rakata pve trinkets. I can't link them either.

ResonateRepublic's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:21 PM | #106
I have never cared about all the rage this game has been getting but this is the first time I'm legitimately angry. I'm not even level 50 yet and this is ridiculous, I agree to what everyone is saying and there better be a rollback and a player cap on Ilum. The population difference is also an annoyance for me. Like why would I stay Rep when I can join Emp with a much larger community to socialize and group with?

Sabbathius's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:21 PM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by bigtukker View Post
A couple of possible solutions
  • Make some classes faction independant (Bounty Hunter and Smuggler)
  • Lock servers from having more characters from a faction if the balance is 3:1 or more.
  • Give the underdogged faction a free medal in PvP zones.
Or just allow faction transfers free.

Or if you have a Sith Warrior at level 40, allow us to make a Jedi at level 40 immediately, without the 1-40 grind.

Any of these would go a long way towards fixing pop issues.

Monthigos's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:21 PM | #108
I'm sad to see something like this made it to the live server. I'm sad to see so many people exploiting it. My faith in the gaming community as decent people has just from from 5% to 0%.
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Obie_Wan's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:21 PM | #109
Are you joking?

No offense here but if you guys are only assuming there's a "potential" issue and are asking us for feedback over what's going on despite the plethora of threads with screenshots, youtube videos, and what not... then I seriously think you're shooting yourselves in the foot over how inept and out of touch the development team is.
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Devorin_Sargothi's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:21 PM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
Ban the exploiters muwahahahahahaahah go go go
Exploiters? They let us make characters for both sides, and talk to each other in /say. They gave pvp points to npcs.

Who's to say this isn't the plan?