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The way you enter a FP

Amonephis's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 05:23 AM | #1
It needs to be changed or change the quests .

We enter Boarding party HM ,clear to final boss and kill him however our healer dies during the process and so do we by the hands of the medic. (we're already low health at this point)

now since we killed him we get quest complete and we can no longer enter the FP and finnish the run.
This is not the only FP that this happens.

Bioware should either change it so we can enter a FP without picking up quests and recive them once we enter the FP (id prefer this) or change the quest to include the end of the FP and not just the final boss.

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01.16.2012 , 05:40 AM | #2
Agreed - also this bites you if you get disconnected after the boss dies, since after a disconnect you typically have to run back in...

Workaround: Have somebody loot the boss as soon as he's dead if things look bleak. Then you can all ponder over loot while staring at the dirt in your faces
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