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Foundry 1.1 notes.

LordKnives's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 10:53 PM | #11
Last time I tried HM Revan, his BS lightning spam one shot the tank and everyone else, cd's or not with 70k+ ticks. Where's the fix Bio, where's the fix?

prinses's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 11:22 PM | #12
you cant do it without an assasin tank.. and thats a stupid mechanic to put in place.
I have nothing against a dps check on him to see if you can burn him down fast enough but having to need a skill just 1 class has is stupid.
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tXHereticXt's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 11:39 PM | #13
Friends say you're able to interrupt but the problem is he'll acquire a new target for the second blast and destroy them. For a Juggernaught, the suggestion is to have at least enough HP so that popping Endure Pain puts you over 20k. Then of course pray he doesn't spot the healer next and kill them out right. At that point it's luck from there on out, healer has to be quick to heal up the MT before Revan refocuses and just floors the tank.