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[Official High Resolution Textures Post] Can we get a clarification on this?

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[Official High Resolution Textures Post] Can we get a clarification on this?

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01.11.2012 , 06:11 PM | #331
Quote: Originally Posted by nonforma View Post

You can cancel your subscription but continue playing on your remaining 30 days until they expire.
Exactly, which is why people who are not satisfied have no reason not to unsubscribe. People need to realize that change cannot occur unless we make it. If you are just sitting here, fuming, complaining, and not doing something that has a deeper impact, you are not helping us fight for a better game.
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01.11.2012 , 06:11 PM | #332
Quote: Originally Posted by Daemonjax View Post
The particular screenshot he was talking about had to come from cutscene because of the obvious depth of field effect.

Jeez, we have updated graphics incoming with the next big patch. It's confirmed. Be happy.
Yes and then he went on to say that those high res textures were only ever intended to be used for cinematics and that they have not removed high res from gameplay. This is completely false at best.

Bioware has released gameplay footage (not cutscene) using high res textures. For them to now say "oh those are just cinematic textures, never meant to be used in gameplay" is a complete 100% lie.

View Bioware's release of GAMEPLAY footage using those high res textures:

It's one thing to give an answer we're not going to like. It's far worse to out and out lie about it and blame us for not understanding how things work.
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01.11.2012 , 06:12 PM | #333
This is already going to be all over the Internet. Totally ridiculous company response.

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01.11.2012 , 06:13 PM | #334
Quote: Originally Posted by Daemonjax View Post
The particular screenshot he was talking about had to come from cutscene because of the obvious depth of field effect.

Jeez, we have updated graphics incoming with the next big patch. It's confirmed. Be happy.
And you are just going to believe it? I will NOT believe until I actually see it...IN GAME. For all we know this is just another PR spinner to shut us up and make us go away about this issue. But I, for one, will not let it die until I have in game what I thought I was paying for.

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01.11.2012 , 06:13 PM | #335
Quote: Originally Posted by CriDaDimon View Post
cut scenes are not cinematics, stop calling cut scenes that! Real time use of our gear and character options ARE NOT PRE RENDERED BUMP AND SHADE MAP USE CINEMATICS. Calling them cinematics, its offensive, a cinematic is what u have at the beginning of the game, this is not a cinematic, trying to change the definition of what cinematic is to cover your rear end and saying that high res textures are cinematics now, so u dont get sued for false advertising is exactly the kind of bs that is pissing your gamers off.

If you do not come clean and just fix the issue it is why a law suit will be the only recourse. My goodness cant u see that u not fessing up to the problem is exactly what will force your customers to take it to a court? Now, release the high res textures u advertised and start working on releasing the even better originals and make this game better not worse.

And we need some major character customization on body and face, 4 body types, no undergarment style selection and a few facial and hair customizations are not as good as any mmo released in the last 5 years.

You are succeeding in doing one thing and one thing only with this cover up of your false advertising, ruining your name. And im quite sure your competetitors will be keeping close eyes on this as your false advertising literally hurt their busiensses. Now, if u want that to all stop, release the textures u advertised and the models u advertised and stop stonewalling your customers.

You want to fix your name? Then release the original artwork and give us even better then you advertised and let us decide performance. Add some major rehauls on the character creation and customization abilities, if u want me to recomend this game to any female gamer i know again.

You made me look like a fool to the girls i told how cool the graphics were, recommending this games graphics to people and now ur lying about it! That pisses me off, and i want this game to succeed. GET THAT?! I am trying to help you.

edited to fix typos because i am so pissed off i cant type straight, and no im not pissed the game doesnt look better, im pissed at being lied to and misled about a product i paid for
This will not be dropped by your competitors as a legal issue because u add a little bit in patch 1.2, this needs to be fixed yesterday if u do not want the other mmo's u took subscribers from to sue u, u might as well not even worry about the gamers pulling a class action lawsuit, u need to start worrying about other mmo's suing u for false advertising, and lying will only make it all worse, fix this now! i want the game to last

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01.11.2012 , 06:13 PM | #336
"We never meant for the product to be as visually appealing as was advertised. We apologize for this oversight and will be nerfing the textures in an upcoming patch."

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01.11.2012 , 06:13 PM | #337
Quote: Originally Posted by Ashes_Arizona View Post
Its really as simple as that.

Except it's not. As soon as you step into the Republic/Imperial fleet, it's likely your comp will crash. Even high-end PCs were pushed to the limit when faced with so many models in one place.

Beta didn't have nearly the amount of players as retail does.

What bioware should do: While they're working on their current solution, they should add an option in Preferences that enables high-res textures for your character and your party members. At least it's a compromise and placation until they finish what they're working on.
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01.11.2012 , 06:13 PM | #338
Why doesn't Bioware just say it was their brother and they didn't remove High Resolution. I'd prefer that crap to the crap they're feeding us now.

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01.11.2012 , 06:13 PM | #339
All of us "whiners" are the only reason we even have a forced response on this issue. I'll take childish complaining over blind adult obedience any day.

The irony is that we're the ones helping to improve the game, and you're the ones allowing the status quo to remain.

Between this, the ability delay, fundamental mechanics of the engine being laughably poor(if you're not too busy playing this shoddy game, read the very illustrative post on the uselessness of shields and damage mitigation).

And while it's a bit off-topic, the lack of same sex relationships and absolutely no clue as to when and even if they will be implemented, continue to ruin the story for me and outright boggle my mind.

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01.11.2012 , 06:14 PM | #340
You are going to unsub because the textures are not high enough resolution? bb