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Companions - dates & add convo when in relationship

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Companions - dates & add convo when in relationship

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01.15.2012 , 08:47 AM | #1
While finally kissing one of my companions I got to thinking, why isn't there more to do with them? I adore the companion aspect of the game and want more to do with them. So I got to thinking what about they add you can go on a date with them? Possibly something to do in each planet you visit and you have to pay for said date and you'd raise some affection and could do some cute flirting and such on the date. I just thinking that we need more interaction with them.

Also I noticed that I'm 2k away from maxed with my love interest and he still says the same thing! In Dragon Age II your love in interest would say something different when you were in a relationship with them, I believe your love interest in TOR should as well. It adds more depth to the relationship. Would be nice in combat as well but just clicking on them ala Dragon Age II would be a very welcome addition. They react like you just met and all!

I adore companions and would love more and more to do with them. Heck add more! I have always loved the companions in all of Bioware games and I hope they do spend more time on companions as well as all aspects of the game. *coughcoughplusmysignaturesuggestioncoughcough*
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01.15.2012 , 09:12 AM | #2
Companion Missions also felt skipped over. In Mass Effect or Dragon Age... heck, KotOR as well, if you got to a certain point of 'Affection' with them you'd get those missions/quests/whatever based around the past of that companion. They were very much 'story driven' and helped you to get emotionally invested in the character it revolved around.

In TOR we get one for our first Companion and none for the others. Instead they will just say "Hey, there's this really important thing from my past that has cropped up and I want to go and sort it out. That cool?" and if you agree you just get a black screen and "That went well. Thanks boss!". It seems to me like they wanted to include more but ran out of time because the EA taskmasters were clawing at the gates.

But I agree, hearing Temple call my character "Sir" the rest of the time and "Husband/love" the others is a bit jarring.
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