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(L,F&e #12) Knight Justice

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01.11.2012 , 04:47 AM | #1
((Here we go again, comments and/or suggestions always appreciated))

Oreana woke, she didn’t move. She felt the presence of Jedi all around her. She thought back to what she could remember. She winced as she remembered the fight with Creon. She had been overwhelmed. Then… her memories seemed to haze. She had fought him… but… she… She shook her head. It didn’t make sense. A voice came to her.

“Ah you are awake. How do you feel now?” She opened her eyes and saw the Rakata Jedi standing nearby. She wasn’t sure, but she could swear the alien face held concern. She bowed her head, and felt again the strange presence of the tendrils called lekku that Twileks used for many things hanging off her skull. “Ulaha, what is wrong? You seem different.”

Oreana shook her head; deception was a joke here, in the midst of such a gathering of Jedi power. She shook her head.

“I am not Ulaha.” She could swear that she startled the healer, but again it was hard to tell. When the Rakata spoke again, her voice held obvious amusement.

“Then who are you?” She could hear the amusement in the Jedi’s words. The amused smile died on the Rakata’s lips as she looked at the Jedi healer. Her voice was soft, but controlled.

“Don’t mock me Jedi. I have already surrendered; I am Oreana Devich, do with me what you will.” She turned her face from Nolikas and slumped. She felt the Jedi’s amazement and concern then she felt Nolikas withdraw. Sleep came quickly for her.

<Nearby a little later>

“WHAT?” Jina’s voice was too loud, too abrasive for proper decorum, but she didn’t care at the moment. She stared at Nolikas and then shook her head in shock. “She believes she is this Sith?”

“Yes.” Nolikas could barely believe it herself. The other person in the room spoke up.

“Can I talk to her?” Nia asked quietly. Nolikas looked at her, then at Jina. “I can determine if she really is who she says she is.”

“You can’t really believe…” Jina broke off as Nia frowned. “What?” She asked when Nia didn’t speak.

“I don’t know. She was acting strange, you know that. Then she collapsed, and then…” The other two Jedi both nodded. “I’ll talk to her, but…alone.” Both Nolikas and Jina looked at her but Nia was adamant. “You can monitor her, but…I want to see if she remembers me.” They nodded, and then Jina spoke quietly.

“And if she does turn out to be this Sith?”

“Then we take it to the Council.” Nolikas and Jina both nodded at Nia’s calm tone. They all left the room, grim minded.
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01.11.2012 , 04:50 AM | #2
<The next morning>

When Oreana woke again, she wasn’t alone. She felt one other presence in her vicinity. She recognized it.

“I know you are awake.” She opened her eyes and was unsurprised to see Nia Korr sitting by her bed. Oreana slumped in the bed. “Explain your previous words.” The voice was calm and controlled.

“What’s to explain? I don’t understand any of this.” She saw Nia sit back in her chair.

“What do you remember last?” Oreana sighed. It really wasn’t important now.

“I had gone to assassinate Darth Creon.” Nia froze and Oreana smiled grimly. “Does that shock you Jedi?”

“No and yes.” Nia replied. Oreana raised an eyebrow. “It doesn’t shock me that a Sith might say something like that, it does shock me to hear it from my friend.” Oreana sighed, and then she continued.

“He was trying to depose the Emperor.” This time Nia’s eyebrows shot up. “I went to stop him.”

“If you are Oreana, didn’t you kill him before?” Oreana grimaced.

“I missed the first time, I prepared so I wouldn’t this time.” Nia winced at her cold words.

“What did you do?” Oreana looked the Grey Jedi in the eyes and spoke.

“The plan was that I distract him long enough for troops I had requisitioned to plant a device inside his base. I didn’t expect to survive, but… he was too strong… He countered everything I tried. I got the flarg kicked out of me. Then… I don’t know what happened…I was there, but…” She broke off.

“But what?” Nia asked and was astonished to see tears falling from the Twilek’s eyes.

“She… He had me… I was trapped. He was so powerful. Far beyond anything I would have believed… he…” Oreana couldn’t continue. She felt a warm body sit on the bed beside her and a warm arm encircled her. She stiffened, but the arm didn’t move.

“What happened?” Nia's voice was soft and warm. Oreana snarled weakly.

“I don’t know. It…it’s like looking through a haze or a mist, I can see, but not clearly…” She slumped, and then continued in a monotone. “And when I try and clear my memories with the Force it doesn’t answer me.” Nia looked at her.

“What do you see?” Ni asked kindly but Oreana flinched. When she spoke, it was soft, and filled with sorrow and pain.

“I see him, attacking me. I avoid his blade. I can’t move like that. He seems unsure, but then he throws things at me, I block them, somehow… He throws lightning, it hurts but I reflect it. I… I can’t do that. I didn’t think it could be done…” Nia hugged her again.

“Anything Force created can be Force repelled.” Nia's voice was calm, but her eyes were haunted. She knew. But Oreana kept speaking, as if Nia hadn’t said anything.

“…He throws something I can barely see. By the Force it hurts! I don’t know what it is, but it hurts!” She was crying hard now and Nia rocked her in her arms. “He… he asks me to join him again, I…she replies that I/she won’t. He seems startled. He… asks who I am. No… No!” She screamed; writhed, tried to struggle, but Nia held her tight.

“What?” Nia asked gently, still holding on.

“She says her name is Ulaha. He… says she is dead. And she replies that they both are… she points to the bomb on the screen. He charges… She… She misses a block, but she hits him. His legs are gone, but… No… he got her square… she is dying… I…am dying...” Oreana collapsed again, sobbing. “Why? Why for me? She had her whole life ahead of her… I…” She looked up as Nia touched her shoulder and spoke quietly.

"I don’t know what happened or why. But I do believe you now, Oreana Devich. I don’t know what will come of this. What I do know is that she made a choice. To help you. I don’t know how or why. But she chose you. I will help you as I can.”

“Why?” Oreana asked through tear soaked eyes. Nia’s eyes glistened as well.

“Because she chose you to live. I cannot but heed her wishes in this. Rest. I will return.” Nia carefully got off the bed and stepped out of the medical bay. It wasn’t until she was outside that she let her emotions loose. And wept. Strong arms enfolded her and she looked up through tear streaked eyes into the shimmering eyes of her dad.

“You heard.” He nodded. “I won’t let you hurt her.” He nodded again. Then he held her as they both wept for their lost friend.
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01.11.2012 , 04:51 AM | #3
<A day later>

Oreana felt odd in the robes she had been given. The colors were different for one thing; browns and whites instead of unrelenting black. They didn’t feel wrong, but… She felt…odd anyway. This body wasn’t hers. It moved in strange ways and felt strange things. But it did move. So did the lekku. Of all the things she had a hard time getting used to, the tentacles on the back of her head were the strangest. She sighed. This would not be an easy thing. Her door hissed open and Nia stood there. The woman looked good in her grey robes. Nia scrutinized her. Oreana looked at Nia’s waist and didn’t miss the lightsaber hanging there. She sighed again. Then she walked to where Nia was waiting. Nia led the way and Oreana fell in behind her. She smiled as she realized she took the proper place for a Sith apprentice. Nia looked at her oddly. Oreana shook her head. They continued in silence. They entered a room Oreana had heard of, but had never dreamed of actually seeing. Twelve chairs in a circle, with an obelisk in the middle. The Jedi Council chamber. She straightened her back and walked behind Nia. Nia stopped in the middle of the room, beside the Obelisk. Oreana felt exposed. As she glanced around, she didn’t miss that all of the eyes of the Jedi council were on her, not Nia. And she didn’t miss a shadow by the door. She licked her lips, nervous. Nia looked at her, smiled, and then stepped back. One of the Jedi spoke, a female human.

“What is your name?” Oreana swallowed and then spoke.

“My name is Oreana Devich.” The same Jedi spoke again.

“Do you know why you are here?” Oreana shook her head, but then spoke.

“No, I… I don’t understand any of what has happened.” Another Jedi spoke, a male Kel Dor.

“You claim to be a Sith, but you are a Twilek Padawan.” Her eyes shot open. When she spoke it was in hushed tones.

“Ulaha was only a Padawan? She was a credit to your training.” All of the Jedi Masters exchanged a glance. The first speaker spoke again.

“You claim to be a Sith , and not just any, but a Sith Lord.” Oreana shook her head. “You disagree?” The Jedi spoke a bit more sharply. Oreana shook her head again. “Speak.”

“I was not a Sith Lord, although I earned the title of Darth.” She stopped talking and another Jedi, a Wookiee, spoke. She looked helplessly at Nia, she didn’t speak the Wookiee language. Nia leaned close.

“He asked: What were you then?” Nia’s voice while quiet, reached throughout the whole room. Oreana nodded.

“I was a Sith Assassin.” All of the Jedi froze at her response. The Wookiee spoke again and Nia translated again.

“He asked: And now?” Oreana shook her head.

“I don’t know. I can’t feel the Force now…” She sighed. “…do with me what you will.” They all looked at her then they all looked at another chair. Her eyes bulged as a small green form stood up in it. The wizened form of the ancient Jedi master jumped nimbly off his chair and walked to her. She stood, frozen in shock. She knew who he was.

“You have killed Jedi, Oreana Devich.” She nodded at Master Vandar’s words. “What should we do with you?”

“I don’t know Master Vandar.” She grinned sourly. “If you were Sith I would know, but as you are not, I don’t know.”

“I wish to hear, in your own words, what happened to you.” Master Vandar resumed his chair and Oreana nodded.

“I had been made aware of an attempt to depose the Sith Emperor. I went to kill the one responsible. I did not expect to survive…”
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01.11.2012 , 04:51 AM | #4
<Later that day>

She was halfway through her fourth retelling of her story when Oreana felt something odd. Her stomach flipped and she flinched as she realized she was going to… The next thing she knew, she was lying on the floor with Ni and Master Vandar standing over her. She looked at them blearily.

“Wha…?” She asked and Nia patted her on the shoulder. Then Nia looked sternly at Master Vandar who, Oreana was amused to see, looked embarrassed.

“I am sorry, Oreana Devich. We forgot you cannot call upon the Force to refresh yourself; we should have let you take a break long before now. Rest, you will be called once we have deliberated.”

She looked on with confusion as all of the Jedi Masters left the room, leaving her alone with Nia and… She froze as Will came up to them. He looked at her. She smiled hesitant and he surprised her with a grin. He extended a hand and she took it. He pulled her easily to her feet, but then she stumbled. He caught her and she smiled her thanks.

“Now what?” she asked, not sure what she was required to do.

“Now we get you something to eat, and you go back to medical for more tests.” Oreana sighed. She was really getting sick of the medical tests. Like THEY had a clue what had happened… “Now, now, you have startled them all. They don’t like surprises.” Oreana grimaced and then followed Nia out of the room, she knew Will was following, although she couldn’t see him, It was what she would have done.

“I know. Neither do the Sith, although the Jedi methods are kinder.” Nia looked at her.

“I would hope so.” Oreana grinned at Nia’s tart rejoinder, and then sobered. She shook her head and then froze as she felt the lekku bouncing. Nia looked at her and Oreana winced.

“The lekku…” Nia smiled and nodded. She led Oreana to a mess hall where they got trays of food. Oreana looked at the food, it looked, strange to her. She looked at the food, then at Nia.

“That’s what she ate. We know your body can take that… We hope it can anyway.” Oreana nodded, and then dubiously tried a forkful of the food. It was good. Different from anything she had tasted, but good. She finished her plate quickly. Then she felt…odd. Nia saw her shudder and quickly took her by the shoulders and led her to the refresher. A few minutes later, Oreana with her hands, and lekku, under the cleanser and sighed.

“Twilek bodily functions… This is going to take a lot of getting used to.” Nia smiled at her and then they both walked out. They both froze as they saw a small crowd of beings around the mess hall looking at them. The Jedi didn’t move or do anything, but Oreana couldn’t turn away from their stares. Nia, however, stepped in front of her and glared at them. All of them immediately found things to do. Oreana looked at her.

“Thank you, but…” She sighed. “I…” Nia moved to beside her.

“No buts. Follow me.” Nia led off and Oreana followed.
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01.11.2012 , 04:53 AM | #5
Oreana sat in the medical chair and tried not to worry. The Jedi instruments at least didn’t always cause pain like the Sith ones did. But, to be subjected to such scrutiny was aberrant to her, she had lived her whole life in the shadows. She looked up as the door to the exam room opened. She was amazed when Will came in and sat down beside her. She stared at him, and he smiled slightly.

“You are holding up well. I hadn’t expected you to deal so well with this.” She looked at him and he grinned. “I’ve been where you are. They poked and prodded me for days too.”

“Days?” She asked warily. He sighed.

“Don’t expect them to let you out of here any sooner than that. They don’t know what happened. As far as they know, you are a Padawan with a delusion.” She scoffed and the soldier nodded soberly. “I know who you are, Nia knows who you are, the others, I don’t know if they really believe…” She looked at him and he smiled.

“You had me sold when you said what I did in the cantina. You were the only one who knew what I did. I thought Vandar was going to bust a gut holding his laughter in.” She sighed, rueful.

“It wasn’t very funny at the time. Creep.” But she smiled to take the sting form her words and he smirked.

“No, but, come on, tell me you haven’t smiled thinking about what happened when the next guy sat down?” She grinned. The mine had been deactivated, but… what a thing to find in your seat.

“I have, indeed.” She sat back into her chair, thinking hard. He watched her. Finally she spoke. “Do you have any idea what is going to happen?” He shook his head.

“As far as I and Nia have been able to find out, this has never happened before. So your guess is as good as mine. If you still had the Force, well… things might be different.” They both looked up as the door opened again. Nia stood there along with Nolikas.

“You do still have the Force.” Nia spoke and Oreana’s eyes widened.

“I don’t feel it. I…” She broke off as Nolkas ebtered the room, she still didn’t feel easy with the healer, although the Rakata was kind. Nolikas also felt odd dealing with Oreana as well, and who could blame her? The healer activated a screen and all of them looked at it. It showed Oreana’s blood and in it… Oreana inhaled.

“Midi-chlorians.” Nia spoke after Oreana’s hushed word.

“More than Ulaha had. So yes, you have the Force; it is just somehow blocked at the moment.” Oreana looked at her, then at the others. She slumped, thing s just got a lot more complicated.
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01.11.2012 , 04:54 AM | #6
<Later that day>

Oreana sat in her cell and tried not to cry. It was hard. This body seemed geared for it. She knew Twileks were an emotional people, but the cold hard fact paled in comparison to the reality of being one. She still had the Force. That was undeniable from the medical scans, but… she couldn’t touch it. She wasn’t sure what was worse, being in an alien (literally) body or being told that she had the Force back and couldn’t use it for some reason that they still didn’t understand. The door opened, she didn’t look up. A throat cleared and she looked up into the eyes of Master Vandar. She froze. Of all the beings she feared, no one even came close. He looked at her and shook his head. He inclined his head in a question and she shrugged. She waved him in.

“Welcome, Master Vandar.” She said quietly, not rising from where she sat.

“Oreana Devich.” He inclined his head to her and to her surprise, sat beside her. She looked at him and he smiled. Then he spoke, his words were soft, but she had no difficulty hearing him. “Are we enemies Oreana Devich?” She flinched back.

“I…I don’t know Master Vandar. When I…When I was in my old body, then yes, we were. I served the Sith Empire and the Emperor. Now...? I don’t know…” He sighed.

“If you had the choice to go back, would you?” She looked at him and curled a lekku around her neck. It came almost naturally now. She fingered it and held his gaze. He nodded, sadly. “Point taken.”

“If I had the chance to go back in time, I would, if only to make sure she didn’t take my place. That was my fate, not hers.” He made a figure in the dust on the floor, she looked at it and flinched as she realized it was a Sith glyph. He looked at her and frowned then at the sign. His face turned an interesting shade and he quickly obliterated the image.

“Sorry.” He sighed “You can’t know that.” She slumped, her lekku falling free.

“I had made my peace, I had chosen my path and accepted my death. It was needed.” He didn’t argue, just listened. “I… I liked her.” He smiled sadly.

“Everyone liked her.” She bowed her head. When she replied it was emotionless.

“When I saw her, chained unconscious on that transport, I…I couldn’t just leave her there. She looked so…lost…so alone…” She broke off. He nodded.

“Much as you were.” She nodded, silent. “That’s why you helped her?”

“I would have helped anyone to poke Creon in the eye. I thought I had killed him when the transport blew up, I was wrong. And she paid the price.” She was amazed when Master Vandar stood up. He put a small hand under her chin and raised it so he looked her in the eye.

“No living being is without fault, Oreana Devich. You made a choice. A good one in my estimation.”

“Did I? And what good came of it?” He sighed at her plaintive question. He had no answer for her. “I would have given anything to keep her alive; I tried, so hard to keep her alive.” Now she was crying. “And then she died for me… Where is the justice in that?” He sighed again, and then he tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up into his eyes.

“I don’t have any easy answers for you Oreana Devich. All I can tell you is what my Master told me when I was training as a padawan. ‘Flarg happens. Someone has to deal with it’. We have to deal with what happens. We don’t have to like it.” He gave her shoulder a squeeze then he got up and moved to leave the room. She held up a hand and he stopped. “Yes?” He asked.

“If I asked you to, could the Jedi Council cut me off from the Force?” His eyes went wide.

“Cut you off from the Force…? Why?” He asked quietly.

“I…” She bowed her head. “I don’t think I can…deal with it, as you say.” He looked at her, his face closed. “Please, at least consider it…” He nodded and silently left the room.
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01.11.2012 , 04:55 AM | #7
<A few minutes later>

"She wants what?” Nia wasn’t sure she had heard Master Vandar right. But he repeated his quiet words.

“She wants to be cut off from the Force, and the way things are going in the Council at least half of them would do it as of this moment.” Nia looked at him with horror in her eyes. To be cut off from the force, to live without it… She couldn’t imagine it now, and she had lived not knowing about it for twenty years. She shook her head, and then looked at the others in the room. Jina stared into the distance, but from her expression she looked at nothing, or maybe a memory. Nolikas sat, head bowed. And Will, he stood, still as ever, in the shadows by the door. She shook her head again.

“That… That’s cruel. To blind the Force sense…” Nia shuddered. “I’ve read about it… I thought I wanted the same thing once, but…” She broke off. Master Vandar nodded sadly.

“We don’t know if it will come to that. It hasn’t in recent history, but not for lack of some of us trying.” His voice became harsh and she was reminded WHY people feared this being. Then he relaxed. “It takes a unanimous vote, and none of the current sides have full support of the council in anything.” Jina smirked at his wry tone. All of them froze as Will spoke.

“All she knows is what she did as a Sith. The only glimpse she got into anything else was when she helped Ulaha and when she spoke to me in the cantina. She didn’t know how to react. She is reacting as a Sith would. She erred, she must be punished. The question is, will you?” He turned and walked out of the room, leaving the Jedi to look at each other.

Oreana sat in her cell and pondered her life. She had done so much, tried so hard to make a difference. She HAD made a difference, she knew it. But… so many dead at her hands. She barely noticed when the door hissed open, but then… she froze as she heard boots enter the room.

She looked up into his eyes. He nodded to her. She licked her lips, nervous. It was nuts she knew, he wouldn’t kill her, she wasn’t a threat, but… she was nervous anyway. He sat by the door. She noted his hands didn’t move far from his waist. She raised an eyebrow, and he smiled.

“That looks very strange on a Twilek.” She chortled a bit at his dry tone. Then she sighed.

“What would you do?” She asked, serious. He looked her over and then he relaxed. She stared at him, and he smiled, an unguarded one.

“If I found myself in a position like yours?” She nodded. “I don’t know…I like to think the honorable choice, whatever that might be, but… to tell you the truth, I don’t know.” She nodded, she had expected no less. She had no idea what to do either.

“This is so different…I…” She broke off and he sat up straight.

“Step one, soldier; define the problem.” She looked at him and then she thought about it and nodded.

“I am not in my original body. I am among enemies. A prisoner. I am probably considered dead by my people. And if I managed to return to my people…” She broke off.

“They wouldn’t believe you.” Will finished for her. “Are you are officially dead in the Sith Empire, they gave you a very nice state funeral.” Her eyes widened. “Or truth be told, they gave Ulaha a state funeral, in your name.”

“What did they bury?” She asked, fascinated in spite of herself.

“I don’t know, maybe an empty casket, maybe sandbags… there wasn’t enough left of the base to bury with you. A hundred weight baradium device will leave very little.” She nodded.

“So if I return, I die, probably slowly and painfully. Or they try and turn me, as a supposed Jedi Padawan I would be a valuable prize.” He nodded.

“Choices then?” She looked at him. Then she looked away. When she spoke it was quiet.

“A) Live here, for the remainder of my life, as a prisoner. B) try and escape, maybe get killed trying, maybe get killed by the Sith, or captured and then tortured to death.” Will nodded to each of her points. “C) Have the Jedi cut me off from the Force and try to find a normal way to live.” He looked at her, she shrugged. He spoke again.

“D) You could work with me.” Her eyes widened. He grinned sourly. “This is of course assuming that you don’t take any of choices A, B or C. And you don’t kill yourself.” She froze.

How did he know…? He grinned but there was no humor in it.

“I know because that is what I would probably do in your place. I would make it quick, clean and as painless as possible because, all evidence to the contrary, I don’t like pain.” She laughed, she couldn’t help it. “I just wanted you to know, you do have options. And I do like you. I’m not saying I trust you, mind you…” She smirked at his wry tone. “…but I do like you. Think about it.” He got up in a smooth movement and left the room, leaving her to her thoughts.
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01.11.2012 , 05:00 AM | #8
Nia sat and tried not to fret. The council was still deliberating. It felt like all they did was talk. She preferred action, but… She was worried that whatever action they took would hurt her…friend? Yes, Oreana was definitely a friend. She shook her head, it was odd. The woman was so like Ulaha and at the same time, so…different. But, Nia liked her. She didn’t have many friends, heck, other that Nolikas, Jina and Ulaha, she hadn’t had ANY friends here…She didn’t have any friends at all anywhere else either. She sighed. Loneliness was a fact of life it seemed. The Jedi were kind, but that was as far as it went. She was…different to them. She sighed. She really didn’t blame them. Nia was outside their experience. She hadn’t been raised in the Enclave, in fact she wasn’t really a Jedi was she? She decided to go help clean up the library. The mess that the Sith attack had made of the place had been considerable. Nia poked her head into Oreana’s cell, but she was asleep. She decided to let the Twilek sleep while she could. She walked off into the Enclave. As she walked, she thought. It seemed like such a good idea when she had come out of the Kolto tank, to stay and learn. And learn she had. And not just new lightsaber…

“OOF!” She cried out as she literally walked into someone. She had been so distracted that she hadn’t seen the small woman. She stood for a moment, shaking her head as she caught her breath.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t see you…” She looked the other woman over. She had seen the woman, but had never been introduced to her.
“I’m Nia Korr…” She began hesitantly. The other woman smiled.

“No harm done. I’m Kirin Starlace.”

“Pleased to meet you, Kirin. I am on my way to the Library, to help clean up. And to check for more demolition charges.” Sith assault troops had attacked the Enclave recently. Stupid move in Nia's estimation, they had been stopped quickly, with few injuries on the Jedi side and no loss of life. Apparently they had been after something else but it had made one heck of a mess.

She was reasonably sure that she and her dad had found them all, but it only took one to hurt and kill people she liked. Especially since some of the charges seemed to have been set for delayed detonation. As if to catch rescuers and medical personnel when they tried to help the injured. She shook her head, an evil tactic and guaranteed to cause fear, which was undoubtedly what the Sith wanted. She waited for a response from the other Jedi.

"Really? Okay, let me come help you. Do you happen to know where the library is? I mean, I've barely only become a Master, so I figure, on my time off and with all the chaos going on in the temple lately, I should help new apprentices with directions, you know?"

Kirin leaned over and helped dust the girl's clothes off, still smiling pretty childishly. Kirin herself looked young, but young Jedi Masters weren't very uncommon, especially since she didn't look terribly young. Old enough to be a young Jedi Master, at least.

"Are you a new apprentice?"

"Er... sort of... I... well.. yeah, I guess you could call me a new apprentice, but..." Nia broke off flustered. "I have had some training and well, Master Jina brought me here and... things got complicated... Especially when my dad showed up." That was probably the understatement of the century. It was not every day that the Jedi council got threatened with a nuclear weapon.

((You write way more than I do, and I'm a journalist by trade, bah. =P))

"Hey, hey!" Kirin reached over to the girl and patted her gently on the shoulder with her left hand, smiling reassuringly. "Listen, loosen up, okay? I'm not that much older than you, you don't have to be so nervous okay? You kinda remind me of another girl that I hang around with- though where she is, I've got no idea, she's always running about, trying to train herself- so don't worry, okay? Think of me as an older sister, or someone you can be friends with, you know?"

Kirin then put her hand away, then walked ahead, gesturing toward the girl.

"C'mon, let's head over to the library."

Nia looks at the woman and smiled. "I never had an older sister, so I wouldn't know how to react to one. but yeah, they need help cleaning the Library and I...I need some distraction right now." She followed Kirin.

"A distraction" Kirin asked, looking over at the girl who was walking next to her. "Everything okay? I mean, I can definitely sympathize, I've been teaching this other girl, we found her dying on Dxun a couple years back, and... well, long story short, we saved her. Still, it's good to be walking around, not really caring about anything major. Well, okay, except for the bomb and all."

Kirin sighed, but still had the warm smile on her face. Idly, she folded her arms over her chest as she walked, the sleeves of her long brown robe neatly covering her hands.

"Well, he was kind of upset, and it did turn out okay. At least that did..." Her face turned pensive. "Have you heard about Ulaha?" She walked towards the Library, Kirin following her. She hoped the day wouldn't deteriorate.
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((as Nia and Kirin make their way to the Library, Oreana is waking up))

Oreana woke, cold. She shivered, and then opened her eyes. Nothing had… She froze. Standing at the foot of her pallet was… Her eyes burned.

“Hello Oreana.” Ulaha said quietly. Oreana shook her head. The force spirit of the girl she had barely known stood, silent, waiting for her to respond. But she couldn’t. Ulaha squatted down, her transparent face coming to within inches of Oreana’s. The spirit spoke again. “I’m sorry I just dumped you like that, I had no choice.”

“You should have left me…why didn’t you leave me? You could have come back, to YOUR body…”

“You couldn’t beat him without my help. And my task was done.” Oreana shook her head. “You will get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to it, I want it to end. I…” She reached out towards the force spirit but Ulaha retreated out of reach.

“You know better than that. I’m not really here.” Against her will, Oreana grinned at the Twilek’s sourly humorous words. Then she frowned.

“I don’t understand, how did you do it? I have heard of force bonds, and transfer of power, but not of memories or life…”

“With the Force, anything is possible, but… I had help.” Oreana stared at her uncomprehending. Then she froze again as another form appeared beside Ulaha. She blinked, this one wore black, and the hood and mask of a Dark Jedi, but… His mask was hanging loose, and he was smiling. She couldn’t imagine a Dark Jedi; she had known a few, smiling so… well, kindly.

“Oreana Devich, allow me to introduce Adjunta Pall.” Oreana flinched back, running into the wall and freezing again as she realized she was trapped in a cell with one of the most evil figures in Sith legend. But…he didn’t move, he… sighed sadly and waited. Oreana licked her lips and then tried to speak, but her voice wouldn’t obey her. Sternly she commanded her body to obey and it did. She managed to speak.

“Adjunta Pall? Your… legend precedes you.” He smiled sadly again.

“My infamy you mean. And yes, I know what you are taught about me, some of it is true, some of it is not.” She relaxed a bit; it surprised her that she could. “Through the efforts of a rather special individual, I was redeemed. You can be too.” She goggled at him. Ulaha actually laughed at the expression that crossed Oreana’s, er, her, er, whatever face.

“I…I don’t understand.” Oreana confessed. Ulaha looked at Pall and nodded, he spoke.

“The first step towards wisdom is admitting your ignorance. Revan redeemed me, brought me back to the light after so long hiding in that dark tomb.” Even the mention of his tomb on Korriban sent shivers down Oreana’s spine. She had gone once to the Valley of the Dark Lords and seen the ruins firsthand. Some factions within the Sith were trying to excavate them again, seeking to better understand their past, but carefully, very carefully. They remembered what had happened before. When Revan deposed the Masters of the Sith Academy and left the others to fight amongst themselves. The Sith knew, better than many, that some things should NEVER see the light of day again. But he was speaking again.

“However, my sword remained. Revan, I believe, planned to destroy it, but he never did, and it contained much of my power, my darkness, my evil.” She nodded, she had felt that when she handled it, even protected. “Somehow, Creon acquired it. I don’t know what he planned. Perhaps he intended you to wield it and be corrupted by it. Perhaps he believed it would lose some of its power corrupting you. But you resisted it.” She could hear the pride in his voice, pride…in her? “You destroyed it. You did a great service to the Sith AND to the galaxy as a whole. That sword… That evil creation needed to be destroyed, and you did.” She shook her head and sat back down on the bed. The spirits obviously were not going to hurt her. Ulaha spoke.

“In doing so however, you hurt me.” Oreana’s eyes shot open and she gasped in horror.

“Did… Did I…?” She broke off and tears came again. Ulaha shook her head.

“You didn’t know. The sword poured dark side energy along the force bond that I had formed with you. I didn’t know I had done it, or why, but…” If anything Oreana was even more horrified.

“You were bonded to me…? I…I didn’t know…I swear I didn’t…” She broke off as Ulaha smiled.

“I know. It was something I did, unconsciously; probably when you force fed me that foul tasting drek of an antidote. Hey!” She said as Oreana started sobbing again. “It wasn’t your fault, and before you ask, no, the bond didn’t work that way.” Oreana looked at her and comprehension dawned. She shook her head.

“Then why did I like you so much?” Ulaha shrugged.

“I don’t know. I was young and dumb and helpless…”Against her will Oreana laughed. “Thank you for saving me.” The Twilek spirit’s grin was infectious and Oreana felt a similar one pulling on her mouth.

“Thank you for saving me, but how…?” Oreana shook her head bemused.

“When Darth Creon had you bound, you called for help. I heard you calling and somehow, I came to you. We kicked his tail up between his ears, didn’t we?” Oreana grinned at the tart tone and even Pall grinned. Then Ulaha sobered. “It’s what Jedi do, Oreana. When someone is in trouble, they call for help, and Jedi respond. It’s what we do.”

“But I’m a Sith…” She protested, and both of the Force spirits smiled at her.

“Are you?” Pall asked. Then he sighed. “I cannot stay longer. I wanted to say, thank you for destroying that evil blade, it was the last thing tying me here. But remember Orana Devich. The Force is with you, always.” He bowed to her and vanished. Oreana stared after him then focused again on Ulaha.

“You should have let me die. I… I’m a Sith… Why?” Ulaha shook her head and smiled gently at her.

“You are not a Sith, not by temperament or training. You are not a Jedi either.” She added in a tone of amused sympathy. “You walk the middle ground, grey. Between light and dark. Talk to Nia, she’s not as convinced about her path either. Talk to Will, he’s a lot more than he seems.” Oreana giggled at her tone, and Ulaha’s face took a mischievous aspect. “He is insane, but a good insane.”

Then the force spirit sobered again. “I can’t stay much longer, but before I go, I have something for you.” Oreana froze and watched in silence as Ulaha raised a hand. Light poured from it and she was surrounded by it, penetrated by it… She closed her eyes, it felt good. It felt…! Her eyes shot open and she saw the force spirit smiling and she felt the care, tenderness, and love that Ulaha sent her way. Then Ulaha was gone. Only an echo of an echo sounded in her ears.

“The Force will be with you. Always.”
My stories in order:
Love, the Force, and Everything Discussion thread here

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Nia returned to the meditation wing, tired, but happy. She liked Kirin. She had spent several hours working with the other Jedi to help clean up the mess that the Sith had left of the Library. The wanton destruction angered her, but it worried her more. Something about it spoke of… she wasn’t sure. Some things didn’t add up. The Sith Code burned into the wall and the message burned into the floor, these were almost childish. The other attacks, the demo charges and mines, seemed more serious at first, but then, they also seemed random, almost unplanned. She was proud that she had managed to defeat one Sith by herself saving some Padawans from him, and assist in stopping two others, but at the same time, she felt sorrow for the ones she had killed. Taking lives bothered her. It bothered her a lot. She resolved to talk to her father as soon as he got back from wherever he had gone. She moved to pass Oreana’s door and froze. Something had changed. She gave the passkey to the droid and it opened the door for her. She entered the room and stopped in her tracks. Oreana sat, hovering in midair. Nia assumed a meditative posture and waited. A few minutes later, Oreana’s eyes opened and she sank to the floor. She nodded to Nia.

“I see you can feel the Force again.” Nia said quietly. Oreana nodded. But she didn’t speak. “What changed?”

“I had a visitor.” Nia could feel the pain, the sadness that erupted within Oreana when she spoke. Nia arced an eyebrow and Oreana laughed. “You do that well…” She broke off and Nia could feel her trying to control her emotions. The black haired girl waited waited, giving the other woman time to adjust. Finally Oreana spoke again.

“It was Ulaha.” Nia’s eyes shot open. She stared at Oreana then at the surrounding area. “She…she is a Force Spirit now. She told me…it…wasn’t my fault…” Oreana’s control broke and she collapsed sobbing. Nia moved to her side and held her as she cried. Finally, Oreana could speak again.

“She said, she had formed a Force bond with me, and that’s how she helped me, and how she transferred me to this body. She saved me. I…” She broke off, dashed her tears away and then looked Nia full in the eyes. “I want to be your apprentice.” Nia sat back, shocked to her core.

“Why? You know more about the Force that I am ever likely to. If anything I should be yours.”

“I know the Dark Side, and only a little of the Light. I don’t know how to walk the Grey path. I ask you to teach me.” Nia looked at her, and shook her head.

“I’m not a Jedi. Oreana.” Oreana looked at her and a small smile curved her lips.

“Neither am I.” She laughed, softly, but quickly her laughs grew. Nia found herself laughing as well. They laughed for almost a full minute then they both stopped, almost in unison. Nia looked at Oreana and shook her head.

“First we have to see what the Council says. Then, we shall see.” Oreana bowed to her and Nia exclaimed sharply. “Hey! I’m not perfect. If you see me making a mistake, correct me, Okay? I’m not promising anything until we know what the Jedi say.” Oreana nodded. They both sat back to meditate again, but this time, with easy hearts.
My stories in order:
Love, the Force, and Everything Discussion thread here