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What class story line is the best? (possible spoilers)

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What class story line is the best? (possible spoilers)

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01.12.2012 , 05:19 PM | #1
Currently i am deeply involved in Bounty Hunter, IA, Trooper, and Jedi Knight

I have a level 40 Powertech BH, and am starting chapter 3, and so far i really like it. However i started a trooper and IA alt. and they're both lvl 15. I have heard that IA is one of the best stories in the game, and i didn't know if anyone who is a high level agent can confirm that.

My trooper is a commando. I find him REALLY fun, and the whole havoc squad betrayel seems pretty cool.

However, i have a level 10 Jedi Guardian. I hated lvl 1-10 on tython. I understand lord scourge is a companion character and hes a major player in the Revan series. But i just don't find the class as fun to play. However as someone who played KOTOR 1 and 2, i heard this story is closest to KOTOR 3.