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(L,F&E #11) Soldier Hunting

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01.11.2012 , 04:28 AM | #11
<A hidden base>

Oreana walked into the den of her enemy. She was unaccompanied, but not alone, the Force was with her. It spoke to her of hidden movement, of furtive whispers all around her, but no one dared face her. Part of it was the sheer cold menace she radiated. She wasn’t angry, not now. She had worked through that. Now…now she was focused. She walked straight ahead, her eyes on the far walls. But her senses stretched out, seeking, finding, warning. The door in front of her opened and she entered. There, sitting on a reasonable facsimile of the Sith Emperor’s throne, sat her nemesis. A chill ran down her spine, she suppressed it. His face was a perfect as ever, his robes as black as midnight. The smile on his face was chilling, but she barely noticed. She met his eyes and saw…doubt? It was quickly gone; if it had ever been there in the first place. You didn’t get to be a Sith Lord without learning control. And THIS Sith lord, well, he defined control. All kinds.

“Darth Oreana, so glad you could join us.” She could have been carved from stone for all the emotion she showed.

“Darth Creon. I won’t miss this time.” The Sith lord on the throne smiled at her, it was a chilling sight. She barely noticed.

“Now, now, my dear. Let’s be civil about this. You are powerful and skilled, why not join me?” She laughed at that, and for just a moment a sliver of rage suffused the Sith Lord’s face. But then it was gone and his face was controlled again.

“Why would I join you? In a few minutes you will be dead.” This time he laughed.

“You are expecting the troops you arranged for on Talus to aid you? Oreana, Oreana, how clumsy can you be?” He activated a comlink on the arm of his throne. “Destroy her ship now.” A vidscreen sprang to life and Oreana watched impassively as turbo lasers tore through the unshielded hull of her ship and left it a smoldering pile of wreckage. “That takes care of that. Now, you were saying?”

She grinned. It was so unexpected that the Dark Lord actually paused. She pointed at the vidscreen. Creon smiled and turned to look, then froze as alarms sounded and the vidscreen showed multiple ships entering the area, Sith battle transports! They opened fire on the revealed gun emplacements and swiftly destroyed them. Then they landed and started offloading troops and war droids. When she spoke, it was mocking.

“Did you really think I would be so predictable, Creon?” He turned to her and snarled. Then his face smoothed again.

“You are mine. You have been mine since that stupid fool Brakon brought you to me. Give me the sword.” He froze as she laughed again.

“I don’t have it.” Her mocking words sped through the chamber and he snarled.

“You lie! I feel it on you. You cannot control it. Give it to me!” His words thundered and she felt his will striving to subdue her, but she laughed again. This time when she smiled, there was no mirth in it.

“I destroyed it.” Creon froze. Then he blurred into motion and she was fighting for her life.
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01.11.2012 , 04:29 AM | #12
Oreana fought with all of her being. Juyo blended to Ataru, blended to Shien, blended to Shii-Cho. To no avail. Every attack she tried was blocked, every move countered, almost before she could perform them. Creon’s single lightsaber seemed to be everywhere. She couldn’t beat him saber to saber. They locked sabers for a moment and he smirked at her.

“It doesn’t have to be this way Oreana. Join me.” She connected with a kick that threw him back and then charged again.

“Never.” Her voice was calm, and controlled. He shook his head.

“You fight like a Jedi, Oreana. Where is your rage? Where is your hate?” His words mocked her.

“I don’t need them to beat you.” He shook his head.

“Very well, Oreana. Then die!” He charged her and it was all she could do to block his attacks. Then one got through. She hissed as his saber scored her thigh. She jumped back, he followed, but when he landed where she had, all he saw was… He flinched as the flash grenade went off. He spun, stretching out through the Force, waiting for an attack that didn’t come. His eyes recovered and he smiled. Oreana was nowhere in sight.

Oreana leaned against a pillar, her camouflage ability hiding her from sight and the force, but it wouldn’t last. She touched an instant use medkit to her wound and sighed silently as the pain faded. She moved away from her pillar and froze, bound. She struggled against the Force bonds that held her, but to no avail. Creon walked out from behind another pillar and she quailed inside at the look of sheer malevolence in his smile.

“And so it ends. Pity. We could have done such great things together.” Oreana stretched out with the Force and flinched as she felt something familiar. Something…

Creon blinked as Oreana moved right through his Force bonds. He couldn’t believe she had just... He blocked her attack, but when he attacked, his blade met nothing but air. He recognized the style with a start. Soresu.

He blinked, that wasn’t a style Oreana had ever been taught, he knew, he had seen her trained! He focused, then he summoned the Force and pelted Oreana with a torrent of objects pulled from the surrounding area, but… She blocked them all. He threw lightning at her, but she dodged it. He deactivated his lightsaber and threw out both hands, spraying the area with blue fire. He snarled in triumph as an arc of it caught her. But then… she reflected it! He dodged, swearing in disbelief. Now she was the attacker, she moved like a hunting hawkbat, never still, never where he expected. He threw everything he could at her, lightning, poisons, grenades even a Force technique that, if the Emperor had known he had studied it, would have meant his immediate execution. It disintegrated half of the room, but she emerged from the blast unscathed. He stepped back, amazed. She smiled at him, but not maliciously. Her smile was…sad. He looked at her and lowered his lightsaber. She did likewise.

“We could do such great things, Oreana.” He blinked as she shook her head. “What?” He asked crossly.

“I could never join you.” He froze, that wasn’t Oreana’s voice! His voice was quiet.

“Who are you?” She smiled again, sadly.

“My name is Ulaha.” His eyes widened.

“That’s impossible, she is dead.” She shook her head, still sad.

“No, we are dead.” She waved towards the wall and he saw on the vidscreen the troop transports taking off and in the room where the Sith troops had left it… He screamed and charged, she met him halfway.

The Sith commander looked at his screen and sighed. He looked at his subordinate, she handed him a remote. Without hesitation he pushed the button. The baradium bomb they had planted in the depths of the base went off, eradicating all evidence of the Sith base.
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01.11.2012 , 04:30 AM | #13
She woke, she was cold. Something…warm air blew over her skin and she was warmed slightly. She opened her eyes and froze. She was… she looked around. Figures in brown robes moved all around her. She shook her head, dumbfounded. A figure came close and she froze again as she recognized Nolikas, the Jedi Healer from her files. The Rakata spoke, her words were strangely accented, but intelligible.

“Easy, you have had quite a night. We thought we had lost you.” She looked past the Jedi healer, and saw medical gear and beyond that, a window. It showed a sunrise. But the sky… She flinched.

“How did I get here?” She asked quietly, her voice sounded odd to her. The last she had remembered she had been half the galaxy away from where she knew she had to be.

“You have been here all night. We were worried, and then your vitals went nuts. They stabilized though. I am glad to see you tracking okay.” The Jedi’s words only confused her.

“I don’t understand. I was…elsewhere.”

“You have been here all night Ulaha, you haven’t gone anywhere.” She froze, put her hand to her head and felt lekku. She screamed. She tried to move, but her body wouldn't respond. Nolikas did something and darkness started to claim her. Just before it did, she spoke.

“I surrender.” Then Oreana knew no more.
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01.11.2012 , 04:31 AM | #14
((I hope you Sith aficionados out there appreciated Darth Creon, I don't think he is coming back. And FYI Ulaha was NOT a normal Padawan, not by any stretch of the imagination. But the story is FAR from over. As always, comments and/or suggestions appreciated. Flames might have to clean up the mess left from the sword.))
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