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Flashpoint: Black Talon

bemalmbe's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 09:29 AM | #1
So I was running this fp with another person the other day I was a sith sorc and i think they were too although i didn't really check...

anyway, we both died at commander ghullil (sp?) and then i run back and ask the other person where they are and they just leave the party. i was like *** what a douche. i tried messaging them but they didn't reply.

so i figured wth i'm not gonna be a ***** and give up just because my team mate leaves

so i start the fight with commander ghullil again but this time by myself ( and my pet ).

almost right away my tank pet dies and i'm like oh crap! so i start running. then i figure out after a while that i can actually stay ahead of the boss bc he constantly stops for a few sec to plant another fire bomb. so i start kiting him and turning around to blast him only when he plants another bomb.

long story short, I solo'd commander ghullil at lvl 11 as a clothy LOL.

fp black talon like a BOSS