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Ridiculous Mentor bugs...

Ruzlix's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 04:00 PM | #1
Okay, so we did D7 HM. I've done it several times, Mentor is usually a one-shot kill, yada, yada, but we were unfortunate and wiped once this time. So when we came back, and re-engaged, we got the old bug where everything comes at you at once - the laser, missiles, claw, turrets. So we wipe.

Then we re-engage and this time, no turrets spawn in the beginning. Only the claw. So after a min we decide to run out and reset.

Fast forward three mins and we engage again, this time it goes well but when the fourth core is down the shield on Mentor doesn't go down so we have to run out and reset again.


Alright, so we run in again and re-engage. This time it works as intended up until we destroy the first core, then the missiles come for some reason and when we're about to get the third core down it doesn't spawn. The turrets are down, the missiles and claw hound us but no core activation so we have to run out and reset, again.

We decide for one more try, and this time - first bug happens again, bombarded with everything at once from the start. Wipe. We give up.

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