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Pve Balance.

Tommyjc's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 09:35 AM | #1
So I've been drudging along, through the 100's of bugs, clearing hardmodes and working on nightmare. I like this game alot, and I really want to keep doing so. That being said, Bioware, we don't need logs, to notice some classes are grossly better than others. I understand the whole, "Don't nerf til they give us money" thing. Of course, you work for EA. I understand the whole sly, remove combat logs and mods so people can't prove these horrible imbalances. Of course, again smart move. But c'mon, you're gonna have to balance sometime.

You're pushing out a content patch with 0 buffs or nerfs. When it's completely obvious to any endgame raider or pvp'er, that some AC's suck, and some are just way too good. Honestly anyone who's watched, say a nightmare kill video or a screenshot for that matter, and noticed, oh lets say, 1 shadow/assassin tank, 4 commando/mercenary dps, 2 healing sage/sorcerors, etc. Us level 50's have been dealing with alot of ****, and with the sad state of pvp(fun as it may be, at least in my opinion), The gross number of bugs in ops and HM flashpoints, 3 modes of raiding(can you say repetition?) Imperial versions being better than their republic counterparts. having to do a bunch of boring *** dailies, this imbalance is just another wood to stack on the fire.

Honestly, you nerfed Biochem saying you didn't want to force people to be a certain Crew Skill. Though you don't address people having to be a certain class to be Optimal. It's a hell of alot worse to have to relevel a toon than a crew skill, just saying.
I'm just pleading with you add some balance soon. I'm gonna have to roll Imperial soon, all my friends are getting to leave because of the depressing state of 50 currently.