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After hitting lvl 50, do I must do PVP?

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02.06.2012 , 03:46 AM | #11
Some solutions:
  1. Do Normal modes
  2. Go do dailies in Ilum and Belsavis for epics
  3. Burn cash and buy epic gear from GTN
  4. Epic Implants, Earpiece and Offhand are 30-35k a piece
  5. PvP
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02.06.2012 , 07:24 AM | #12
- Finish your class quest
- This opens the daily quests on Belsavis and Ilum. They reward daily commendations.
- Highest space daily awards 2 daily commendations
- Do them 2-3 days
- During that, spend your Correlia commendations on level 50 blue enhancements and modifications, which cost 2 each.
- get purple armorings 23 and hilt/barrel for orange items.
- Buy purple lvl 49 Implants and Earpieces on the GTN. If you have a lot of money and there are nice items on the GTN, buy them and save time.

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02.06.2012 , 02:28 PM | #13
in the other hand to answer your question if you grind pvp and get extremely lucky u will get pvp champion gear with 56 mod wich are really good and will get you in the Hm faster.

BT and FE are cake Boarding party also so take it slow mate and enjoy the ride some day you will be OP and raid