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The Rule of Two

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01.16.2012 , 01:08 PM | #1
Darth Pagan ascended the stairs slowly, he can feel the electricity from the skies above urging him forward like a mynock mother urging it's young to float along it's first stellar wind. He places one finger out along the cool wall of the staircase as he moves and traces the imperfections in the composition.

"Master, where are we going?" Pagan's young apprentice asked as he climbed the stairs alongside.

Pagan stopped and looked down to his student, Threshen. His dark red eyes seemed to pierce through the young neophyte's soul. Pagan's hood covered most of his face, but his eyes always seemed to have their own glow.

"It is time for you to do away with ignorance, to embrace the power of the dark side of the Force."

Threshen, an apprentice of only nine months, stared back, knowing full well that if he broke his master's gaze he would be severely punished. He must not look away until Pagan does. Pagan held his gaze for a moment then turned to continue up the stairs. Threshen drew in a quick breath and continued up the stairs with his master.

The dark pair arrived on the roof of the temple. The temple was one of the few places in Kaas City where you could go to the rooftop and view the storms above in full glory. The city was lit up, and Threshen couldn't believe how much different the city looks from atop the temple as opposed to the street. He could see the starport, the district, the council-

A loud snap brought Threshen to attention. The smell of sulfur filled the air. His master was standing a few meters away, arms raised in the air.


"Watch, my young apprentice."

Pagan drew in a deep breath, eyes shut, a smile crept across his sullen face. Suddenly, the rain came down like a white sheet all around the temple. It happened so fast it made Threshen jump a little bit. He pulled his hood tighter around his neck with his hand. He squinted as the rain made it difficult to see his master.

A flash of whitish purple darted across the dark clouds overhead. Threshen had never seen such a sight. It was as if the lightning had a consciousness, like it was playing and the clouds were it's playground. The flash happened again, traveling along and through the clouds themselves. It would arc and fork, then move in a circular motion. All the while, his master stood, back to Threshen, arms raised.

Threshen smiled in spite of himself. Suddenly, the bolt descended onto the roof into his master's waiting hands. The electricity seemed to imbue his master with an indigo glow. Bolts and forks of electricity passed through his master to the rooftop. The sound was almost deafening as loud snaps and pops crackled through the thin air.

Without warning, Pagan pointed at him. A large cone of electricity shot from Pagan's hand and blasted Threshen into the wall behind him. Threshen had never felt so much pain in his short existence. The purple bolts ran all through his body and held him against the wall while he floated above the ground. Pagan dropped his arms to his sides and let Threshen fall. He slowly walked over to where Threshen lay moaning in pain.

"I know what you did, boy. I know you let that human go. You let him escape." Pagan's hatred seethed throughout his entire body. His red glowing eyes widened, "Now you will pay the price for your carelessness."

In one deft movement, Pagan drew his curved lightsaber hilt, ignited the crimson saber blade and cut off Threshen's left hand at the wrist. Threshen screamed out in pain as he held the stump that remained of his left arm. Pagan walked over and picked up the severed hand.

"This is now mine, when you have learned to be mindful of your actions, you may have it back."

From that moment, Threshen vowed to one day rid the universe of his master.