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Heroic Conversation quests (suggestion)

surpy's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 11:56 PM | #1
Bioware, you have been famous for bringing story to life, and in all of your recent games, Mass effect and Dragon Age, there have been big and awesome conversation moments. I was thinking of you putting something like that in SWTOR, allow me to explain. The bulk of the quest is just talking, but there is 2 different ways to spin it, that I see, 1 way is to have more than 3 choices in conversation and let them be important choices, or the 2nd way is to make it a quiz of some sorts where you get a wrong answer and a horde of monsters come out or each person in the group goes to a certain area and talks to progress in the quest. I think it would add that interesting take instead of just killing killing killing all day. At the end of the people would be getting all those social points that people need.

Add an all conversation quest but have a "hard" conversation.
Never forget, 9/29/2011.