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Which character from the star wars saga do you like the most?

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Which character from the star wars saga do you like the most?

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01.14.2012 , 11:34 PM | #11
Darth Revan
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01.14.2012 , 11:36 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by rafter View Post
Darth Vader.

Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw. I was 5 years old, sitting on the top of my parents car in a drive in theatre. Right from the opening scene where the troopers blow the door and Vader steps through the smoke I wanted to be him, he was so cool. The voice, the breathing, the black outfit with the red saber...just awesome.

It wold have been cool to cultivate that in you growing up. You like Darth Vader boy? Well you can get be the real version. Well go read all day, study and learn 6 languages - work out and be faster and smarter than everyone past or present. Destroy anyone in your path with words - gain political power and crush your rivals. If someone crosses you have their plane crash. Get rich and better yet get power no matter what.

Bird_of_Thunder's Avatar

01.14.2012 , 11:38 PM | #13
Lord Ravvok & Kade Rayor

Sorry, I've just gotten so attached to my chars.

Aside from them, Boba Fett
Darth Ravvok
Carnage Marauder
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01.15.2012 , 12:00 AM | #14
Leia in her Jabba bikini. Sooooo nice.

Surrag's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 01:29 AM | #15

His story of seeing what was right, thirsting for more power and knowledge, losing such knowledge, finding out he had been manipulated, still making the right decision, and drawing from both sides of the Force after realizing how much more powerful it would make him just makes him a winner. I'll never forget the hours I poured into KotOR.

MrCrisp's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 01:44 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Maigrey View Post
I just saw the movie, I can definatly say he didn't it was all in self defense, remember Smugglers are light side, they would never do something underhanded like shoot first.
Not in the original 1977 release. Han shot Greedo with out him even getting a shot off. George Lucas later changed it in the horrible re hashes to make Han look more of a good guy.
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01.15.2012 , 02:19 AM | #17
From the movies? Lando, because he's one smooth motha****, and he's the administrator, and he's got a blue cape.

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01.15.2012 , 02:37 AM | #18
Obi Wan Kenobi.

KaL_InvictuS's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 02:44 AM | #19
From the movies, definitely Emperor Palpatine.

From the books, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pellaeon.

Koronii's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 02:47 AM | #20
I have a real soft spot for Qui-gon Jin, guy seemed to be the only jedi who knew what he was doing.