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(L,F&E #11) Soldier Hunting

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01.11.2012 , 04:11 AM | #1
Oreana sat and wondered. She had at her fingertips the entire Sith dossier on the Republic soldier named Will Kalenath. She had studied it, from the first encounter that the Sith knew about with him, up to the battle at Coruscant where he had slaughtered four, FOUR entire fighter squadrons, as well as three capital ships, while flying a fighter himself. Then the debacle that had been his ‘defection’. He had wormed his way into Korriban, and then left with a cargo hold full of priceless artifacts and holocrons. And then… She sighed.

“Nia Korr… Again…” She remembered the girl she had faced on Tattooine. Young, inexperienced, but strong in the Force and… grey… She had seemed to meld into the surroundings; much like her master had described Oreana doing on occasion. Then Oreana rubbed her head. The lightsaber pommel sized bruise was gone. She shook her head, Nia Korr wasn’t the immediate problem. Will Kalenath was. She focused on the man’s image that dominated her screen. His green eyes seemed to pierce her soul. She shook her head again and turned the image off.

No family, Friends, but none close except on the Stormhawk, which would be more trouble than it would be worth. No weaknesses… Forget facing him in space, every single Sith who has tried has died. Many better than I am at flying. That leaves a ground operation of some kind, ambush maybe?

She keyed a control and spoke aloud.

“Target, Will Kalenath, former republic soldier. No known vices, no known weaknesses.” She looked at the files again.

“Known associates, Nia Korr, Wookiee Olanagychew…” For just a moment she toyed with the idea of taking the Wookiee to draw him out, and then discarded it. The last Sith to try that had wound up in multiple scattered pieces. “…Jedi Ulaha, Jedi Master Jina Darkstorm…” She broke off.

Jina Darkstorm…hmm….later… She continued aloud.

“…Jedi Healer Nolikas, Stormhawk crew and dependants.” She sighed and stopped recording. None of those were even remotely accessible to a Sith. Then she keyed the recorder again.

“Known abilities- combat flying, heavy air and space, rated top ace in both, many cite supernatural abilities, but no Force power sensed in person. Available republic military files, incomplete, state subject is sniper trained as well as combat engineer. They say he-quote 'moves like a ghost, and leaves chaos and destruction in his wake'-endquote.” She laughed. “What a Sith this man would have made.” Then she froze as a thought came to her. She stopped the recording and looked over her files, but nothing showed.

“How did he get to Tattooine so easily? And how did he know exactly where we were?” She nodded to herself and headed for her small bridge.

Time for some in depth and in person investigation. As she walked by the internal defense grid controls she smiled seeing they were fully charged. She sighed. If it had been fully charged when Sarianol had arrived Ulaha wouldn’t have been hurt so badly. That had been why the stupid Sith Lord had left so, well, meekly after she had cut off his hand. A hand she knew well had been prosthetic. Then she smirked as she took in the concealed gun ports and gas vents arrayed around the airlock chamber. Only an idiot fought an angry Sith lady on her own turf. And she had been given reason for anger. Her eyes stung and she mentally kicked herself.

Don’t get sentimental, Ulaha was an aberration, you have a job to do, DO IT!

She sat in her cockpit and nodded as she heard and felt Kra’tuc’s approach. He spoke.

“Mistress?” She turned to him after keying in the commands to set a hyperspace jump. She smiled at him and he shuddered a bit, her smile was akin to a Firaxa shark’s.

“We hunt, Kra’tuc.” He nodded and strapped himself in. She watched the controls as the ship inserted into hyperspace, and then she spoke again.

“We seek information at this stop. I will travel alone.” He bristled, but acquiesced. She couldn’t take him, even with his absolute devotion to her; he stuck out like a Ronto among Jawas.

“As you command, Mistress.” His words as always were proper, but underlying them was a layer of casual insolence and she loved him for it. She had so many people who lied to her or flattered her; it was just so rare that someone she liked and could trust would insult her. Of course she insulted him right back.

“Red face.” She said fondly “We stop on Tattooine, at Anchorhead. I need you to guard the ship.” Anywhere else that might be busywork, not on Tattooine. Unattended ships tended to get stripped quickly by the Jawas and other scavengers in the area.

“May I ask where you go?”

“They knew where we were. The only person who knew where we were was Cranna the Hutt.” Kra’tuc shook his head, then spoke.

“And her servants, and soldiers and…” She grimaced and nodded. “But it seems a good place to start. You will be careful Mistress.”

“I will be, my friend.” Strange words, from a Sith to a slave, but these two were anything but typical. Oreana sat and tried to sleep, this would be a long flight.
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01.11.2012 , 04:13 AM | #2
<Tattooine, three days later>

“All I need to do is ask your mistress something, and then I will leave.” This was getting ridiculous. These Ubese just would not see reason. It had seemed like such an easy connection. Cranna and Will Kalenath, Cranna dealt in arms, Will was a soldier. And all she had to do was deal with a Hutt. Expensive, but easy. Except these Ubese wouldn't let her in!

<You go> The Ubese in front of her was either being very obtuse or deliberately stalling her. Oreana sighed. She understood some Ubese, but had never been able to speak it. Her patience, never strong in the first place, finally snapped. Her eyes flashed as she summoned the Force. The three Ubese in front of her were swept off their feet and into a pile in the corner. She moved around the corner into the gloomy den that Cranna called home. She froze as the Force said she was in danger.

“Cranna? I just want to talk.” Faint words came in Huttese.

<Go away Sith, I have nothing to say to you.>

“I want to do business... Whoa.” She froze as she saw Cranna, the Hutt held the controls of a very heavy repeating blaster attached to her divan. The blaster’s aim point didn’t move from her torso. At that range it wouldn’t just kill her, but would blow a sizable hole in the side of the building. And maybe the building beyond as well. "I just want to talk, Cranna."

<Go> Cranna said again and Oreana slowly walked out. Then she pulled with the force and spun back into the room. The lights, toppled by her push, fell with a crash and the blaster moved away from the door, then came back to track her. But then she was in too close fro the gun to track and the Hutt let the blaster’s controls go limp. Oreana started to relax then froze as the Hutt drew a thermal detonator from a pouch. A push of a button and lights started to blink and a beeping noise was heard.

A dead Hutt switch, oh fierfek… Oreana shook her head, this Hutt was NOTHING like any other she had ever faced. The Sith held up her hands empty.

“Cranna, all I need to know is if you can contact someone for me.”

<I do not work for Sith>

“I understand. I need you to contact Will Kalenath.” Hutt physiology was very different from Human but she could have sworn she startled Cranna.

<So you can try to ambush him? He then blame me. I think not.>

“Red Star cantina, Coruscant, one week, tell him I need to talk.” She turned and walked out, conscious of the whine of the heavy blaster tracking her and the beeping of the thermal detonator. She didn’t relax until she reached the street. She made her way back to her ship and wondered.

Warrior Hutts? What’s next? A tame talking Hriss?
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01.11.2012 , 04:14 AM | #3
She entered the Red Star Cantina and felt eyes on her. Her black robes and lightsaber would give most pause, but… she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was walking into trouble, big trouble. She snarled at herself and walked to the bar. She waved to the bartender droid and when it arrived she ordered a Merenzane Gold. At 150 credits a glass, it was expensive as fisk, but… she savored the taste. She finished her drink and set the empty glass down on the bar along with a credit chip. Then she opened herself to the Force and froze. He was there, he was watching her. She looked around, but couldn’t see him. She waved the barkeep back over.

“Yes Mistress?” the barkeep asked, jubilant. Her last credit chip had included a very generous tip. Her voice was quiet, but the droid had no difficulty hearing her.

“I am supposed to meet someone here, but I don’t see him.” The droid hesitated, then spoke.

“We have many patrons. Could you describe the being you are to meet?”

“Human male, age about 35, black hair, green eyes, quiet.” At the last word the droid seemed to jump.

“Yes, Mistress, Booth seven, you are expected.” The droids words were mere formality, but a shiver ran down her spine nonetheless. She took her fear and used it to strengthen herself. She turned and slowly walked to the indicated booth. She smiled slightly as she realized it gave a view of almost the entire cantina. She moved the curtain aside then froze. He was sitting inside. His eyes held hers and his hands didn’t move from under the table. She nodded to him and sat, careful to keep her lightsaber where she could get at it quickly. As she sat, she heard a click. She froze. He spoke quietly. She could barely hear him; anyone any further away wouldn’t have a chance of overhearing without tech assistance or the Force.

“Anti-personnel laser mine. Focused detonation, anything beyond your immediate area is perfectly safe. You move, you go boom. And even a Sith can’t outrun that.” She nodded. “You wanted to talk?” She nodded again. “Talk.” His voice was cold and she licked her lips. She shook herself.

“I have been ordered to kill you.” He nodded as if he had expected that. She raised an eyebrow at his calm. He grinned slightly.

“You will find me a hard kill.” She nodded. “I am assuming that you do not have anything stupid like orbital fire support aimed at this cantina now. You wouldn’t get me. And the food here is good. Be a shame to destroy a place with good food.” She started as the curtain opened, but it was just a serving droid bearing two platters. “I ordered for us both.”

She cocked an eyebrow then sniffed appreciative at the plate. It smelled good. She looked at Will and he smiled thinly. He raised a fork, in his LEFT hand and took a bite. She shook her head and dug into her own food. It WAS good. Probably the best cantina meal she had eaten in a while. She finished her meal and sat back. Will, despite only using one hand, had already finished his and was watching her. She looked at him.

“You are right, the food is good. How is Ulaha?” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. She froze. Will looked at her, his expression inscrutable. Then he spoke and she relaxed a bit.

“She’s recovering. No long term degradation or impairment. She should bounce back, she’s young and tough.” The cold matter of fact description of the girl infuriated Oreana for a moment, and then she sighed.

“I’m glad.” Will looked at her.

“You came all this way, and sat down to a meal with me, to ask about her? I don’t think so.” His voice was, if anything, cooler.

“I wanted to say… Thank you for killing Sarianol. He was scum and well…” She broke off. He smiled grimly.

“I didn’t do it for you.” She smiled back.

“I came here, to thank you for that anyway and to see you again. When we leave here, I will hunt you down and kill you, no matter where you go. Nothing personal.” He nodded.

“I know. And I will kill you if I see you. Nothing personal." He laughs slightly "Part of me is worried, and part of me is exhilarated. Strange huh?” She grinned at his words.

“I feel the same way. It’s too bad we are on opposite sides of this. Maybe in another life I could have called you friend.” He grinned and spoke again.

“Or we would have wound up killing each other long before now.” She nodded, smiling at his words. He sighed and spoke again. “I am going to get up and walk to the refresher. Five minutes after I leave the mine will disarm. If you move before that…” He raised an eyebrow.

She smiled, she knew better. He got up and left the table. True to his word, exactly five minutes after he had gone the mine beeped and she felt the small device turn off. She stood up and left the cantina, saddened for some reason. Then she straightened her shoulders and faced her future.
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01.11.2012 , 04:15 AM | #4
“This is insane.” Oreana muttered to herself as she closed yet another series of leads. Four weeks she had been tracking Will Kalenath. Three times she had been close enough to sense him in the Force, once she was sure she had seen him, but couldn’t be absolutely sure, because he had been deep in shadows. She had been…distracted…by a group of thugs too stupid to know what black robes meant.

She had been in a bad mood that day, and she took it out on the thugs. The one survivor would report to all of his kind in the area to leave angry black robed people alone! She grimaced slightly. She had overreacted. The thugs couldn’t have killed her on their best day, which that hadn’t been. The idiots had actually thought that swarming a woman with a lightsaber was a good idea. And their blades hadn’t even been wrapped with cortosis! After the timeless moment of glorious surrender to the Force, she had come back to herself surrounded by corpses and sighed. What she had done had served no purpose. She could have scared them off easily enough. She wondered if she was being corrupted by the Dark side at last. Her master had warned her about the insidious pull of the Dark side and she agreed. All it took was one small step to fall into the embrace of either Light or Dark. She had seen too much of the Dark Side to be at all enamored with it. But…then there were moments like with the thugs when she felt…free… It didn’t feel wrong; it felt glorious to cut loose, to lose all inhibitions, to…

She broke off that line of thought and shook her head violently. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing as her Master had taught her. A few minutes later she opened them again. She thought back again. When she had finished with the thugs, she had gone to where the shadow had been and smiled slightly. Someone had been there. She was close, very close. But, he was always one step ahead. And now, the ship she was sure was his had jumped out of Correllian space on a heading that would take it the one place in the galaxy she couldn’t follow. Tython.

She snarled then sighed. She got up out of her command chair and moved to her mediation room. It still, even after all this time, smelled of Ulaha. She smiled slightly, and then noted to clean more. The young woman had been thorough in making a mess, not a part of the room had been unscathed by something excreted. She shook her head as she felt her eyes burn again. She dashed a hand across her face, and then sat to meditate.

A while later, she was jolted out of her mediation by a blow to her head. She sensed it at the last moment and spun off her knees into a ready stance. She blocked a strike that would have crippled her arm, and then counterattacked. She didn’t reach for her lightsaber or the Force, she didn’t need them. Her attack was parried and then she was in movement. She slid as graceful as a Mon Calamari in water behind her opponent and rapped him solidly on the back of his skull. He knelt. She walked around in front of him again and she hid a smile at his expression. He kept hoping to best her, and maybe, someday he would. She always gave him even odds, no lightsaber or Force powers, but he was learning. Someday he would be an exceptional fighter. She nodded to him and he stood and left the room. Kra’tuc stood just inside the door and moved aside as the other left.

“Thank you for not killing him, Mistress.” She winced at his words.

“I wouldn’t kill your son, Kra’tuc.” He didn’t move and she sighed. Many Sith Lords and Ladies wouldn’t hesitate to do just that to anything they saw as weak. “He is good.”

“Not good enough.” Oreana smiled at the alien’s tart rejoinder. Then she sobered.

“I’m not exactly the easiest of opponents, my friend, you know this.” He nodded reluctantly. “I am also not the best of teachers.” She sighed again. Understatement of the millennia. She had no idea at all how she did some of the things she did. They just…happened. Kra’tuc looked at her.

“Have you found a new path?” She nodded, and then sat. He sat near her.

“We cannot go to Tython.” Kra’tuc nodded. “He won’t stay there though. The problem is that he can go almost anywhere from Tython. We need to have some idea where to transit…” She broke off as he flinched.

“Mistress…” She cut him off with a wave.

“You will need to take are of the ship while I am in deep meditation. I have no idea how long I will be under.” Kra’tuc shook his great head in denial. “Kra’tuc… We have to do this. If we don’t, the Emperor will be unhappy.” Both winced. Then she sighed.

“And if we do manage this… His friends will hunt and kill us, and I don’t see any way to avoid that.” The alien looked at her, fear written all over his alien features. She shook her head. “If it turns out we cannot complete this assignment, for whatever reason…I know of some safe places we can put your family.” He froze in shock.

“Mistress…” She handed him a keycard. He stared at it.

“Go and take care of the ship, Kra’tuc.” There was no mistaking the bite of command in her voice and he left, staring at her, then at the key. Then he was gone. She slumped. Then she assumed meditative posture again and focused deep within herself.
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01.11.2012 , 04:17 AM | #5
<Out of time and space>

Oreana moved through her vision and wondered what was wrong. Every time before she had attempted this, her master had been there, ready to assist her. But now her Master was dead, killed by a Jedi. It had been a fair fight, as much as such ever were, and truth be told, she didn’t mourn her Master. He had been a hard drinking, hard hitting, womanizing scoundrel. But he had never touched her. He had…other means of punishment available to him. She snarled for a moment, then shook her head and focused. This was no time for aberrant thoughts. She moved through the vision, seeing thing that might happen, and… she froze. Her jaw dropped as she saw her master, in Jedi robes… She shook her head.

A possible future, it must be, but…he…he’s young…who is that…? She watched with wide eyes as a young woman bowed to her master and then froze as the flash of her master’s green lightsaber cut the woman down. She watched as he took a bundle from the slain woman’s arms and as the woman’s head fell over limp she saw her own features! NO! She screamed and suddenly…

Oreana came back to herself coughing. A gentle hand held her upright and she accepted the cup that was held to her. The drink tasted good. She sipped slowly, trying to come to grips with what she had seen. Her Master had always said that the Force flowed as it would, never to ones complete satisfaction. She looked up into Kra’tuc’s worried eyes.

“You screamed Mistress.” She nodded, soberly.

“I saw something that disturbed me greatly.” She sighed. “I need to go back in. I need to see where to go.” Kra’tuc shook his head.

“You need to rest first, Mistress.” She shook her head, and then slumped as the sedative he had mixed into the drink took effect. He gathered her in his arms and took her to her bed. As he laid her gently out, he thought.

I hope, Mistress that you did not see what I think you saw, please, By the Force, let it not be so… He removed her boots and covered her with a light sheet, then left the stateroom. Only then did he weep.

When Oreana woke, she lay quiet for some time, trying to make sense of what she had seen. Force visions were odd things. Sometimes they showed the past, sometimes possible futures. Sometimes they showed the present, or a possible present. She shook her head. It wasn’t important. What was important was that she had a job to do. She got up, pulled her boots on and walked to the galley. She ate the meal that had been left for her and then she walked to the meditation chamber. Kra’tuc stood by the door, waiting for her. She stopped as she felt something odd in his Force sense. Fear, sadness, determination…pity? She looked at him and he sighed. She shook her head.

“Another time perhaps, we have work to do.” She felt his relief and then she was through the door. The room had been cleaned thoroughly while she slept and no traces of Ulaha could be smelled. There was a faint trace of her Force sense, but it was nothing Oreana couldn’t ignore. She sank back into her trance.
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01.11.2012 , 04:20 AM | #6
Ulaha woke screaming. Again. She curled in on herself and then slowly and carefully relaxed. She shook her head and surveyed the walls of the cell that surrounded her. She wasn’t a prisoner, per say, but…she wasn’t allowed out without supervision either. She sat and shook her head.

I do not understand.

When she had first returned, everything had seemed the same. But she was different. The other Jedi treated her with respect, but… She had come to the Enclave a year after her brother. She had been examined at the same time as him, but she had been less than a year old. Even Jedi balked at such a young Twi'lek child in training, no matter how proud her parents had apparently been. Not that she remembered them, she barely remembered her first master, a kindly Omorr named Ju-Sal. He had been weak and sick, but very kind to her. After her master had finally passed on, she had been left adrift. She didn’t blame her master. Age and illness were foes that no Jedi could win against forever. The other Jedi, and especially Master Jina and Vandar, had been kind. Even after she had made such a fool of herself in that episode with Will Kalenath. But now she was tainted, somehow. They couldn’t identify it, or diagnose it, but she felt it. It seeped through her being, and suffused every breath. It wasn’t the dark side… She was sure of that, and Master Jina agreed. Ulaha had sequestered herself to try and make sense of what she felt; but now, all she saw in the Force were nightmares. She shook her head, trying to clear it. Her thoughts broke off as the door to her cell opened. She smiled as she saw Nia standing there looking concerned. Nia was staying in a nearby cell, both to keep an eye on Ulaha and to further her own studies. Nia entered slowly and sat in front of the Twilek. The human woman spoke.

“The same nightmare or another?” Ulaha shook her head. She had been having nightmares, almost unheard of in a Jedi, for almost a week.

“A different one, a Jedi cutting down a woman in cold blood. A woman that looked like her!” Nia nodded; no need to ask who. Ulaha rarely thought of anyone else. “But…” Ulaha broke off. Nia waited and finally Ulaha continued. “It was a vision, it didn’t make sense. It didn’t feel like the present or the future, it felt like the past.”

Nia looked at her and Ulaha flushed. “I know I’m not objective, but…Somehow I am sure that man was a fallen Jedi. I think I would recognize him in the archives.” Nia arced an eyebrow and Ulaha shrugged. “You can shepherd me, make sure I don’t do anything…wrong.” Nia looked at her then nodded. They stood together. “Maybe I am just going crazy.”

“You are not going crazy Ulaha, but…if anyone has a right to, after what you went through, you do.” Nia’s voice was kind and, driven by an impulse she couldn't explain, the younger Jedi hugged the older one gratefully. Nia returned it. Nia opened the door and deactivated the droid that stood watch. They made their way up towards the Library.
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01.11.2012 , 04:21 AM | #7
Nia sat and watched as Ulaha scrutinized the records. She had hoped that getting the young girl out of the cell would shake her out of the, well…funk was the best term, she was in. She watched as Ulaha flew through the records that the Jedi Order kept of Fallen Jedi. For obvious reasons, that information never left the Library, but… it made sense for the Jedi to know their opponents. Nia froze as Ulaha hissed. She stood up and walked over to where Ulaha was scrutinizing a certain image. It wasn’t anyone Nia knew. The record stated his name was Brakon Darshiel, and had vanished thirty years before. He was listed as dead, killed by… Nia froze. Killed by Jedi Jina Darkstorm. Ulaha turned a stricken face to her.

“That’s him?” Nia asked quietly. And Ulaha nodded. Nia sighed. “We need to think on this, but for now, you need exercise, and I need training.” Ulaha grimaced. Nia grasped the Twileks hands in hers and pulled. “Up with you, come on. If I can take the humiliation, you can at least take the running.” Ulaha grinned and rose. They walked out of the library and headed for the Training Area.

When they arrived at the Training Area, they found a chamber readied for them. The Jedi in charge handed Nia two training lightsabers and then left them alone. Nia glanced at Ulaha and then at another room. She grinned and Ulaha smiled sourly, stripped off her outer robes, folded them neatly and put them in a locker near the door. She started towards the obstacle course that was the Jedi’s idea of a track. Nia watched as Ulaha started her run, and then moved to her own chamber. The door hissed open and She smiled as she saw Jedi Master Jina sitting inside.

“You had us under observation.” She said quietly as she walked in. Jina looked at her.

“With the Force, one doesn’t need tech.” Nia just looked at her and Jina smiled slightly. “All right, yes, she is under observation while she is here. And you know why.” Nia nodded, sad. She did. Ulaha refused treatment for her inner problems, saying only that she trusted the Force.

“All I sense in her is bewilderment, and the faint trace of the Dark side.” Nia sat in formal position and waited.

“I know.” Jina’s voice was quiet. “Are you ready?” She asked quietly. Nia stood, her training blade reversed in Shien form. Then Jina attacked.

An hour later, Ni and Jina left the training chamber. Nia limped. Jina looked as fresh as she had going in, except for one small scorch mark on her left sleeve.

“I don’t know why I let you and Dad talk me into this.” Ni said quietly as they both took a drink of water.

“Nia. You carry a lightsaber. You should know how to use it.” Nia grimaced at the teasing tone that entered Jina’s voice.
“I don’t understand. I can block blaster bolts fine, why should I try to master so many forms I am never likely to use? If I face a Sith, I’d use a blaster or a grenade.”

“Nia.” Jina’s voice was hard now and Nia looked at her. “You can block bolts from a remote very well, yes. Would you care to face your DAD’S shooting?” Nia winced.

“No.” Her voice was subdued.

“Smart girl. And…Hm…Draw your blaster.”

“What?” Nia asked dumbfounded. She saw in her peripheral vision all of the Jedi in the room move, to cover? Jina waited. Nia drew her blaster, set it for low power and then jumped to cover herself. She fired on the moved but… reflected bolts struck her halfway to her chosen point. She looked at her training armor. It was scorched at the chest, abdomen and… she winced. Her visor had taken a hit dead center. She slumped. Jina spoke, not unkindly.

“Nia, your good, no question, but there is one truism you need to learn. If you face a lightsaber without one, or without a lot of experience and planning, you are generally going to lose.” A loud clapping came from the door and both turned to see Will standing there.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself Jina.” Nia stared at him. “What? You think I expect to face Jedi or Sith on even terms and win? Nia! You know better than that.” He grinned at her, then at Jina. Then he sobered. “We need to talk.”
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01.11.2012 , 04:23 AM | #8

Oreana flowed through the Force again. It reacted, oddly, to her. Always before it had flowed in currents and eddies; now it seemed to be moving. But she wasn’t. She could feel it, almost taste it, but nothing came to her. She sighed, and then opened herself fully to it. She became…

She came awake suddenly, knowing without seeing the Kra’tuc stood behind her with a sword drawn. She waited. He didn’t move. She turned her head and looked at him, his blade was drawn yes, but… it wasn’t poised to kill her. She was on her feet instantly. She stared into his eyes and held him motionless with the Force.

“Forgive me, Mistress.” He choked out, he had inclined the blade so it would kill him cleanly; she moved close and took the sharp edge in her hand. She ignored the pain and pulled it away from his body. He couldn’t resist. She smiled sadly, and then took the blade from his nerveless hands, and then she released him. He slumped to the floor. She stared at the notched ancient vibroblade, then threw it away and sat beside him.

“Why?” She asked quietly. He didn’t answer. She took his hideous jaw in her hands and inclined his head to face her. “Who gave you that evil blade?”

“Master Brakon.” Of all the things he could have said, that, she had not expected. Her eyes widened and she sat back in shock. Her old Master had been many things; generous was not one of them.

“Master Brakon gave you that blade?” She asked in a quiet voice. He nodded. She stood, and examined the sword as closely as she could without touching it. Then she froze.

It can’t be… It was destroyed… But it was exactly as the records described it. A old style vibrosword with a notched edge and a STRONG feeling of the dark side about it. She murmured to herself.

“Adjunta Pall’s sword… the sword that destroyed him. I thought Revan broke it.” She felt rather than saw Kra’tuc rise, but he didn’t move otherwise. She turned to him, putting her back to the sword, even with the creeping sensation that ran up and down her spine, she knew it was still dangerous. She waved towards the door and Kra’tuc went without complaint. She closed and locked the hatch behind her, sighing in relief as the dark feelings dispersed a bit. She walked to the galley and was unsurprised to find all of Kra’tuc’s small clan assembled. She nodded.

“You cannot remain on the ship, Kra’tuc. I know where I have to go and what I have to do.” She felt disbelief from them all, and hurried to finish. “I know why you did what you did. He gave you no choice, just as he gave me none.” Kra’tuc bowed again. “Take the aft escape pod, its ready to go. You can reach Talus easily. Don’t go anywhere near the Sith base there, they would recognize you. Live free my friends.” They looked at her. “GO! I…” She broke off, and bowed her head. She felt rather than saw the others leave, Kra’tuc remained. She looked up and his eyes were streaming tears that seemed to glow green.

“Mistress, please…” He broke off as she looked at him. She shook her head. She threw her arms around him, hugged him tight, and then stepped back. He straightened as her face took on a stern cast.

“Leave now, while you can.” He looked at her again, then bowed deeply and left the room. A few minutes later she heard the clank as the escape pod separated. Only then did she bow her head and cry.

I am sorry last of the Massassi but where I go, you cannot follow… Be well, my friend. She turned and left the galley, heading for the bridge. And her destiny.
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<Later that day, Talus>

Oreana landed at the Sith base on Talus and the base commander came hurrying up as she left the ship. If he was curious about the item she held in her hands he kept his curiosity hidden. She knew her face bore a scowl, but at the moment she didn’t care. She was too busy trying to hold the dark side energies of the sword in check. The commander bowed to her and she acknowledged him with a nod.

“I need a plasma projector.” She said without preamble and he recoiled, but then nodded. He waved to one of his troopers and the trooper came forward. She nodded to the trooper. Then she spoke to the commander.

“Get back.” Her cold tone made him actually jump. She undid the bundle in her hands, keeping a careful piece of fabric between her and the handle. Several of the Sith troops stepped back against their will as the dark side flowed off the exposed blade. Then, quick as thought she threw the blade. It stuck in one of the concrete walls of the hanger. She looked to the trooper.

“See the sword, blast it, full power.” The trooper looked at her and Oreana nodded, her scowl a scarier sight than any rictus of rage. The trooper took aim and fired. The huge glob of plasma that erupted from the end of the trooper’s weapon sent a wave of heat through Oreana’s limbs, almost erasing the cold that had seeped in. Then the glob hit the wall and part of the duracrete structure disintegrated as raw plasma hit cold matter. A horrendous screech was heard. The wall was pitted, but the sword was still there, damaged, but still there.

“Keep firing.” Oreana commanded. The trooper maintained a steady rate of fire, not enough to overheat her weapon, but more than enough to heat the surrounding area to uncomfortable levels. Finally, all that remained of the sword was a pool of glowing metal. “Cease fire.” On her command the trooper stopped firing, then slid out the power pack and slid a new one in. Oreana looked at the trooper and nodded in satisfaction. This trooper knew what she was doing. The base commander came up again.

“Lady Oreana what has happened?” He froze as she turned and looked at him.

“We just destroyed a very dangerous trap. That was an ancient Sith sword, and a trap; for me and anyone else stupid enough to pick it up. Have a droid pick up the remains, and have them shot into the sun.” He nodded.

“I will also need at least one squad of crack troops and as many war droids as you can spare.” His eyes widened. She leaned close and spoke quietly.

“I believe the trap was the first move in an attempt to depose the Emperor.” The Base commander’s eyes widened, then his face got hard. He nodded. He spun to his subordinates and started barking orders. She stood, trying with all of her focus to stop shivering.
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Ulaha woke shivering. For a moment she didn’t know where she was. Then her eyes focused on the ceiling and the concerned featured of Nolikas. She smiled weakly and the Healer nodded back.

“What happened?” She asked; her voice weak.

“You were halfway through your run when you collapsed. Jina could not rouse you so they brought you here. Why didn’t you say something Ulaha?”

“What?” The Twilek asked quietly as Nolikas face took a sad aspect.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were force bonded to this Sith?” Ulaha looked at her, rigid with shock.

What?” She asked loudly, and then coughed. Nolikas touched her on the shoulder and a wave of warmth spread through her body. Ulaha shook her head. “I…I’m not…I can’t be…”

“You are.” Nolikas said quietly but Ulaha shook her head stubbornly.

“She wouldn’t have done that, she’s not Dark.” Nolikas shook her bulbous head and sighed.

“Whether she planned it or not, the fact is, she is bonded to you, and whatever she has been doing recently, has been pouring dark side energy into you. We can shield you, to some extent, but…” She broke off. Ulaha sighed.

“You can’t cure it.” It wasn’t a question, but another voice spoke up. Jina came into Ulaha’s field of view.

“No we can’t. But, we can stop it.” Ulaha’s eyes widened. The only way to do that, according to the records…! She screamed.

No! I won't let you kill her!” She sat up, ignoring Nolikas’ trying to calm her and tried to swing her feet off of the bed. Something touched her on the shoulder and she was falling. She looked into Nia’s eyes, and then darkness claimed her.

Nia watched, tears flowing, as the two Jedi put Ulaha back into the bed. Then she turned and left the room. As she walked she felt a presence fall in beside her. She walked in silence with her dad. They reached Nia’s cell and stopped.

“What can we do?” Nia asked quietly when her father didn’t speak. He looked at her and his face was bleak.

“There is nothing you can do. We don’t even know where she is going, or what she is doing. I'll find her though. Or she will find me. My contacts say she…well…She hadn’t left Correllian space three days ago when I last checked, but I will check again on my way through.” Nia looked at him. He met her gaze calmly.

“Dad.” He shook his head and turned to leave. She hugged him tight, and then let him go. He hugged her, then turned and left without a backward glance. She sat in her cell and cried. She knew he liked the Sith woman, that was obvious, what was also obvious was that now he would kill her. To save the life of a Padawan.
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