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Is TOR done growing?

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01.17.2012 , 12:55 PM | #321
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfriar View Post
Actually, he's mostly right. WoW is a relatively rare case for a Western MMO. Most do peak early and start falling apart quickly.

WoW is an exception to this. Eve Online is an exception to this. LOTRO made a good comeback with F2P and is up about 100K from 2009... But I'm suspecting it's going to be back to 2009 numbers within a year.

And if you look at the big releases the past five years. LOTRO has been pretty good, not the best, but pretty good. They never peaked like Warhammer or AoC. But they didn't crash as hard either. It's about 3.5 time the size of those.

Aion did pretty well in it's western release with about a million subs. THough it has lost about half NA/Euro its subs since it was released. They've also lost another 600Kish of asian subs.. In total, it's about 1.1 million smaller now than when it peaked with the NA/EURO release at 4 million.

So, WoW fanboy, whom you put down was pretty much right. There have been very few long-term-growth successes in the MMO market. In fact, mostly it's peak-and-slide or peak-and-crash. My only wonder is which one of these two paths this game will follow. I really don't see it as a long-term growth MMO.

Too many mistakes. Too little content. And just one gimmick that gets real old...
You may have a relatively good point.

It's clouded by the fact that wow isn't really the exception, they are the bar or ground point from which all other MMO's are measured.

Before WoW came along, there was no fails and successes, everything before it was minimal in comparison. Now, since Blizzard has taken the Crown, every game that has come along has failed -- COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING.

If you were to take wow out of the equation, suddenly those 1 million to 3 million subscribed games aren't doing to bad. Before wow came along, there wasn't a great demand for MMO's, it wasn't until WoW that MMO's became very mainstream.

Saying WoW is an exception is one thing, but claiming that all others who don't succumb to the same level of success as Blizzard is juvenile.
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