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Loot progression path

Ithylid's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 08:34 AM | #1
Is there any logical way to get loot considering the difficulties of the sources?

Normally mi would expect

normal "dungeons" -> hard dungeons -> raids -> hard mode raids

So far it seems for me its

PVP -> dailies-> HM BT -> normal Ops -> next HM's -> hard Ops -> Nightmare Ops

Is it like that? if so what's the point of the HM flashpoints if operations are easier?

We did normal EV yesterday with some guildies and it was less time consuming than some flashpoints, so it seems fp are really overtuned or something is broken in the progression

Any opinions?

Iwipe's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 08:39 AM | #2
The point of flashpoint is to get gear drop outside normal mode raids so you can gear up for hardmodes/nightmares faster and get rakata/ancient rakata stuff