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Rauken Starstrike: Juggernaut of the Empire

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Rauken Starstrike: Juggernaut of the Empire

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12.14.2011 , 10:25 AM | #1
Author's Note:

This is the finalized, cannon (at least his backstory, anyways) of my character, Rauken Starstrike, a Sith Warrior (Juggernaut). This story will be in three parts, all posted on the same thread. Feel free to comment or criticize anything about my story. I -want- feedback, I -want- comment -- it keeps me fueled, regardless of the comment made. (Just be polite, please <3 )

The first part is finished, and I will post it slowly on here. The second part is half-way done, and the third part... I have a skeleton of it, but no meat or skin yet. Since Swtor came out, and I'm in the early access, I won't be writing much -- but I'll definitely be posting what I have!

Happy reading!

Rauken Starstrike:
Juggernaut of the Empire

Part I
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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12.14.2011 , 10:27 AM | #2
Chapter 1

A Sith Fury-Interceptor vessel began its slow descent over the atmosphere above Dromund Kaas. The vessel kicked downwards, and sped up to slip its way past the ion storms that covered the planet. What once was day, and bright, quickly turned into a dark, stormy night as the ship flew into Dromund Kaas.

The Fury-Interceptor slid its way towards the Spaceport, an area outside of the large Kaas City itself. The vessel entered one of the large docking rings, and fell straight down into it. It entered the personal docking bay, and the doors high above it, closed.

Minutes later, the pilot stepped out. A tall, slim man clad in silver armor, and red robes began his patient descent down the ramp. Behind him, a female figure wearing purple robes followed. Both figures carried on their person: lightsabers. The symbol of the Jedi Order Or the Sith Legion. The male had one lightsaber handle, while the female carried a staff handle.

The duo began their casual stroll through the docking bay, watching all of the Empire's citizens with cautious, and curious eyes.

The female spoke to the male, with her soft voice.
"Master, may I ask you something?"
The male responded with a very dark tone, full of command and power.
"You may."
"Why did your Master not contact you on the ship?"
"He did not say. He only told me that this is urgent."
"Urgent enough to derail us from our mission?"
The male Sith turned his head on side to catch the female's figure in the corner of his eye.
"Apparently so."

Together, they continued through the spaceport. The further they went into the building, the larger the crowds seemed to become. As the male halted, so did the female. The two eyed the immediate area, before spotting a Pureblood Sith in rich robes. The Pureblood reflected his own vision, and approached the two.

The Pureblood's voice came out coarse, and rough.
"Rauken Starstrike is it, then?"
The male responded.
"Excellent. And this is?"
"My name i-"
The male human interrupted.
"She is my Apprentice."
Rauken shot his apprentice a glaring eye. She lowered her head, and looked away.
"I see," The Pureblood shifted in place. "Your Master did not tell me you were to bring another."
"He's seen her on more than one occasion," Rauken looked around the spaceport. "If he says anything, I'll take the blame."
"Ah, very well. Shall we?"
Rauken nodded.

The two humans followed their Pureblood escort through the spaceport, and outside where a taxi service was available. A line was forming for the lesser persons, those not of Force-blood stature. However, Rauken and his companion along with their escort breezed through the line. Many already on this queue were ready to complain, but upon seeing the richly-robed figures, they held their tongues. Some military men were respectful enough to stand at attention, as if ready to be inspected. But that was not the case.

Rauken spoke out to the Pureblood.
"I do not understand why I need an escort to go to the Dark Citadel. I've been there over a dozen times."
"We're not going to the Dark Citadel, My Lord."
The human raised an eyebrow.
"What did you say?"
"We're going elsewhere. Your Master thought you might not know the location. So he ordered me here to bring you there."
Rauken grumbled lowly in annoyance. He was too used to the order of things, in his past several months of servitude. This was too out of reach of his normal schedule. But he would adjust.
"Any," The Pureblood stopped in front of their three-passenger vehicle. "Complaints, My Lord?"
Rauken hesitated.
"None. Take us there."
"As you wish."

The three hopped into the taxi vehicle, and were soon lifted into the air. Rauken sat in the passenger seat, while his companion sat in the back. While she adopted a perfect-posture stance, Rauken lazily threw his elbow over the edge of the open-cockpit vehicle. The Pureblood remained in the pilot, directing the vehicle towards the intended destination.

Down below, the jungles of Dromund Kaas stirred with the ion storms, and lengthy rain that coveted the skies. The beasts stirred, and the trees swayed. Yet none of this was paid attention to by the three in the vehicle. Their only concern was the mission.

As the taxi touched down in a small, Imperial-secure clearing, only Rauken and his companion left the comfort of the taxi.

Rauken turned to the Pureblood.
"You're not joining us?"
"I was told to stay here, and manage the vehicle for your return."
"I see. Very well then."
"Your Master should be inside, My Lord."
Inside what? Rauken thought.

The duo turned on heel, and proceeded further into the forest. Within minutes, they came into the sight of a large complex. Several buildings were nothing but ruins, while others were just barely intact, and being salvaged by Imperial research teams, and soldiers for valuables and something else.

As Rauken approached, the military men saluted, and stood at attention. The lesser creatures, those who did not wield weapons, bowed before him. Many more were too busy with their work to notice the approaching Sith. But the adult did not care for the respect if they were busy. Only those who did not show blatant respect, did he punish or confront. He was a true Sith, after all While he was no red-skin, he was the highest apex a human could achieve to 'true' Sith status. He was the highest of the food chain in the Empire. Even as a child, he held more status than a field officer in the army, or a fleet commander in the navy.

The center of the entire complex the largest building there was the only one that was most focused on. Large scores of security drones, and repair droids were floating in, and around the building. Since the most activity was centered there, Rauken figured this would be the place to go. As he set his sights on the building, his companion followed.

Once inside the half-broken main doors, Rauken came sight to over several dozen men and women scanning the edges of the facility for clues. He did not know what of, but he figured it was important. Why else would they do it? On his right, the Sith noticed two Royal Guards secured by a doorway. That was his target.
The duo let him, and his companion pass.

Inside, and down three short flights of stairs, Rauken came face-to-face with a large, rounded man clad in silver-gray armor. Even his face was covered by a mask that offered two narrow slits for eye sockets. This man was pacing the room as Rauken entered, and immediately turned to the adult as he caught sight of him.

Rauken bowed, as did his companion.
The man spoke behind his mask, with an altered voice. But this did not remove the same darkness that crept in his vocal chords.
"Apprentice, rise."
And so Rauken did as told.

The Dark Sith shook his head.
"You are late."
"Blame your pilot," Rauken pointed behind him with his thumb. "He was the one driving. I arrived on time."
"I'll give him a few lashings, later. Now, onto the business at hand. Do you know what this place is?"
Rauken examined the room.
"This is a den of some sort. But the complex itself belongs to a Sith, or noble."
"Your insight serves you well, Apprentice. This complex belonged to the late Lord Sevvur."
Rauken seemed to grow pale(er) as the name was mentioned.
"Lord Sevvur, Master?"
"Jogging your memory a bit, Apprentice? Yes, this complex belonged to Lord Sevvur. Ugh, that title and his name disgust me. Let us not use these two words in the same sentence: 'Lord,' and 'Sevvur'."
The Sith threw his arms to either side, dismissively.
"Of course, Master."

Rauken's master walked over to a half-destroyed table, and tapped at a circular device in the center. A hologram tried its best to form, but after another tap, it failed utterly. Grunting angrily, the Dark Sith reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small device. After pressing a button, the image of a female twi'lek in robes came out, in its white-blue form.

The Dark Sith spoke once more.
"Do you know who this is, Apprentice?"
"It's an alien," Rauken grinned. "And judging from the robes, it's a Jedi. A Knight, or Master, perhaps?"
"Excellent, Apprentice. This is Jedi Master Terra Shock. She is one of the Council's senior members, and very powerful in the ways of the Force. She is responsible for the commanding of one of the Republic's more powerful fleets: The Righteous Insight."
"Forgive me, Master," Rauken shrugged. "But what does Sevvur's estate have to do with this Jedi?"

The bloated Sith walked back over to the half-broken table. From it, he swiped a datapad, and returned to Rauken. He handed his apprentice the datapad, and so the adult began to read from it. His companion looked over his shoulder to see what he saw.

The Dark Sith continued.
"Sevvur had knowledge of three dozen Imperial factories. Weapons, starships, the like. As a politician, he judged the life of the citizens of Kaas City along with your father. But he also played a hand in the armada of the Sith Empire. This is one of the reasons that his policies were so unopposed for the longest time, as he held a hand in our military construction."
"Most recently, Terra Shock's fleets have been destroying our secret factories. These are not random attacks, Apprentice. These are well-coordinated military strikes that have left our factories defenseless, before they were utterly obliterated."

Rauken shifted in place as he read the information on the datapad. It related to the factory locations.
"So you believe Sevvur's ghost has come back from the dead, and is now assisting this 'Terra Shock', Master?"
The bloated Sith shook his head.
"Yes, but we never had any confirmation if we killed him."
Rauken nearly dropped the datapad.
"You heard me, Apprentice. We don't know if he was killed."
"But this entire complex was leveled by bombers!"
"Even Sith can stave off death long enough to lick their wounds, Apprentice."
The adult shook his head in anger, and disbelief.
"So, he's alive then."
"It seems so, Apprentice. Which is why I summoned you here."

Rauken was silent for some duration. His eyes focused on a small pile of debris in the corner of the room. An image of an elder man, sharing similar features to Rauken: Black hair, peachy skin,and dark green eyes, flashed in his mind, and was shown being struck by something foreign thus ending his life. The image quickly left, as rapidly as it came.

Rauken swiftly fell on one knee.
"What is your bidding, My Master?"
"In order to begin this rusted war campaign against the Republic, we need a catalyst to start it. We must break the Treaty of Coruscant. But if we are to go to war, we must save our factories. Discover the location of Terra Shock's fleet, so that we may destroy it."
"Where shall I begin, Master?"
"I have sent coordinates to your vessel of a Republic space station. This station constantly updates fleet movements for the Republic. Go there, and infiltrate it. Find out where Terra Shock's fleet is, then update me on your vessel. If Sevvur is still alive, he shall be with her."
"Wouldn't it be heavily guarded?"
"We have several space skirmishes occurring throughout the galaxy. To coupe with these numbers, they had to remove most of their defenses. Be swift, like you always have, Apprentice, and your mission will be a success."
"Yes, Master."

Rauken dipped his head, and then stood up fully. With one final bow, along with that of his companion, he turned, and left the building.
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12.16.2011 , 06:02 AM | #3
Chapter 2

Rauken paced around the cockpit of his Fury-class Interceptor. The vessel stood still amidst deep space. Stars, and darkness clouded the vessel's main window, showing not a planet, but the empty, endless void of the universe.

Off to the side, stood an Imperial officer wearing the usual smoke-gray uniform of his kin. The man's hair was slicked back, fully revealing his forehead unlike Rauken who made sure his hair never went below his eyebrows, but always covered his forehead. The Imperial stared as Rauken paced the room, waiting for his Lord's typical battle strategy.

Rauken spoke out, still pacing.
The Imperial's voice was soft, and posh. Yet still accented like Rauken's own.
"Yes, My Lord?"
"Did you read the report?"
"Fully, My Lord."
"What is your battle strategy?"
"Well," The Imperial walked about like Rauken did. "The station contains four hangars, one for each direction. Two turrets are supplied per hangar, with six surrounding each hanger as part of the main 'dish'. Several communications arrays etch the top of the dish, including the center, and the bottom. The heaviest defenses are on the bottom-side of the station."
"In theory," The Imperial stopped moving. "We should attack the top of the station. Turrets first, and then the communications array. Once then, we should eliminate the turret defenses on three of the four hangars, and then force our way inside."
"What of the starfighters?"
"Typical Republic defense strategies for stations or large vehicles, include swarm priorities. The swarm usually includes surrounding the vehicle on all sides, while the offensive starships attack from the front or behind. As long as you are moving, these starships cannot initiate their plan. Any attackers would be open from the front, and they could not attack from behind as friendly fire is a risk."

Rauken stopped pacing, and fell into the Captain's chair. One elbow was propped on the arm rest, with the back-side of his hand used to rest his cheek. His other arm gently tapped at the arm rest's edge, as he silently thought to himself.

Rauken leaned more towards the Captain's direction, but he did not extend himself from his chair.
"What of external fleet defenses?"
"Thranta-class, and Hammerhead-class starcruisers are possible, but unlikely with your Master's reports. We have a very slim chance that any external defenses will arrive."
"Hmmm, as for the internal battle plan?"
"Inside the vessel, you and your Apprentice should infiltrate the main room. The Pirate should establish infiltration, and disabling operations. I could go after their tractor beam controls, and the Soldier should stay here and defend the ship."
Rauken gently rubbed at his lips as he considered The Captain's words.
"That is my full advisement, My Lord."
"I see no other scenario which ensures victory," Rauken nodded. "Set the coor-"

Rauken looked to his wrist, and saw a green flashing light. He tapped at two buttons on his wrist-device, and the light blinked off.
The Captain cleared his throat.
"Set the coordinates for lightspeed, My Lord?"
"No, not yet. Have them ready, but don't punch them in. I need to see to something."
"As you wish, My Lord."

Rauken pushed up from his seat, and walked out of the cockpit. Down the hallway, and to the right, he passed through the main chamber. With another left, he entered the medical bay which were the unofficial quarters of his female Force-using Apprentice. As he entered, she stood up from her seat, and walked towards him.

The Sith brought one hand outwards to cup her cheek. She in return, wrapped her arms around his torso. She tightened herself against him, and pressed her lips to his. The two locked their rather lengthy kiss together, and only broke off once both were satisfied.
They were now, some inches apart.

Rauken cleared his throat.
"You wanted to speak to me?"
"Yes, Master. I wanted to talk about, well... Your Master."
Rauken took a quick sweep of the room.
"You're wondering why I didn't attack him." Rauken mumbled, lowly.
"You told me you were going to."
"I told you, I was thinking about it. I can't attack him just like that, with people around. They'd think I'm a traitor. Besides, I still have much to learn from him!"
"But it is the Sith way! You're already much stronger than him, I can feel it! Your power over-shadows his own!"
"No!" Rauken cast his arm in a sweeping motion. "I can't. Not yet."
"You told me you would do it. Isn't this why you took me as your Apprentice? To claim his seat of power, and sit on it yourself?"
"Yes, that was the reason! But I can't do it, not now! I'm not ready."
"Then why did you make me your Apprentice!?"

Rauken dragged his arm backwards, as if moving for a punch. She in turn, flinched away, and covered her head as quickly as she could. She expected a strike, as if she had received it many times over. But not from him, and not now. He dropped his hand, and shook his head, slowly.

Rauken inhaled deeply.
"While it is my duty to claim his seat of power, I must do so when I am ready. I have much to learn from him. Besides, I need his expertise and resources on this mission. I need to kill Sevvur."
"Who is this man that haunts you so? I can feel it on you. Every time his name is spoken, a twitch of pain flows through you. What has he done to you?"
"He destroyed me. That's all you need to know."
"I want more."
"You won't have it."
"Then I deserve more."
"You... Maybe later, with time. For now, know that he is both a traitor, and a murderer."
His companion arched an eyebrow.
"As you wish, Master."

Rauken almost turned away to leave. But it appeared more as if he performed a full-body twitch. He remained in place, staring off at one of the kolto tanks in the medical bay. There were only two.

His companion frowned.
"Master, are you okay?"
"It's what we share, it-"
"It may be peace, but it is not a lie."
She moved an arm to cup his cheek, but he pulled away.
"It isn't. But I have my doubts all the same."
"You doubt what we have?"
"I don't doubt what we have. I doubt the acceptance of it."
"But, Master, we are not Jedi."
"We are not. But in Sith society, we should not be lovers."
"To death with what they say!"
"Enough," Rauken took a few steps back. "We will keep this in the shadows, like we always have. Remember where you came from, Jaesa. Remember why we cannot show this to the public."
She bowed her head.
"Yes, Master. I understand."
"Good. Now, make sure you are ready. We're going to make the jump soon."
"Yes, Master."

Rauken walked backward until he reached the door frame. Once then, he turned around immediately, and headed back into the main chamber.

He moved into the dead-center of the room, away from earshot of everyone. There, he ran his fingers through his hair, let out a long, drawn-out exhale, and fell silent for a minimal duration.

After a low grunt, he quickly fixed his hair, and returned to the cockpit.
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12.27.2011 , 09:15 AM | #4
Chapter 3

A female twi'lek clad in the robes of the Jedi order, stood still as she stared outside of her heavy Republic starcruiser's main window. Her arms were crossed over her bust, with a slight lean on the right side of her body. Her lekku (head-tails) hung downwards, and flowed with the gentle movements that she gave off. A lightsaber staff dangled from the belt of her lightsaber.

Around her, the crewmen of the bridge began to type at the controls of their stations. The vessel itself remained in place, but its various stations: Engines, turrets, communications array, all needed updates several minutes from their assigned personnel.

From behind her, a male human, much younger than her , approached. He was clad in the robes of the Jedi as well, but with rather thick armor underneath. The male stopped behind her, and bowed his head. The twi'lek turned around in response.

The male spoke first, with his neutral tone.
"Master Shock."
She bowed at his greeting. Her own voice was soothing, comforting, but behind it was also a fiery determination of a leader.
"Padawan Arrow. How are you adjusting to the vessel."
"My room is fine, Master. But space is cold."
"You shall get used to it in due time. As do we all. Worry not on that."
"Of course, Master."

The twi'lek, Terra Shock, turned back to the frontal window. Several Heavy Republic Cruisers came into sight. The large vessels brought with them some intimidating as they began to settle in their casual formation. But the Padawan, Arrow, did not leave. Terra turned back to him, and shrugged her shoulders.

Her eyes scanned him, before she spoke.
"Something else, Padawan Arrow?"
The Padawan approached his Master, and stopped next to her. He was only half a foot taller.
"I'm concerned."
"This newcomer... Sen, and his information, Sevvur."
"Yes, what of them, Padawan?"
"I don't trust them, especially Sen. Must he stay on the ship? Can he not simply assist us from afar, like his shadowy assistant?"
Terra shook her head.
"I'm afraid not, Padawan. We need their information, and the Council would prefer we keep our eyes on him. At least one of them, anyways."
The Padawan circled in place.
"But, Master! He is broken -- Sen. I sense a deep hollow spot inside of him in the Force. It is as if... He's not there. Something like an echo. A chasm that stretches into eternity! Surely, you can feel that as well!"
"Padawan Arrow!"
Terra swept her arm, and turned directly to her Padawan. The male took a few steps back, and lowered his head in embarrassment, and out of knowledge that he spoke out of term.

Terra turned back to see the outside window. The vessels continued to converge into a casual, relaxed formation. She huffed several times before turning to her apprentice. The human looked up at her, but kept his head low.

The twi'lek frowned.
"I'm sorry, Arrow. But we shouldn't speak of this. At all. If this becomes an issue that we must deal with, then we shall. But for now, simply put it out of your mind."
"Yes, Master."
Arrow bowed his head.

From behind the duo, and off to the side, one of the doors opened. The two Jedi turned to the entrance, and saw the man they were speaking of, step out. He wore nothing more than civilian clothing. A brown vest, with thick slacks. His hair spiraled around his head, as though he was struck by a whirling hurricane, and his hair never changed. His most distinguishing feature: His hand, above the wrist, was mechanical.

This man, Sen, as he was called by the Jedi, approached the duo, and bowed his head very briefly. With his mechanical arm, he scratched at his cheek.

Sen cleared his throat, and let his aged voice fill the air.
"Master Shock. Padawan Arrow."
The twi'lek bowed, and the Jedi nodded his head. Both spoke in sync.
The man smiled at the duplicate production of his voice.
"I trust everything is going well up here?"
"Everything is fine," The twi'lek nodded slowly. "We're preparing for a defense."
"A defense?" Sen's lips twitched. "What kind of defense?"
"We've received several transmissions calling for emergency defenses, across several dozen planets. Some reports confirm the Sith Empire, others speak of pirates, and slavers. We can't be sure, but we're heading to assist the nearest planet."
"I see."
Sen cleared his throat.

The mechanical-armed human paced around the slightly raised platform in which Padawan, and Master stood. The two Force Users watched their guest with caution, eying all his movements. He made no motion to betray them thus far why would they be suspicious? They had no reason, but they still were.

Sen stopped on the opposite side of where he entered, and stared at the duo.
"And, when can we resume normal operations?"
The twi'lek shrugged.
"We will resume when the situation has died down, Sen. We cannot simply jump at the first opportunity to attack the Empire's secrets. We must defend our homes, first."
"Ah, I see."
Sen threw his arm up in the air poshly.
"Very well, then. I will be in my quarters. Alert me if the situation requires my movement."
"Of course, Sen."
Terra bowed her head. Sen nodded in return.

Arrow watched as Sen exited the room. Right as he left through the doors, Arrow quickly leaped out of the elevated platform. The doors that were closing suddenly stopped, and opened for the Padawan seconds before their sudden stop smacked him on the nose.

Sen was half-way down the vessel's side-long hallway, when Arrow caught sight of him. The Padawan rushed to him, and shouted.

"Sen! Mr. Sen!"
The man stopped in place, throwing one arm around his back, and raising the other in a posh manner. He turned on heel to face the boy.
"Did your Master change her mind?"
"No, she didn't. May I ask you a question?"
"May you expect an answer?"
Arrow lifted a smile, but it died as quickly as it came.
"Why does Sevvur your information Hide in the dark? Why doesn't he show his face to us? You know... Like a man."
The Padawan was out of place, but he desperately wanted an answer.
Sen's initial response was a sour grin. But he lightened quickly.
"Sevvur is a wanted man, Padawan. Many people want him dead for the things he does."
"What does he do, Mr. Sen?"
"He's an informat. But he goes to extreme lengths to find some information, than others. He has to make sure the information is valuable, accurate, or useful. As such, he's earned a reputation amongst darker circles. He has to stay in the shadows."
"You don't seem to be afraid of working for him."
Sen chuckled briefly.
"I'm not as known. People see me as a grunt, a man with little information. Sevvur simply contacts me when information is to be given. And so I give it."
"So why is Sevvur working with the Republic The Jedi? My Master never told me that they bought any information from Sevvur."

Sen remained silent for some duration. After some silence, he cleared his throat, and dropped his poshly-raised hand.
"Let's simply put: Sevvur has made some deeper enemies in the Empire. He would enjoy to see them crippled as quickly as possible."
"The Jedi use their abilities for defense, never for attack."
"That is true," Sen raised a finger as if striking an idea. "But they also know that unless they have the advantage against the Sith, they will not win this war."
"Attacking these factories is an act of war in itself!"
"Watch your tone, Padawan. You're sounding like a Sith."

Arrow clenched a fist, and growled angrily at Sen. The civilian took a step back, and offered a victorious smile. After a moment of realization to his action, Arrow backed down. He inhaled deeply, and dropped his head. The energy around him began to calm.

"While you are correct," Sen spoke after the silence. "That this is an act of war, nowhere in the Treaty of Coruscant does it say anything about these secret factories."
"So," Arrow finally looked up rather joyously. "It's a loophole?"
Sen smiled rather devilishly.
"Yes, Padawan. A loophole. Anyways, I can feel the engines humming stronger, you may want to go to your Master."
"Oh, uh, right. Good-day, Sen."
"Good-day, Padawan Arrow."

The Padawan bowed, and then turned and headed off. Sen folded his arms behind his back, turned back around, and continued on his way.
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