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[Heroic 2] Into the Killik Warrens

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01.14.2012 , 01:31 AM | #1
So a guildmate and I decided to go through the Alderaan bonus quest series this evening (Republic side), and after knocking out the "soloable" storyline chain we decided to run through the various Heroics that opened up along the way.

This was done as a group of three, a 40 sentinel (my guildmate), 41 guardian(a pug) and a 44 sage (myself).

We picked up two other [Heroic 2] quests that took place in the same area (Survivors and Turning the Tide) and had no issue with them before deeper in to the area for the last one. Into the Killik Warrens also has a 4 stage bonus quest attached to it, with the first two stages taking place outside the cave alongside the other two quests objectives. The cave I refer to is a large 3 winged cave (that also contains one of the Datacrons for Alderaan) inside each of the wings is one of the objectives for the 3rd stage of the bonus quest, with a small sub-wing attached to the longest tunnel that branches out holds the final objective. Clearing each wing took roughly 15-20 minutes each, as there were pulls every 30-40 meters, and their respawn seemed to be right around 10 minutes, which meant having to fight of respawns half way back out that wing.

This was probably the worst heroic quest we have encountered so far (my guildmate and I both have level 50s on Empire side, so we have seen a majority of the games quests) simply for the amount of time invested for the reward. It took almost 2 hours from the time we started to the time we finally quick traveled out of the cave only to find the rewards to be a randomized blue item lockbox that contained a variety of disappointing and useless items. A sniper rifle with aim and shield rating on it, and a level 230 diplomacy mission among the quickly vendored list. I realize that Republic side clearly got less "testing" in beta simply because of the population imbalance among testers likely mirrored how it is on live, but this is just not an enjoyable or even worthwhile quest series.

Not sure what if anything could even be done to make these actually worth doing in the future with any character I might level, but for now I'll be sure to avoid them like the plague.
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01.31.2012 , 01:45 AM | #2
I did this mission yesterday. It was kind of horrible to get to the final stage. First we did the north branch of the cave then the east....that decision was a mistake. Had to do the half of the east branch a third time. The "normal" enemies were tough and it was a great challenge getting rid of them. The champions were cool too (with an annoying healing ability )
But the final boss was so weak we had him about 20 seconds. This was a disappointment.