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This game is awesome! Better than Wow!

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This game is awesome! Better than Wow!

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01.13.2013 , 04:52 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeweledleah View Post
funny thing is - going back to playing WoW for a bit, made me appreciate SWTOR a lot more. no lie

(and GTN is about same quality, without mods, with exception of being able to shift click an item name instead of having to manually type it in. its the mods, that give WoW's auction house an edge)

and I'm not bashing WoW, its a very decent game, and in pandaria, they made a lot of major story improvements. but it has its issues. especially at end game. artificial gating of content, just to stretch out the game is at its worst in this expansion.
Imo mods give WoW an edge in a lot of things. I still think it's a dead shame for BioWare to keep the concept of mods out of the game thus far. There's so much room for optimization and personalization in the UI, its features and logging abilities.

I most definitely miss all the economy and AH associated mods I had access to in WoW, stack selling, match cheapest, undercut/overprice options, succesful sales history, AH item values displayed on items, AH succesful sales chance displayed on items, etc.

Also for bag mangement I miss being able to create my own bag spaces for the item type I desired, with items just taking up original WoW bag slots I didn't have to see anymore. Much better organization of my inventory that way.

I miss the minimalistic interface I could have in WoW, rather I'm stuck with this blue d****** of the screens edges which even at minimal size, still takes up a considerable amount of space.

I miss being able to quickly see how many of a certain item my alts posses, for crafting purposes, sales purposes, etc.

There's just so many great features which were made possible due to addons, for which developers simply did not have the time to all implement themselves, nor the need as definitely not everybody needed those features. It's a shame SWTOR doesn't have this possibility.
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01.13.2013 , 04:58 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Nebbycat View Post
This game is so awesome! The gameplay, graphics, custimiztion, sound, pve, pvp, UI and Story are so rad!

The Pros:

Custamization/race/character selection: Much more advanced than Wows, also alot of races to choose from.

PVE/PVP content: Much more than Wows at launch. Wow didnt even have BGs at launch and only one raid.

Story and Voice acting is top-notch.

Worlds are very nice and cool.

UI is prettty good and better than Wows.

Sound is great

GTN is much more advanced than Wows too.

Professions are more numerous and really important to the gameplay.

FPs rock!

The Cons:

Not many to list but here are a few:

No swimming

Load times could be a bit shorter.

Overall, this game will beat Wow and be the top dog by summer 2011! Around 10 million accounts!
The Auction house in WoW actually is more advanced than the SWTOR one - you can sort by price/unit there.
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