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2012 Events Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.11.2012 , 01:07 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonexadon View Post
I want a full blown Bioware con hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center.
Though Austin is much more likely.

What would you want to see at a show this year? (Examples might include PvP tournaments, Q&As at the booth, photo opportunities)

Hints at upcoming content, photo ops would be fun, Q&A session, meet the different devs/voice actors, and Yoda (no particular reason, I just like him)

What topics would you like to see covered on panels? Specific areas of the game? General roundtables with the developer team? Voice actors?

Skill balancing, some discussion on the finer points of the game (like using secondary stats more effectively, uber-secret cool dev tips, tips on maximizing PvP effectiveness, etc.)

If a show is in your area, would you be likely to attend a Community Meet & Greet outside the show itself?

Absolutely. I think that would be a lot of fun.

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01.11.2012 , 01:09 PM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Xesha View Post
1) Free Q&A and panels live stream.
2) Future plans & ideas for PvP and competitive PvP.
3) I would absolutely check it out.
I could not say it better myself. Don't hold back on the PvP updates!

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01.11.2012 , 01:20 PM | #73
The biggest thing I like to hear from my MMORG company (other than specific details of upcoming content) is design philosophy.

What do you think makes a good MMORG? A good Flashpoint? How do you see the relationship between crafting and dropped loot? Do you think all crafting skills should give a unique advantage?

Do you like the interaction of players and companions and do you think you'll enrich and extend it? In what directions? Would you like to add more companions?

Do you see the conflict between empire and republic evolving more in a PvE or a PvP sense? IE do you expect more tradeable world objectives to have shard wide impacts?


I like to hear more about what the design teams' objectives/dreams are. That way, I have a better sense for the long-term direction of the game, and it gives me a framework to provide feedback on that, which I think is more useful than feedback on specific content bits.

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01.11.2012 , 01:21 PM | #74
Swag and lots of it

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01.11.2012 , 01:22 PM | #75
ty dev's and all those in combination of making this game

to the inviromant team : ty for the rich scens on planets even the MCPs that we walk by that are doing silliy things "NAR a guy flexing while a girl is laffing and clapping '

TO THE SOUND AND FX TEAm : love the battle music and area back groubd music that fits the places give a good feel of the places and sound FXs makes a diffreances
TO THE VOICE ACTORS : lets face it we can pls every body on this stuff i say u guys did great given other voices u guys did in other jobs

there so many to thank on here
thses people need tro be thanked atleast than the over load of 'i wonts "
use the time that been given to you and be thankfull

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01.11.2012 , 01:28 PM | #76
ill say it agin i like to see just improvments what we have all ready and fixes other stuff can come later this year i am sure they poly add holliday fun stuff events they all ready have stuff in minde the goodies they will put in cooked up for us : )
use the time that been given to you and be thankfull

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01.11.2012 , 01:32 PM | #77
I'd like the show not to be based in Austin, TX, which is not only in the middle freaking nowhere, but isn't located near any major distribution of population in the United States. Would it kill you, Bioware, to base this thing in NYC, or Boston, or Chicago or L.A.? Not everyone wants to spend 4 days in the middle of the armpit of America.

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01.11.2012 , 01:35 PM | #78
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfriar View Post
Uh, I'm not really that interested in new content as I am in you putting this half-baked MMO back in the oven and finishing it.

To whit:

Fix the light-saber melee classes.
Hey Blackfriar - while I appreciate your current concerns about game content, this isn't the thread to discuss it. (I would actually direct you to Georg's recent post about Sith Warriors and Jedi Knights, which may address some of your concerns. Even if it doesn't directly, it should reassure you that the team is looking at all classes.)

To address other comments about events vs fixing the game - not very constructive feedback, guys, and also unnecessary, because we're not prioritizing one over the other.

We have an entire team who work full-time on the development of the game client. Almost none of those people ever post on the Forums or visit events, and those who do are generally team leaders, who can leave the office without affecting the flow of development. (I can assure you asking a developer to leave is also always very carefully balanced against current deadlines. Many developers have missed shows because they're needed at the studio.)

The development team's job, all of the time, is to improve the game. Having events or shows doesn't stop them doing their job, or even impact it at all. It's also not a budget issue; event budgets do not impact anything on the development side.

It's also important to realize the importance of events to the general health and longevity of the game. Fixing bugs, adding new content and keeping the community informed are all very important to us, and get priority over going to events.

However, keeping the game in the public eye, meeting and interacting with the community and getting new people interested in the game are also very important to us. After all, I'm sure the majority of us want to see the game survive and prosper for a long time to come. Public events help that to happen - along with marketing initiatives, PR work and a host of other activities.

With all this in mind, I've got an easy request. We know people want bugs fixed in the game and we're addressing that - please do check the Dev Tracker to see a variety of posts in the last few days on those subjects. We're actively looking into bugs that are reported.

As such, don't post on that subject in this thread. If you're not interested in attending shows that's fine, but many people are, and this is where we'd like to see feedback from them. Thanks.

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01.11.2012 , 01:37 PM | #79
If you guys did something fun at PAX, I'd definitely support it.

1) We always want to here game news, so a QA panel following a nice "future of the game" panel would be a lot of fun. Last year there was a tournament for games that weren't even out yet, I'd love to play in a tournament, but I'd need to either get to use my character or have time to set my bindings.

2) As a player in the highend PVE center of the game, I'd love to see more info about the next Ops instances. I'd also love to hear anything to do with space combat. I'd say it might be a good idea to either split a PVP and PVE panel if you have the content.

3) Yes, I'd most likely go to this at an event . The meet ups at blizzcons in the past were alot of fun.

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01.11.2012 , 01:49 PM | #80
Blackfriar, roasted