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Guide to Your Legacy and Your Legacy Name

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Guide to Your Legacy and Your Legacy Name

Kerensk's Avatar

07.16.2012 , 10:33 PM | #51
Keep trying with canon names, I was able to claim Piett.
Not only from the main movie canon but from the best of the three AND the only admiral not to get force choked for incompetence!
Also more obscure but my Smuggler is using one of Han Solo's known aliases.

Takin_A_Sith's Avatar

07.20.2012 , 02:30 PM | #52
So this whole Legacy thing kinda rewards you for playing all your characters (main/alts) on one server? I was planning on doing one server with Imp. and another server with Repub. You only get 8 slots per server, and I want to play as every class. So any ideas?

Zanguar's Avatar

08.27.2012 , 01:13 AM | #53
guys, got question, what will happen if i delete my lvl 50 character, do i loose all the unlocked races, perks from companions and such or will they stay cos i unlocked them once already?
A: Screen shot or it didn't happen
B: No screen shot, it was a phone conversation...
A: ....screen shot or it didn't happen...