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Preorders my concerns and thoughts WTB Mod reply

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Preorders my concerns and thoughts WTB Mod reply

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12.14.2011 , 07:11 AM | #1
Dear Mods at Bioware / EA

I will start this post by explaining why i have wrote this post, i know alot of people in forums will reply to this as a whine post and tbh it is a whining post in some degrees but i think still valid points. So please read the whole post before jumping on the flame wagon.

This is about the preorders and how they have been taken and how they have been handled, and maybe its not the same for me as every other person but thats the point of a forum post, not to explain a problem or solution based on everyone's opinion but to explain it from your own point of view. So anyhow this is mine on with the rant.

I feel Bioware/EA have handled the preorders poorly - (which is a better choice of words than most) - , in their heads i can see why it makes sense, but thats purly from a numbers point of view not a consumers point of view, yes their are ALOT of people who preordered and want into the early access, and also yes they have let in more people already then any intial early acess has, to say they have let in more people than any mmo has at launch i think is abit far fetched, specially since they wont say how many are in atm, i know rift from launched hit over 700,000 subs for instant and i dont think SWToR has already let in that many people. I do kinda see where they are coming from but then also i don't, as this isnt Trion or Funcom this is from EA/Bioware which is one of the only companies to rival Activision in terms of IPs and sales, so to think that they aint got the extra money to throw alot of servers up from the get go is a complete and utter lie.

May i also point out that EA had BF3 launch last last month, a game that also took million or maybe slightly more than that at preorder, which would make me think EA would plan to have alot of spare server space sitting and waiting for both these games as they pretty much are back to back releases.

Also, i dunno about the rest but i know a few would of preorder directly from Origin - (which is wot i did) - now on origin they charged me a extra 5 for a preorder, and this was the digital standard edtion not CE this really did tick me off, sorry i dont see how you even thought a preorder fee on a standard digital edition is fair, preorders are for retails who want to make sure they can make up for some of the money lost from purchasing CE before they take ur money, and this should only be for big CE's which dont have just virtual items but real books maps and other stuff which u can hold in ur hand and go "oooo" but to be charge for a digital product makes no sense, as tbh it isnt a real product - (people can argue this but its just symantics) - , i say its not a real product as you are only getting data, there isnt someone who has to package it then ship it, its piped over the net onto ur harddrive so to be charged extra seems a joke, it make more sense if my ISP charged me 5 for the bandwidth more than EA charging me so i can make sure my digital copy is there for me, which is the same copy that anyone buys but its pretty much copipasta to people over the net.

Anyhow back to the preorder queue, look i said i kinda get it, staggered release is a safer release, which i can understand but i think what is annoying most of the people if the lack of response from you guys about it, we aint asking for a Bioware rep to email all of us telling us when we get acess but it be nice to recive some sort of roughish timeline, i mean if it is by a queue from when you preordered it then tell us when about we might get acess based on preorder dates, so for example if someone preorder inbetween sept to october they can execpt to see a email around friday or wotever, but i can say for sure it will stop a lot of people worrying / moaning / nerdraging, and tbh this is all we want which is to be kept in the loop, coz Bioware you have a plan this much we all have worked out, but i think its fair to say that this plan should be explained in more detail to the rest of us waiting because as you have stated their a lot more people in this early access than any other MMO to this date.

But alas when we do get some sort of group reply its more vague than helpful. Look as i said this isnt meant to be a whinathon post, i am just slightly annoyed with how this is going so far and disppointed from the lack of response. Myself all i am asking for is more info on how these email waves work that is all, i aint demanding access now and i aint demanding or threatening a refund. I just would like to be kept in the loop specially since you have took my preorder fee and tbh according to my bank account the full 40 for the game - (which is amazingly bad, i hope you know that if you have already charged most people for the game it means you have broke your own street date so any retail can or could ship their copys now - as leaking a copy of a game early doesnt apply but take someone's money for it then you have released the game - maybe it just my bank being weird and it says the money has gone but really it hasnt i dunno).

Their rant done, i hope i can get a response, as i have also emailed bioware this and used twitter as no offense to people on this forum, you might know quite abit about swtor, but tbh i rather have it from the horses mouth than from "somerandomdudeontheforumxxxx" comment, this isn't going to stop alot of you tho i know, but if you agree with wot i am saying even if not fully just reply agree or /signed or something you think you can add, tbh if u want to flame me also go for it, it keeps the topic at the top of the forum, but i will be bumping to make sure it stays near the top, until Bioware reply via email twitter or on this topic, or even via a announcement or whatever. - (tbh bioware you cud buy me off by just sending me my key but that is the only way to stop me from being a pester until i get some-sort of reply which isnt vague) -

Peace out still love SWToR and cant wait to start, just as i said i feel slightly let down

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12.14.2011 , 07:27 AM | #2
Origin IS overpriced, dont buy it there, questioning why would only give you headache, buy from local retailer, atleast thats what ive done, and its defo cheaper.