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Gunnery vs. Assualt Spec?

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01.17.2012 , 01:09 AM | #51
against enemy groups that actually play together, gunnery is way better. because it has the highest and fastest burst damage, probably of all the classes.

against teams with heal and guard, you have to kill a target fast, otherwise it'll get healed. and assaults dmg is too slow for that.

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01.17.2012 , 01:03 PM | #52
I was almost up the entire Gunnery tree but I wasn't feeling it so I went to AS. Honestly besides being able to kite melee a little better, I don't see how AS is a lot more mobile. For some reason I am doing a lot better in PVE, but I think my damage is a lot worse. It confuses me when people call AS the the PVP tree and Gunnery the PVE tree, it almost seems like it should be the other way around?

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01.17.2012 , 01:46 PM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by Crimson_Merc View Post
I was almost up the entire Gunnery tree but I wasn't feeling it so I went to AS. Honestly besides being able to kite melee a little better, I don't see how AS is a lot more mobile. For some reason I am doing a lot better in PVE, but I think my damage is a lot worse. It confuses me when people call AS the the PVP tree and Gunnery the PVE tree, it almost seems like it should be the other way around?
So you never specced for Demo Round to use with Grav Round? Sounds to me like you should respec immediately.
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01.17.2012 , 02:45 PM | #54
something to keep in mind is that as a scoundrel, i hunt specifically tracer missle spamming bh

why? because they dont move. i can usntealth behind them, pop a consumable or two, restealth and unload on them.

the key to pvp is mobility especially when your opponent is playing an immobile spec.
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01.19.2012 , 09:47 PM | #55
My only PVP experience as a Gunnery Commando was against a flagged Sith Sorceror around the same level and I made short work of him. However, that being said I cannot see how viable a Gunnery Commando would be in PVP an in my experience they seem more like a PVE spec. In Warzones and in PVP you need to be constantly on the move and there is barely enough time to start laying heavy punishment down. I am not saying it can't be done, I am just saying they will have a much harder time. Prior to posting this I didn't believe that Assault Specs were very much more mobile, but after about 50 or so PVP matches and constantly being on the move I can see why people prefer them to Gunners.

In addition, as an Assault Commando I destroy people and I do just as much damage if not more than when I was a Gunner. In most cases I get the most kills and do the most damage per round and I usually finish in the top 3 with people only beating me in the amount of medals they received.

You hit anything with an IR, Plasma Cell Hammer shot, they will start to lose health very rapidly. Throw in a couple of HIBs and Plastiques for good measure and they are toast. Juggernauts, Powertechs, it doesn't matter they all go down. I will say that I do have problems with Agents, I think its Operatives, not the damage they do, but because of the heals.

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01.19.2012 , 10:18 PM | #56
I've recently switched over to Assault from Gunnery and I'm loving it! I've noticed I already do much more damage and overall better in PVP. Gunnery is pretty good if you want to hang out and shoot from the sidelines but with Assault you can really get in there and rack up some kills.

Of course everyone's play style is different. This one works for me.

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01.20.2012 , 02:19 AM | #57
Right now maybe both Spec are viable cause still many pugs and you won't get the strong premades all the time.

Having played both extensively, I have to say it is obvious stationary gameplay makes you easy targets against good premades / double premades. It is hard to be a game-changer when you have limited utility.

Personally If I perform well in warzones I get 2 -3 MVP votes each game even though at times I am not the highest DPS. Why cause players already start to notice the impact in Voidstar and Alderaan. The mix of mobility and utility in assault tree that allows you to delay multiple enemies at objectives is very helpful.

This is just with slightly above average Champ gear ( 314 expertise ). Not sure of the situation after the 1.1 screw up though as I have not pvp-ed
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01.20.2012 , 08:29 AM | #58
I just wanted to add another opinion as you can never have too much advice. I had leveled up to 50 and played PvP throughout using only the Gunnery tree. I had never respeced and had a lot of fun in PvP being a turret. Out of curiosity last night, I changed over to the Assault Specialist tree. Holy **** what a difference. It really does feel like a new class and you really need to rethink how to play. As everyone else has said so far, you rely on DoTs and are always moving.

I feel like when I was spec'd Gunnery, I would pick someone and think "you're about to die!" The amount of DPS you can put out is much more focused and fast than the AS tree. Obviously the downside is that you are standing in one place if you want to do the most damage possible. Everything you do is just more and more damage.

When I switched to Assault Specialist, I really had to get used to NOT falling into my old routine. I was always moving, DoTing anyone important and really felt that I was contributing more to the team. An example was in Voidstar. I came up to a door that 4 Imps were trying to take. I hit each of them once with Incendiary Round and they couldn't take the door for the next 15 or so seconds. I just couldn't stop laughing watching 4 people panick because they couldn't do anything. I bought enough time for more of my teammates to get there and stop them from progressing. This would not have been possible had I been spec'd Gunnery.

At the end of the games, I noticed that I had roughly the same amount of damage, kills, and objective points as before. The Gunnery class SEEMED much more gratifying because of the instant damage, but in reality, you can do just as much damage with Assault Specialist, just over time and with some nice added perks like being more mobile and preventing people from taking objectives. And I loved setting an operative on fire and throwing a charge on them, just to see an explosion off in the background and a corpse fly out of nowhere. Its just a different play style. I would suggest to any Commando to at least try out both specs. Play at least 5 PvP matches with the other tree and don't just give up on it right away. Give yourself time to understand the play style and just give it a fair shot. They're both good specs and can both be a hell of a lot of fun. In the end it just depends on how you want to play and you'll never know the other play style if you never give it a shot.

Some bad news though. After all of this PvP with the new Assault Specialist build, I went to do some quests.... not quite as much fun. Maybe I don't know how to play Assault Specialist in PvE correctly yet, but Gunnery seems to be the clear winner there.

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01.24.2012 , 06:03 AM | #59
Switched back to Gunnery last night after being frustrated with Assault, Healers make for big problems as they dont die very easily. Since I now have 5 PVP Items I was ripping through everything, of course not as mobile but most were dying within 5 seconds.

I think Assault is not bad, you are very mobile but it lacks the punch to kill players wearing lots of PVp gear, gunnery seems to suffer less from this problem.

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01.24.2012 , 09:06 AM | #60
Assault imo is the best for PVP if you want to fill the role of defending objectives. Have you ever played a Voidstar with 2 AS commandos... no one is going to cap anything!! you can run in the middle of 5 imps throw a 18s DoT on all of them, die , respawn and come back with all of them still DoTed trying to pant a door.

For burst Instant Plasma nade, Assault Plast, IR, HiB, Cryo nade, Full auto (HiB), charge bolts.

Thats the rotation i follow and i think a lot of others do the same.