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Normal EV Walkthrough

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01.12.2012 , 10:44 PM | #1
Someone in my guild posted this, not sure if he wrote it or copied it but regardless here something for you newbs


The Hard and Nightmare modes are pretty much the same as Normal, just a lot more health and stuff hits a lot harder.

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01.12.2012 , 11:24 PM | #2
0.5) Twin Turrets
Can be CCed. CC one have ranged kill the other, melee on the adds.
Once first is dead repeat for second, very easy.

1) Annihilation Droid XRR-3

This boss is stationary and will not move from its initial position. It will alternate between a few "stances" as the fight progresses.

Its basic stance has few attacks. It will shoot missles at the tank, occasionally knockback the melee, a close-range stun, and an AOE targetting on somebody (watch for the big red targeting reticle). Tanks should note that the knockback seems to reset threat, so charge back in ASAP and taunt.

At intervals, the boss will cast a Missle Barrage, which hits everybody for very significant damage. The key to surviving is to Line of Sight the boss and group up behind one of the pillars - LOSing the boss stops the damage, and gives your healers time to help everyone.

Finally, Storm Protocol - a bunch of small targets that appear under players. After a few seconds you're going to be getting a missle to the head, so take a few steps out. The damage is not fatal, but it's so easy to avoid that you shouldn't stress your healers.

The enrage timer on this guy can be kind of short if you're undergeared. For safety, our group has been staying in for the last missle barrage (usually between 10-20%), blowing cooldowns, and burning him down.
Does not reset threat.

Missile Salvo (what you call barrage) is not significant damage - it hits for like 1200. Stack up, aoe heal and continue to dps - goodbye enrage worries.

At 10% he goes into a missile salvo (missile barrage) and never comes out until you or he dies.

2) Gharj

This fight is your basic DPS/Healing check, with some movement thrown in for "fun."

When you engage the boss, you are on top of a platform in lava. Throughout the fight, Gharj will be frequently leaping up and down. This will occasionally create a path to a new platform, and you should take advantage of this time to get there, as odds are your current platform is about to sink into the lava. He will continue jumping up and down several times (no damage dealt) while a platform is sinking, followed by a leap to the tank.

Gharj himself only has a few moves. Aside from a basic melee on the tank, he will occasionally do an emote that he is about to pounce. This will be a big leap straight up, followed by an AoE that deals pretty significant damage (~5-6 k) in melee. Melee can take this time to run out to avoid damage. His other move is a knockback on everyone but the tank. It's a sizable knockback, so you're almost guaranteed to end up in the lava. Be quick to get out. Finally, he has a Frenzy mechanic, which just increases damage on the tank. Save cooldowns for this.

For us, at sub-50% health he started spawning adds (5-6 at a time) at intervals with a few thousand health. They don't hit hard so the tank should pic them up. These should be AOEd down to help the tank anyway.

There are two keys to make this fight easy: ranged DPS and luck. Being able to avoid the pounce damage makes the fight much easier on the healers, and increases your uptime on the boss. Secondly, the platform transitions occur randomly - sometimes you can get them back-to-back, sometimes it can be several minutes between them.
At 50% health he spawns 10 adds with 5khp - and always spawns them when creating a new platform.

You don't need luck to kill this boss, you need competent players. Melee stay in on pounce, move out on frenzy. Damage is easily healed through by one healer, and tank is healed by the other healer. Not hard at all.

While he is jumping up and down on a platform during his Frenzy ability (which is when he makes a new platform) people in melee range take 4k damage a pounce - so yes, there is damage.

3) Ancient Pylons

Puzzle boss. You have two pylons a good distance apart, each has four "levels" of symbols arranged vertically. There will be matching symbols on the left and right, and the goal is to make the symbols in the center match them.

You accomplish this via the control panels in front which changes the symbol for the current level (starting at the bottom and automatically progressing up as you match each level). You can rotate left or right to match the symbols, but they follow a specific order. This order depends on which pylon you are at.

According to SWTOR Human Relations the order is:

Blue, Green, Red, Purple, White, Yellow

Blue and White look very similar; the way to tell is that Blue has dots in the corners, and White does not.

The way this is organized, when you push the left button, you get the symbol to the left of the current on. The idea is to choose the direction that gets you to the goal the fastest. On hard mode, the pylons must be locked in at the same time or you get locked out.

The group should be split evenly between pillars - one tank, one healer, and 2 DPS at each one. If possible, one in-combat CC for organic enemies at each also. Every time you rotate the symbols, adds will spawn. It can be three things: three normal adds (they have a channel that stuns, interrupt it), one elite, or two elites. The elites hurt quite a bit, so if you get the group of two try to CC one of them. EG, Bounty Hunter's Conc Missle, or Sorcerer's Whirlwind. After burning the group down, push the button again.

Once one pillar matches their symbol, the other pillar has to match the same level before the groups can progress. Once all four on both pylons match, the encounter ends.
Blue has no dots on corners, white does - you have it backwards.

Adds do not spawn with every pillar movement, they spawn periodically through the fight.

Fight is easily done with one tank one healer and one dps at one station, and then one healer and 4 dps at the other.

You can complete this fight without ever seeing an elite sometimes. Most times you will get just one - chain stun it on the side without a tank and kill it - easy win.

This isn't really a fight, it's an easy puzzle that bugs out 75% of the time. Just figure out the shortest way to get the pillars to match and start clicking, don't wait for anything, if you can click, then do it.

5) Soa, The Infernal One

Finally, a real fight. This is a rather challenging fight that happens in three phases with transitions in between. We'll discuss this phase by phase.

Phase 1: Before engaging, note the layout of his arena. It is a big circle, with three concentric rings. When you engage the boss, he only has a couple abilities. He will do a lightning attack on the tank which hits for ~2k per hit. He will also cause the pylons scattered around him to erupt into a "Void Zone" type area. Very simple, just DPS him down, watch threat, and stay out of stuff that hurts. At 75-70%, he puts up his shield and goes immune to damage. At this point, run to the outer-most circle of the arena and group up. Marking a healer or a tank for this really helps.

Intermission 1: When the intermission starts, the floor in the center drops out and the only safe area is the outermost ring (until it drops, too). If you are in the middle when it drops, you are dead. To get to the next phase, you must drop down from platform to platform to get to the next area, and as you do it you will notice Energy Cells on the platforms. DPS these as you pass - they don't have much health so they go down fast, but you need to kill a few for the next phase. As you progress downward, there are two spots where your only option is a long drop - WAIT HERE. Heal up, since you will be taking fall damage along the way. At these two areas, wait a few seconds and a new platform will drop down which is much more convenient. When you reach the bottom, you start the next phase.

Phase 2: Now Soa begins to mix things up a little. He loses the ability to erupt the pylons, but begins doing three new attacks. The first is Mind Trap - he will throw an op member into a different phase, where there is an enemy waiting. The enemy should be DPSed by the trapped person. Note that the tank or healers can be tossed in, so a second tank should pick up the boss, or the second healer should plan for additional healing. Meanwhile, the raid gets a targetable Mind Trap enemy to be DPSed to release the op member. The second attack is to launch an op member into the air and throw them around a bit. I'm pretty sure this does no damage or very little, so it's little more than an annoyance. The final ability is Ball Lightning - these will spawn from the pylons and chase after random op members. They attack anyone nearby, and will eventually explode for some significant AoE damage. Naturally, avoid them. At ~30%, he shields again and you should retreat back to the outer ring.

Intermission 2: Exact same as transition 1, rest locations and all.

Phase 3: New phase, same basic idea with one catch. He'll continue to do Mind Traps and Ball Lightnings, but he keeps his shield up. Tanks should watch for floating, orange, glowing pillars hovering in the air. The idea is to position Soa under them, and when they fall they will smash his shield. Note that tanks will usually take damage from the pillars too, though it is possible to get Soa hit without getting hit yourself. Healers be sure to keep the tank above 10k health at all times; this is about what the pillars will do to the tanks if they get hit by them. When his shield is smashed, he is stunned DPS should drop everything to burn him as much as possible. He has a lot of health, a short vulnerability period, and he DOES enrage. When he puts the shield back up, DPS should go back to getting op members out of Mind Trap. Repeat until he dies.

This is a pretty big check on all three roles. DPS need to be able to burn down Mind Traps and the boss while avoiding Ball Lightning, and Healers need to keep tanks and DPS up despite being in Mind Trap, and tanks will be taking some significant damage and need to watch for the falling pillars on the last phase.
Ball lightning doesn't "randomly explode" It explodes when the person that it is fixated on touches it.

His enrage has nothing to do with time in p1 and p2, only the amount of pillars in p3. After 4 pillars come down he will enrage right before the 5th pillar happens.

In p3 he does more ball lightnings at once, and his mind traps come at much faster intervals.

As far as ball lightning goes, you should get used to avoiding them if it's not on you, and popping them when it is, because they do huge amounts of damage in hard and nightmare compared to normal.

You should also probably know all of the details of fights and correct strats before posting them.

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01.13.2012 , 12:39 AM | #3
and you should l2read, i remember why i don't come on forums ever.

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01.13.2012 , 04:07 AM | #4
get the 2nd post deleted , make this thread sticky ... great job , thank you for the time put into this . Adding a link to a video will make it even more useful .

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01.13.2012 , 11:34 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by ntyzor View Post
get the 2nd post deleted , make this thread sticky ... great job , thank you for the time put into this . Adding a link to a video will make it even more useful .
So we should sticky a post with bad information?

I'm confused. I wasn't trying to be mean about it, though I can see from my last sentence where that may have come across.

There are multiple flaws in the information on that post about boss abilities and such.

If you want my post deleted and this stickied then take the errors I pointed out and fix them in the information - this way you aren't giving people bad information.

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01.13.2012 , 11:38 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Iandayen View Post
So we should sticky a post with bad information?

I'm confused. I wasn't trying to be mean about it, though I can see from my last sentence where that may have come across.
Yah, I'm not sure why people are complaining about your post. I'd rather have correct information. Thanks for the corrections.