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PVP game rewards are non existant or badly focused

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PVP game rewards are non existant or badly focused

Tremk's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 03:09 PM | #1
Im refering to in game objectives.

Scoring in huttball gets you nothing, nor does carrying the ball over time and protecting it with your team. Teh difference between scoring and winning an entire game at the end is how many Warzone commendations? Minuscule difference for winning, might as well not bother.

Im not gonna even mention healing because its probably the 2nd most important thing in the game but they only have 3 reward stages (should be 6 and go up to 300k)

The MVP system is weird and doesnt reward the best players. Ive topped the charts in kills or medals or both and rarely receive anything. I'd expect healers to maybe get what i dont. Nope. Its random scrubs at the middle or the bottom of the pack each getting like 1 vote. I dont even know or notice what these things award, but it doesnt work based on contribution and should be taken out unless they implement 3-star system (MVP votes can only be voted on 3 people with the most damage/heals/protection - not kills or killing blows as thats very class specific with ranged classes getting the upper hand yet again)

They need to retool the system that theyve currently got, and it doesnt require a huge amount of work or time for this to happen.