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Eternity Vault Turret Bug

Syben's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 12:08 AM | #1
So my guild and I finished regular EV earlier in the week and attempted to do HM today. We get to the turrets in the beginning and wipe due to a random AFK and die. We go back in and the power cells are gone. We try to reset and it does nothing so we decide to kill the turrets to see if it will spawn the boss and if it doesnt then we can just leave and reset. Well the boss didnt spawn so we left reset and couldnt get the turrets to come back. We try everything to get it to reset and jumped through so many hoops and nothing works.

We were able to get the turrets to spawn for 3 or so people but when more people came in they seemed to be in a different phase yet still in the same one as us.

How do we fix this and why is it so *********** difficult.