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My Review about SW:TOR

Sonnak's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 12:25 PM | #1
Well the game has been out for over a month or darn near close to it and I usually do a review of the games I play.

To start I am a HUGE fan of the Star Wars Universe. I have been a fan since I watched Episode 4 back in late 80s or erly 90s and was hooked from that point. I played KoToR 1 and 2 and loved the early world Bioware created and somewhat what Obsidian continued with but thats not my review here so Ima just go back to the MMO were all playing.
  • Personnal Story per character makes each class playable even for just that 1 aspect alone to enjoy each story to its fullest.
  • Item customization is simple yet very fun to do with the added implementation of Crafting.
  • Crafting is much more fun than other MMOs for me as it doesnt stop me from playing the rest of the game while my companions craft.
  • PvP for me is something I dont do in alot of MMOs Ive played and honestly this is the only MMO I actually PvP in and enjoy.
  • The Companion Affection with the Light/Dark Side meters are a nice feature as it gets me into my companions a bit more to see what story they will have as I grow affection with them and the Light/Dark Meter is always fun to have in a Bioware game.
  • Graphics even without shadows since I lag like heck when its on are amazing. I still cant stand Rakghouls but thats aside the point :P
  • I really enjoy the Social lvl bar that we can build up. It gives a reason to group up if you want some of the really nice social gear they created. Sadly its all light armor so my Jedi Sentinel wont enjoy it as much but oh well. Still neat to see

My list of what I enjoy in the game can go on. I honestly fully enjoy the game as many others do but I as anyone else will have my downs to it all.
  • I would love to see Ship Customization later on. I like having my ship but I feel bleh about it as its my character's home and I want it to feel like MY HOME rather than a pre built ship from the Republic. Even if no one else is going to be in my ship other than myself I still would love to see it look different than the standard settup.
  • Hotbars hotbars hotbars. I have hotbars all over my screen! Id love to just have them in the center of my screen stacked up to make ease of use. I have skills all over the place right now and find it rather difficult to do things in PvP due to this. On the Attack and Defend map for example I had to actually move some of my skills around since the Map was so big it took over my top half of Right Side Quick Slot bar. Maybe im just pampered from LOTRO and DDO having the option to have hotbars outa the wazoo and move them where I want but I like that feature and would rather have my hotbars in the center of my screen so I dont have to look all over the place for things. Plus with the use of Consumables and what not. I feel we are limited to only 4 hotbars and dont have enough hotbars to compensate for what we have.
  • PvP is fun. Maybe in the future have more game types to play. I really do enjoy the 3 we have though. They are still alot of fun to play.
  • Do the speeder skills REALLY have to be THAT expensive? 330k credits for T3 Pilot? Geebus thats the only grind I have right now to do for my main other than PvP armor and rank. I find the cost for the speeders is something I can cope with including something for 1.5m credits but the skill itself I feel should have a 0 dropped off the end of each of the costs. 4000 for T1, 22000 for T2 and 33000 for T3 is IMO much more acceptable vs the obscene 40k, 210k, 330k costs they are now.

I probably have other areas I would like to babble on about but I think I mentioned the ones that urked me a bit but over all this game is amazing in every way for me. The last newer MMO I played was Final Fantasy 14 and as good looking as that game was in graphics and storytelling. You Bioware have taken the cake in the game I plan to play for a while.

So great job on the game you made and hopefully it sticks around long enough to see 3+ Expansions .

Im still curiouse what Legacy will do for my characters..... Im kinda not wanting to rush any characters to max lvl if Legacy bonuses will help low lvl characters in the future updates.