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Way of the mandalorians

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01.17.2012 , 06:37 PM | #11
The most important tenets of Mandalorian culture are

1) Wear the armor
2) Rally to Mandalore when he declares war

There are 6 of these total, but those are the most relevant in this case

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01.18.2012 , 11:33 AM | #12
The Mandalorian code is called the Resol'nare. It contains six precepts.

1. Wear armor as a sign of your identity
2. Speak the language (Mando'a).
3. Defend yourself, your clan and your family
4. Raise your children in the Mandalorian tradition
5. Contribute for the good of your clan
6. When called upon by the Mand'alor, rally to his cause

The current state of Mandalorian culture in SWTOR is in something of an upheaval. It has been since the end of the Mandalorian wars. Many Mandalorians have left their clans to seek their own fortune as mercenaries and bounty hunters. Thus, they have in essence broken with the Resol'nare and their Mandolorian heritage and become what the Mandalorians call dar'mande--a soulless state of being outside of Mandalorian society for those who are ignorant of their heritage. To become dar'manda is one of the greatest shames a Mandalorian can bring about himself.

To answer your question whether Mandalorians would mind that you execute innocent people for credits, then it depends. If your sole motivation is credits then yes, because doing so would make you a slave to coin with no honor to your name. Not because of the act itself. If you do so in order to advance the standing or objectives of your clan, then it is another matter, because you are acting in accordance with the Resol'nare. Then it would likely be accepted.

Mandalorian culture is very diverse, because Mandalorians are recruited from all over the galaxy and from every race that can fight and wield a weapon. Because there are so many diverse cultural backgrounds that come into play, some interpret the Resol'nare differently than others. Part of this is a result of the massive recruitment drive led by Cassus Fett's Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars, when the Mandalorians aggressively assimilated and integrated conquered planets and races into their culture.

To call yourself Mando'ade, you must remain knowledgable and respectful towards your cultural heritage. If you are not, then you are dar'manda and they have no use or respect for you.

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01.19.2012 , 01:09 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Rondoman View Post
Ah, thank you SammyRath, that was extremely helpful. I was worried the Mandalore would yell at me for breaking the code or something. lol
You also have to remember that during Jango's time the mando's were, for the most part, in a state of diaspora, and continued to be late into Boba's time as Mandalore. During the war with the Vongese Fett reinstated the Ori'ramikade(the mandalorian supercommando's), originally created by Jaster Moreel, and began to take a larger part, though still distant, in his role as mandalore. After being reunited with his granddaughter and wife Fett then began to take an even larger role in mandalorian society, even though around this time he could no longer return to mandalore due to the nano virus unleashed on the planet by the imperial remnant.

I digress though... Due to this state of diaspora most mandalorians turned to mercenary work and bounty hunting, as was the case with Jango and Boba. Today, and I use the fate of the Jedi series in my reference to 'today', the mando clans are a more united state but due to the poor conditions left on mandalore in the wake of the empire prior to the rise of the New Republic, most mandalorians continue to sell their services as mercenaries.

As to your question about breaking a code... Mandalorian tradition dictates that honor and gory are obtained through battle with a worthy opponent. This was the reason they always sided against the jedi when they went to war. Not for any real personal reason, but jedi were/are thought to be among the best fighters in the galaxy. To defeat such an enemy is to bring great honor to yourself, your clan, and to mandalore. On the other hand, there is no dishonor in losing to such an adversary. To fight or kill a weak or helpless opponent would not be honorable. However, taking a contract on a weak target is not dishonorable, its putting food on the table. As Fett has said many times, "A contract's a contract.

I know, Im such a geek....

Verd ori'shya beskar'gam - A warrior is more than his armor.