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Bulwark is impossible and bugged.

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01.14.2012 , 04:00 AM | #11
I'm going to piggyback on this post and ask what the hell I was doing wrong. I tried D7 tonight with a group of 50s (badly geared though we were) and we smashed through everything before this boss, I was tanking. We wiped 5 times and gave up.

At first both dps (both were sentinels) were taking massive amounts of damage from AOE's and were getting two- shot. We watched a youtube how-to guide and it said the only way to avoid this was to hug the generator. However, when doing this neither i nor the sentinels could reach him with any melee attacks, and any time they would come out to attack they were promptly 2 shot by AOE's. His hitbox was too small and I could not move him anywhere to get him within melee range while under the generator. Despite our best efforts to interrupt his hammer move, and our best efforts to stand under the generator, our dps could not stop dying, and I would have too had i not had a tank's healthpool. It always just ended up with the healer and I soloing it to 75% ish until it eventually killed me.

What the hell were we doing wrong? I was watching the dps, they were trying to position themselves correctly and trying to interrupt, but he was simply not attackable with melee from the generators' vicinity.

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01.14.2012 , 04:12 AM | #12
You only have to be on the walls when Bulwark Burst goes off. The rest of the time, you can move up, stand on his toes and beat on him. Melee DPS have to watch for those casting bars and react accordingly...

The only explanation I have for your DPS getting blown up is that they weren't positioning themselves accurately. Not being right under the hexagon, or not being right up in contact with the wall, gets you hit hard. If they go down, you lose your interrupts and get destroyed by the next Bulwark Smash.
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