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Trouble with games serial number


AngryCookie's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 09:59 AM | #1
Ok so I did pre-order my game on amazon at start and remdeemed my code both on the website and origin. Everything worked just fine, got even to play beta . Recently due to change of plans I had to cancel my amazon pre-order and get the digital copy off Origin. After my cancelation the amazon code didn't dissapear from my account and for some reason it didn't alow to enter the new serial key from Origin. I did contact the help center and they said it will work before the early acces.
I waited and comes the early launch phase, but now if I try to redeem the Origin code it says I'v got everything associated to this code and yet it doesn't show up on my account. The product registration is still greyed out and for some reason amazons code is still active on my account. I'm just wondering do I need to wait for the invite then activate my code?
Thank you all for the help in advance and may the force be with you.