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You know what would be really cool

iamnoobplzhelp's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 11:49 AM | #1
Have some kind of in game tool where people without guilds, small guilds, or guilds with not enough 50s to group together for Operations. I am envisioning some kind of Operations terminal at fleet where there will be time slots, and room enough for 8 players. You can sign up for it and your class will be displayed. Then other people can sign up for that particular time slot and you can do operations together!

I really wish more of my guildmates were 50 and I could do it with them, but honestly there are still not too many 50s out there. I have asked a lot in fleet to do some operations with other groups but have never had luck.

Spamming LFG, and trying to find people for specific roles is a pain.

In my guild 5 people have reached 50. We could all sign up for the same time slot, and hopefully 3 other people will join that will match what we need and boom, we have a group.

This won't ever be as good as a full guild group, but at least it's something for the people who don't have that.

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