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Why is your PvP so flawed?

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Why is your PvP so flawed?

Dswell's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 06:48 PM | #1
Why is it that so many developers follow the same lame format? If I had low self esteem I'd probably feel better about myself by running down to the nearest specail needs school and pistol whipping a bunch of blind kids. That's the equilavent of how I feel pvp in this game is. I'm sure all these people will jump in and tell you that this person must suck if he doesn't like the current iteration of pvp being offered. But the next time I cared about the opinion of one of these people it will be the first. They obiviously know nothing about real competition. I was fortunate enough to have played competitive sports all the way through college and I don't remember ever wanting to beat inferior competition. The goal was always to push yourself to beat the best and win a nation championship.

My point is......what's fun about beating up on lower level characters that don't have access to all their skills or being at such a disadvantage because the pvp gear makes such a huge difference. And why is it that developer's reward those who spend the most time in the game pvping or those who win early with better gear that makes repeating the task that much easier to do? It would be like telling the Green Bay Packers "Hey, since you won the super bowl last year....well this year you get a 12th man to play at all times while everyone else still has to play with 11. won you go you just unlocked your 13th player." Its lame.

Incoming damage from targets that are not as well geared as me is unnoticeable. Last night I took on 5 less geared players at the same time and could not be killed. Hardly something to be proud about. It doesn't make me feel like I did anything specail. In fact it mostly made me feel like I just kicked a puppy. And unless you're souless or hate puppies I'm guessing you can understand that it didn't feel to good. No feeling of greatness that you achieved something substantial by playing at or near your best and beating someone that pushed you to your limits.

For once I would love to see an equal battlefield where players were all at the same gear levels or could choose to penalize themselves for more of a challenge if they so desired and really see and admire those people that have some skill as they battle in a balanced playing field. I realize that personal skill levels are different from casual to hardcore players but you could still set up brackets that the truly skilled players could continue to advance in and the casuals could still be free to enjoy a game against their peers or similar skill level in the lower brackets.

Last time I checked....wasn't this all supposed to be about having fun. Might be for the handful of you people farming all the new and lower level players but I'm guessing from all the talks I've had with friends and co-workers that its not a lot of fun for most people and I do think if things don't change fast that subscription numbers will drop.

Personally......I don't enjoy the pvp in this game very much and as soon as I get the set I want for appearance reasons (all purple mods changing to orange soon according to the developer tracker) I'll be done and never play pvp again. Unless of course they solve some of these issues. There are a ton of other problems with the balance in PVP but since gear differences are such a huge factor in the outcomes of fights its hard to tell how broke it truly is. I'm guessing equally geared operatives won't be crtiting me for 18k or killing me before I can get up from their knockdown.

One last thing for those who think everything isn't as bad as a lot of people are saying. Wait til these farmers get decked out in full battlemaster gear. They're getting 2 to 3 times more commendations as you per match and are gearing up at a much faster rate then anyone just now starting pvp will be able to.

PS - Developers please fix the horrid lag spikes and unresponsive UI and keybind problems. It is awesomesauce to press a button and have it not respond some of the time never knowing when its going to fail. I also put in a ticket almost 48 hours ago and still haven't had a response. I don't think every problem can be solved right away but a little response like "hey, we read your ticket and are looking into the matter" would be great. I guess their lack of response is another great way to retain customers, lol.

iceyheart's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 05:18 PM | #2
this gmaes whole pvp system is fundamentally flawed in its self. i mean when a ranged class casts a spell they face you till the spell goes off. not very good if you play an assasin or operative.

in order for a games pvp to be balance, each class should be able to do toe to toe with any other class. in this game....impossible.

i know ppl will say its a team pvp system but thats BS. how can things be balanced that way?

i played a healer in this gmae and dont get me wrong ive been healing a long time on better games. but on this game as a healing operative i feel like a god. no one can kill me beucae they dont have enough stuns or interupt. after a while it gets boring...

and whats with all the usless abilities that you cant use in pvp?

one last thing, has anyone else been irritated by the delay it takes for abilities to complete there function? it does not let you be versatile enough.

for a gmae that took so long it sure turned out to be a big pile of crap. i wonder the background of the Dev's for this game. just some people who were trained at some school on how to make games? i somehow doubt they were like the creators of Blizzard games who did it becuase they love GOOD games.