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Looking for Tips on SoA Hm

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01.14.2012 , 05:02 PM | #1
My usual has tried this guy more times then we care to count now, we easily beat the rest of the bosses in nightmare on first try, but we can't seem to catch a break on this guy.

Either he bugs out or one of the bad mechanisms kick our asses (people being aired or mindtrapped just as phase 2 ends etc, or lanterns not breaking his shield).

This encounter seems to be extra hard since Targets target is as useless as it is, and since The big lightning balls that spawn the small ones seem to spawn ontop of each other making it difficult to find the target of more then one of them.

Also does not help that the targets target key seems to bug out if you try to bind it to anything else then alt + t, using both those buttons in the middle of a hectic HM op boss isnt exactly optimal..

Idea I got so far is that ranged+ Healers should stay in middle until the big balls spawn, then spread out between the two of them so its easy to spot who they go for, then again this is painful to coordinate even on TS.

Another option is designating someone to watch the balls and call out theyr targets, but this means we either loss quite alot of healing or dps..

Any suggestions would be highly appriciated, we've been close to beating him several times, but at this point its just getting frustrating wiping over and over often because of bugs not because of player error.

So if anyone got any advice that could tip the fight a bit more in our favour that would be greatly appriciated )

Also, If anyone has any advice on how to beat bonetrasher on nm with 4 melee's please do share
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