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Rogues Squads Esseles Guide – Hard Mode

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01.13.2012 , 11:53 AM | #1
This guide is intended to be basic. Its an overview of how each boss encounter works in hard mode Esseles. There are many different ways to complete the fights in Esseles. Below is just the most successful ways we have been able to do it.

Please feel free you leave comments, tactics and other tricks that you may have found below, and stop by our site for more guides as we build them (


Lieutenant Isric- Mini Boss

Need to tank him in the doorway- out of melee range as he has an AOE knock back skill that will hinder the tanks ability to pick up add's.

He will not move once he has been engaged by the tank.
3 add’s spawn in the hallway and need to be picked up and killed as a priority.
Group needs to stack up behind the tank to prevent wandering add’s, and allows the healer to AOE heal.
Priority - Kill add’s, Then Boss. Rinse repeat.

Iron Fist- Command Deck

Has a channeled spell that all but one shots players called - “head shot”. This needs to be interrupted (You need 2 interrupters in the group to stop this)

Additionally, he jumps and knocks backs a random player. This knock back will hit multiple players if they are standing to close to each other. This will challenge your healer as they need to top up the hurt individual.

He also goes into a missile mode and shoots random targets. We found it easiest to group up and DPS through it, giving the healer the ability to AOE heal. Ranging from the boss did not seem to reduce, or avoid the damage.

Lastly at 50% he spawns 3 adds – these can be avoided with positioning on the top command deck.

The fight-
Group runs to the right, up onto the back command deck.
Group sets up in a square 5 meters apart to avoid extra knock backs.
Tanks range pulls, and group stacks on tank.
2 people rotate Interrupts to “headshot”
Once he enters missile mode, everyone circles around the boss and DPS’s through it.
Rinse repeat.

The Guardian

Tank and spank with a random agro drop.
We pulled him down the ramp and the entire group stacked in between the two ramps against the wall. This avoided the knock backs entirely.

Very easy fight for tank and DPS. Fight will test your healers ability to switch targets when the boss switches targets.

ISS-944 -“The kite fight”

Just like the guardian this is a simple tank and spank. However, he will enrage at a regular interval increasing his damage output and pulsing electricity out killing anyone in it.

This can be avoided by staying out of the Red circles. Additionally, stay away from him when he has purple lightning effect on him as he will one shot everyone except the tank. When he agro drops, just kite him until he switches back to the tank.

Lord Vokk

This fight is a DPS race. Vokk will soft enrage doing 200% damage in a very short time frame so blow all DPS cooldowns quickly.

Tank agros the boss and builds threat in the middle of the room.
Vokk has 5 add’s that need to be killed off at the start by the DPS. They don’t have a lot of health and are not hard to kill.

Vokk has two random abilities. The first is a lightning attack. This can be avoided by not standing in the purple circles. IE. Don’t stand in the purple circles. For some reason the floor in the room is bugged so you need to jump out of the purple circle. If you just run out of the circle, you may feel you're well clear, but you'll still die.

Additionally he has a random lightsaber throw. This cannot be interrupted. The throw does a large amount of damage to ranged players. Healers need to top up hit players quickly. It hits ranged players for about 6K on light armor, but when Vokk soft enrages these throws become 1 shots, this is why you need to race to kill him.

Hope this helps,

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01.13.2012 , 12:24 PM | #2
Hey, good job on the guide. Very well written and concise.

BTW, did you intentionally make your site address rougesquad rather than roguesquad?
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01.13.2012 , 01:09 PM | #3
Ha! You weren’t supposed to notice that!

Yea it’s an inside joke with our group. We originally were “Rouge Squad” due to bad spelling and quick typing in Beta, but then changed over to Rogue Squad at launch. Everything got changed over except the website...

Thanks for the kind words,

ps: I think I just lost a bet..