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Advice needed pve sorce build and companion

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Advice needed pve sorce build and companion

calranthe's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 04:51 AM | #1
I am curently using my sorc as a solo char just to enjoy the storyline etc I am now at belsavis and finding difficulty solo.

Up to hoth I used a basic 30% heal 60% lightning spec, nothing special, using khem as my tank, I would do dps and heal my pet during combat.

At 40 I kinda hit a wall as I hit belsavis (yes I was under level so I did some pvp got some better gear and respec'd myself into 3 26 5 lightning based) with a much higher dps I believed I could pair myself with Talos Drelik and do pure dps..

I am now level 43 but still finding taking enemies below my level on belsavis hard to do.

My gear is 40 rank pvp with mods, Talos Drellik is in full 40 level pvp war medic gear.

Am I using the wrong spec or just unlucky.

Any ideas please.

Jorammy's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 09:17 AM | #2
I found myself using Crowd Control throughout most of the leveling process. Even turning off Khem's aoe was causing issues in later levels so I moved to CC one and then immediately use Khem's taunt which brought mobs to him rather then him to the mobs so I could control it better. I set up a left toolbar for companion abilities and actually used his abilities.

I will say the last 3 or so levels I would have been hard pressed to solo - but I leveled as a healer - and had a guild mate with me through most of it.