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Jaxo and Objective: A-77 *spoiler*

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Jaxo and Objective: A-77 *spoiler*

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02.22.2012 , 10:43 AM | #31
This part of the Trooper story was the ONLY interesting twist i've seen so far. Shame it comes near the very end of the Trooper story.

The writers for Trooper really did a shoddy job IMHO. There were so many interesting plot devices they could have used for a special forces squad. Instead it's all a bunch of vanilla, unimaginative "For the Republic!!!!" junk.

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03.20.2012 , 08:24 AM | #32

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03.20.2012 , 09:23 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by McSire View Post
I went Light Side when I came across this quest. The reason that choosing Jaxo over the 300 is kind of a simple thing when you break it down.

Ask yourself, will you allow 300 people to die for someone you know or save those innocent 300 for someone that knew what their job entailed.

If your angry that you had to make such a touching chose I suggest you never play Fable III because right at the start you'll be posed with such a question.

In the end though, if you did get the Dark Side points and your just angry that you have taint on your toon then I'm sorry, but that just means you'll need to do an extra flashpoint or something to gain that lost points due to your choice.

In my personal option, the devs and story writes did a great job with the Trooper story line. I didn't like the ending, but I'm not saying anymore to that effect as you will all have to experience that yourselves! All-in-all, enjoy the game!
I think they did a good job here but the weight of light/dark points here is very personal.


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03.20.2012 , 09:47 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Eianna View Post
I'm not gay (i'm a guy) but most of my toons (in all games) are female and in SWTOR, I really feel left out and really, seriously dissappointed that there aren't any same sex romance options yet. I really liked Jxo and Dorne and they BOTH have gotten to the point where it's all but outright flirt but I never get the option to take it any further.

It's very frustrating in a very real way. Possibly because I'm still male and I view the female romance options as a real option that I don't get. In my head, I'm saying, well... my toon is just a female toon why can't I otherwise?

it's a bit of an artificial lock out no matter how we look at it isn't it?

And frankly, getting hit on by the cat man was just creepy. He kept tryign to show off and talk all big manly macho to me when on the ship. Real creepy. on the field he's all pro though.

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03.21.2012 , 03:03 AM | #35
I just hope when they finally succumb to all this "GIVE US JAXXO!!!" whine and add her a companion to us in some future patch, they'll give her to all of us, not only those who saved her. Because... I seriously don't want to have this ugly womanizer from SIS in my team, no sir. Also I want Jaxo to be romancable by fem trooper; that'd make for helluva hot couple with my character.

P.S offtopic: make Kira Carsen a lesbian too plz, thanks. No seriously, this love/hate relationship I have with her can lead to some fantastic romance.

Edit: if it was Elara, I'd pick save Elara without even thinking for a second. Why? No I don't particulary like Elara, I mean I'm fine with her and during leveling she was always with me and I find her obsession with all these regulations to be kinda cute, I don't like flirty *****, I like serious women. And Elara is a part of my team, she's my combat medic and just same as in case with Mass Effect 2 I had to build my team for a very important mission and I had to watch over my people. They are NOT expandable, they go top prio for me, wether I like them or not, I am their commander and they expect the best treatment from me. I dislike tanno vik and his attitude alot, still as long as he gets his job done, I can allow him to do anything he wants in his spare time and I WILL come back to save his *** if I have to, because he'll expect me to do it, because he's a part of my team.
Havoc squad practically turns the whole war around by putting imps in a pretty weak position after destroying their plans on many planets and killing their most powerful and talented general. Without this team Republic would still be stuck as a weaker side in a war. Jaxo was not a part of this team. She's expendable. Elara is not.
Still I like Jaxo too and I'd rather see her live, but in her case I just simply have no enough motivations to pick her over 300 people.

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03.22.2012 , 03:01 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by ounkeo View Post

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03.22.2012 , 04:53 PM | #37
I liked this one, one of the best military tough decision type quests in the game.


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03.23.2012 , 05:17 AM | #38
I was a bit irked by the light side and dark side choices that Bioware presented in this quest as well; The philosophy surrounding this choice is misunderstood and I'll explain why in this spoiler... (don't look if you don't want your life snape dumbledore'd.


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04.14.2012 , 10:14 AM | #39
"the scoobygang legacy" on server mind trick, and in all other games, and things, and in life.

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04.14.2012 , 04:18 PM | #40
Don't worry, fellas, she is still alive. I saw her at level 50 in her apartment on Coruscant.