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A plea to all Kaibur Crystal server players Republic/imperial

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A plea to all Kaibur Crystal server players Republic/imperial

Jroh's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 02:27 AM | #1
Ok guys/gals just wanting to make a plea lets start using the Hutt Cartel Exchange on Nar Shadaa a bit more. If y'all did not know the Hutt cartel exchange is like your factions GTN except both sides can trade goods.

So for you republic players who get that Schematic that requires a Sith class to wear the piece or use the weapon post it on the HCE instead of the GTN. Same goes for the Imperials. I think we can get a far better market going if we use both. Plus it is a waste to have 8 pages of synthe weaving or armor mech schematics that are for Sith class stuff on the republic GTN.

Also guys let's stop posting those greens (unless it can be reengineer for crafting items I guess). Just vendor the damn thing it's a waste of your time and ties up your money while it sits to most likey never be bought. It also creates more things I have to go through (yes I know I can filter it out but really this is just simple advice to players who don't understand greens are noob junk).

Another tip the color crystals are nice but would like to see more power crystals and Artifact fragments for sale as well, Archaelogy does provide both and the ability to gather both. Same goes for fabrics, your metals are wanted but those fabrics will bought as well (at reasonable prices) just show your synthweavers some love to guys.

And lastly let's be realistic on some of these prices, some stuff may be warranted in asking for 25k, but dude some of y'all don't even check the market before you post. On several occasions I see a piece of purple or orange armor for say 45k?!! When there is 3 of the same listed by 3 diff people for 10-15k? The only way to achieve a constant and thriving market or markets is to properly list items were they belong and also have reasonable prices, oh and variety I crafting items.

So to sum up this article, use both your factions GTN as well as the HCE, be reasonable on asking prices (greed doesn't always win) and look at what items are scarce and farm those to sell if you wish to make more money.