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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.17.2012 , 03:27 AM | #31
The issue comes with the difference between the inquisitor and the consular.

The first companion Inquisitor gets is Khem Val, tank, wearing heavy "strength" armor which you can craft with synthweaving.
The first companion Consular gets is Qyzen Fess, tank, wearing heavy "aim" armor which you can't craft with synthweaving.

Synthweaving sounds like a good choice at start for an inquisitor start but very weak for consular.

Late game, you can not make money out of synthweaving. People get the armor they need by questing or they simply use "moddable orange" items.

I tried to have an artifact version of an armor by reverse engineering , i had to reverse engineer like 35 green items just to get the blue version. At that time i noticed how weak synthweaving is and it killed all my economic enthusiasm. I too do not suggest people to take synthweaving as their crafting skill, especially if your playing a consular.
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01.17.2012 , 07:12 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by pahbi View Post
I'm not sure what game your playing, but its not this one.

I have yet to see a synthweave item of blue quality even come close to what my roommate gets from her moddable orange armor. She hasn't had to replace a piece of armor in 30 some levels. She just makes new mods and BAMN, totally up to date armor.

And don't even get me started on needing to make 10-15 of an item before I get a single one to RE so I can get a blue schematic. I'm on my 13th pair of Force Adept Boots, still no RE.

Oh, and just to make things even that much happier, those Force Adept Boots I'm trying to RE (and have failed 13 times so far), take a material that can only come from crew missions, even though its a green item. Talk about *EPIC FAIL*.

Sorry, but your the odd data point. In terms of helping a player level, cybernetics beats synthweaving hands down, no contest.

Bioware should just ditch synthweaving, or at least put a "This skill sucks donkey deeks" disclaimer in the codex so others don't make the same mistake I and others have.

- P
yeah. i played a smuggler and did arms tech for him, which was cool cause i could mod my weapon barrel and potentially make some cool weapons. for him it was all about modded gear.

but on my guardian I am synthweaving. and wile i could get custum gear i could also just make gear when ever it comes around and it is better than the gear that you get from quests. so it is a different route then wearing moddable gear and switching mods ever lvl you are able to.

and like someone else just said in the post the end game apparently is legit. so i wouldnt advise people on something unless you really know everything about it. why not just get rid of it and switch it cant take that long to lvl something else.
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01.17.2012 , 08:19 AM | #33
So... yeah... when you get to 400 and craft two Rakata pieces and your friend is playing with a "custom" (read: reskined) speeder bike, check back in with us and see how you feel.
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01.17.2012 , 09:14 AM | #34
If you simply like the orange custom gear better, then obviously a crew skill that makes armor that isn't custom isn't going to be for you.

The reality however, is that reverse engineering a blue armor piece will yield pretty much the same result and a custom armor piece with blue armoring/mod/enhancements of the same level. And those mods have to be reverse engineered as well.

You are just seeing the easy side of of the custom gear, not how much work your cybertech buddy is putting into it. You would be getting the same results with synthweave if you put the same effort into it.

I am leveling a trooper with armormech. I gear myself and my companions with reverse engineered blues at every level that a new piece becomes available, with the stats appropriate to our roles. These items I make are just as good as my friends custom gear that he outfits with equal level blue mods from cybertech or commendations.

Both methods work just fine. I'm guessing you just feel your like armor is weaker because it doesn't have a fancy orange label.

Edit: To say that you are reverse engineering 35+ items with no schematic is just BS. I usually start to get frustrated if it takes more than 10 shots, but I've never done more than 15 without getting some result. Usually I get one after 5-8.

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01.17.2012 , 09:18 AM | #35
Craft your Rakata pieces at level 50 then drop Synthweaving for something more useful such as Biochem.
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01.17.2012 , 09:55 AM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by Daedricshots View Post
Sorry gona have to disagree, and here's why.

Today i made gear for my inquisitor and khem val all which where upgrades from existing quest gear. Got lucky and found a design for synthweaving from a drop that was a fully modable chest piece. If i didnt have synth i would have just sold it or sent it to an alt.

Synth gear beats commendation gear due to lack of dark/light requirements. I can RE greens and get blue quality that exceeds quest gear. All my mats are free and i use commendations to buy mods and weapons.

Sorry you dont think synth is any good but i dont think you see the bigger picture here.
I have to disagree with your disagreement? lol

I just dropped 400 Synth yesterday for Biochem. At max level synth doesn't offer anything that you cant get elsewhere. The rakata pieces are nice, but you can get equivalents from HM OPs. While leveling I found synth pretty much useless because the level 20/40 pvp sets are better and so easy to get. 500 WZ commendations will get you 4 pieces of the pvp set for your level and takes a handful of warzones to get.

I never made myself anything while leveling for myself because I always had better from somewhere else and it was easier to get. The point of having a profession like Synthweaving is to craft gear that is worthwhile to have that for the most part you can get faster because you can craft it rather than trying to farm it somewhere else. But in this game the gear from synth just aren't that good.

When I hit 49 I finally made myself a decent waist and bracers and.......thats about it. I kept sending out companions hoping to get good schematics but nothing ever came so I dropped 400 Synth 400 Archeology 400 UT for Biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy. And its 100x more useful. Maybe I will go back to synth at some point if its ever made worth while to have but Biochem still being better after the nerf to it says something.
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01.17.2012 , 12:04 PM | #37
Atm my level 42 shadow infiltrator is crafting gear for my lowbies - I've never *really* gotten good use out of it myself because I didn't have the mats/cash to level it fast at the time I started - I'm just hoping that will change at some point because I really like the idea of making 'better looking 'gear than I can get from quest rewards/commendations even if the stats are very similar. I have a feeling this was the intended use for this skill, at least in part, but so far its not worked out as well.
I haven't kept up the skill to my level because of the issues (which is fine for my low level alts, just sucks for my main) and if I had to choose over I think I'd go cybertech or bio jsut because their products are useful for my toon as she is NOW. I've decided at this time though not to dump it in favor of a more 'FOTM' skill and keep my fingers crossed that they buff it/rework it without me having to re-level it all.

Edited to add: I agree with Hakkology - if we could craft gear for our companions (more than ONE of them..) then it would work out much better all round.

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01.17.2012 , 01:00 PM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by kidbs View Post
Craft your Rakata pieces at level 50 then drop Synthweaving for something more useful such as Biochem.
Because there will never be any changes or expansions or anything...

I don't know why anyone would level a skill to 400 and then drop it. If you want another skill, why dont you level an alt with different crew skills?
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01.17.2012 , 01:06 PM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by pahbi View Post
Definately gotta give you mad props. Thats some mighty fine trolling there bro.

- P
I'm not trolling, and people saying that warzone/commendation/quest gear is better than you can craft with synthweaving are wrong, I checked them myself the instant I hit 20-40, and they didn't have any upgrades for me, or if they were an upgrade, they were by 2-5 points and being replaced by a pre-crafted purple waiting for me at level 41.
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01.17.2012 , 01:12 PM | #40
I love my blue and purple crafted gear with auggie slots. And they didn't cost me a dime.

And I also have quite the number of orange moddable gear I could sell if I needed the mula.

But they need to change the helm designs in the late 30s and 40s. I feel like I am wearing wrestling gear on my head...

Not gonna bust the top hat with a caps if I can help it.