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01.14.2012 , 07:43 PM | #1
The ressetting of the agro so often, is it working as intended, or a bug?

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01.14.2012 , 07:45 PM | #2
It's a mechanic.
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01.16.2012 , 04:34 AM | #3
How am I supposed to kite him as a sentinel?

By the time I figure out he's attacking me, I'm dead.

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01.16.2012 , 04:39 AM | #4
stay out of his way honestly.. tanks can taunt him and it might work some of the time but this is how the fight works.
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01.16.2012 , 05:06 AM | #5
If you are dead by the time you figure out he is attacking you, then you are doing something wrong. We did this last night, oneshot, without any issues at all. Just be aware of everything that goes around you (like a raider should be) and you will have no problem with defeating this boss.

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01.16.2012 , 05:06 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Shammus View Post
stay out of his way honestly.. tanks can taunt him and it might work some of the time but this is how the fight works.
Sorry bro, tanks can't taunt him (immune to taunts).

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01.16.2012 , 05:21 AM | #7
Walk through him when he begins the cleave.

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01.16.2012 , 05:57 AM | #8
When you see him charging towards you, run through his legs. Then he goes all derplike and doesn't know what to do.
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01.16.2012 , 06:06 AM | #9
im a squishy gunslinger, and we "tank" him on hardmode, so i really doubt your dead instantly. just make sure that as few as possible is hit by his swipe.

my grp dont have high enough dps so we have to tank him and just take the damage and hope for the best because else he will enrage at like 30% or so.

we had 1 guy who had just dinged the very same day, so when he were the "tank" it was just use every cd we possible had to lower his damage taken :P

it seems like a very confusing fight, but it is actually very simple. its all about control.

1: make sure as few is being hit by the swipe.
2:dont get knocked off the platform.
3: take care of adds(we just cced them so we didnt loose dps)

and remember, there is no need for a tank on this encounter
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