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The Binding Ties of Family Act1: The Un-Chosen Family (REPOST)

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The Binding Ties of Family Act1: The Un-Chosen Family (REPOST)

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01.10.2012 , 11:01 AM | #1
Hello Everyone. This a re-post of the first Act of a story arc I created before the Forums went down and everything was wiped. I hope people enjoyed it the first time around and I hope you will enjoy it again.

Once again I'd like to state that any characters that are not my creation are used with the expressed permission of kaleneth.

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01.10.2012 , 11:04 AM | #2
Chapter 1: Jayson's Introduction

It was one of those days where you think everything is going right only to then find out it was just an illusion. Three different kids from two different backgrounds get thrown into a world they wanted no part of. And now, they have no way to escape it.

Jayson was not your common street thug from Nar Shaddaa. For one thing, he was wanted by Mailto the Hutt for supposedly strangling and killing three of Malito's henchmen who were trying to collect "taxes" from people around his neighbourhood. While that wasn't bad enough, Jayson was also wanted for breaking and entering government buildings as well as stealing items from stores and people and fencing them for credits. You'd think that he would've been caught by now but Jayson was very good at hiding. In fact, he was so good that sometimes the people that were chasing him would just run by him and not even see him when he was standing right there. This didn't bother Jayson too much, but it did intrigue him enough to see how often he could do it. Also, when someone did catch him, he was able to convince them that he didn't do what they said he did...if they had no video proof that is. Again, he didn't know how he was able to do this, but it worked to his advantage so he didn't question it.

Jayson's attire made him look like a normal street thug usually. Torn shirt and pants, tattered coat and big boots. He usually liked to wear darker colours, just so he could move in the shadows easier. He had lived this way for almost ten years, ever since his family abandoned him and left Nar Shaddaa. Since then he made his own way on the street, sometimes even working with gangs before disappearing to another portion of Nar Shaddaa.

Jayson wasn't your common street thug. Whenever he had to kill someone, which he made sure wasn't all that often, he'd only do it as a last resort. The three men he had killed that worked for Mailto were trying to extract their own version of "compensation" from people when they couldn't pay what Mailto called "taxes." Jayson, even as hard as he tried, couldn't walk away from something like that and the people he helped never got a chance to thank him because he always seemed to disappear before anyone saw who saved them. Soon rumours got spread around that there was some sort of Jedi avenger on the streets of Nar Shadda, killing for the innocent, and risking a fall to the Dark Side and they called him "Shadow."

"The Shadow just saved me from Malito's goons." you could hear being said at the local Cantinas. "He killed the man and then vanished."

Of course, whenever Jayson heard these stories he simply smiled to himself.
"If they want to think it's a Jedi, who am I to argue?" is what he would think to he was lifting someone's wallet out of their pocket before "vanishing" into the shadows. A thief, he was but he did have morals...of a sort.

Like any other day, this one was typical life for Jayson. Most of his time would be spent dodging Malito’s goons, killing the, if they were bothering someone; ducking in and out of shadows to avoid being caught. Some days he would break into home, stealing whatever he could or pick pocketing any poor should that got close to him. And then there was fencing what he could in the back room of his favourite Cantina before buying himself something to eat and drink. If he had only stayed away from the Cantina on this day, he would never have been caught up in what was about to happen.

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01.10.2012 , 11:06 AM | #3
Chapter 2: Chase and Mila's Introduction

Only a few blocks away from where Jayson was accustomed to sit and eat and drink, there was the usual rabble of people. Only today of all days, there was a fight going on and the prize...55 credits. Chase, a rather non-descript looking young man except for his shaved head, was very close to losing a fight and losing the only way to feed himself and his sister for the first time in three days. His sister, Mila, was standing in the crowd watching the fight, so nervous for her brother that she was shaking. Chase had been beaten down to one knee by what could only be described as a skinny elephant walking on two legs.

Mila was so close to crying. Her brother was beaten and bleeding and could barely hold his hands up to defend himself. Soon, Mila started to feel calmer. Her eyes focused only on her brother and she felt hazy.

Soon Chase began to feel slightly strange as well. He still had control over all his senses but he felt stronger somehow. He looked at his gargantuan opponent and saw an opening in which to strike. Chase, jumping to his feet and balling his fist so tight his knuckles cracked he let loose with a punch straight into the other man's chest, causing him to stagger backwards and then fall. No thinking was required, Chase ran over and started to pummel the man, slamming his fists into the man's face several times before someone pulled Chase off and handed him the money.

Chase looked around and finally spotted Mila, who was smiling at him and running to
support him as he slumped, exhausted from the fight. Putting an arm around him for support, Mila was able to help her brother walk for a while before he regained enough strength. Chase looked at Mila and smiled.

"Well, we can at least eat for two nights on this." he stated proudly. "But after that, I'll need to find another fight."

Mila shook her head and gave him a look that said he shouldn't be fighting and Chase just smiled at her.

"Sis, this is the only way we're ever going to survive. The other way is for you to do...'things'...and I'm not going to let that happen." Chase looked into his mute sister's eyes as he spoke, seeing her unspoken hero worship and merely shook his head.
"Hero's don't go hungry for days on end, Sis." he stated. Chase smiled, wrapped his arm around his sister's shoulders, and started to walk towards a Cantina, so happy they were that they were get to eat tonight, that they didn't notice the two men, dressed like Malito's henchmen, watching them...more specifically...watching Mila, and following them to the Cantina.

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01.10.2012 , 11:19 AM | #4
Chapter 3: Coming Together

Jayson, sitting close to the back door of the Cantina, looked up from his meal as the front door opened. He blinked a couple of times when he saw Mila enter, accompanied by her brother. He'd never seen them in this place before. He watched them approach the bar and sit before attempting to return to his meal, when the door opened again. Looking up he saw the two men who had been watching Chase and Mila enter noticing where their eyes were focused.

Jayson sighed and shook his head, trying to ignore what he knew was going to happen but there was a little thing in the back of his head that talked to him, saying he had to help if those goons made a move.

"No rest for the wicked." Jayson whispered to himself. He tried to look like he wasn't watching and continued to eat his food. The goons sat at a table away from the bar, always looking over their shoulders at the two new people sitting there.

Chase and Mila, so hungry they didn't notice the men following them, ordered the first thing that sounded good. Surprisingly it only cost them 15 credits to get their food and drinks. Not about to argue, Chase and Mila took their food, thanking the bartender, and went to a booth to sit down. Mila, so hungry, started to eat right away. Chase waited, watching her, more concerned for her than for himself. She didn't know it, but he hadn't eaten in a lot longer time than she had. Every time he had found some food he pretended to have eaten and gave it all to her.(comma) He was surviving by sheer force of will.
Once Mila looked full and happy, Chase started on his meal. He tried to eat slowly, to look like he had eaten recently. Again, though sheer force of will, Chase maintained his composure and finished his meal before pushing his plate away. Jayson, watching this from the back knew if they left there would be no way he'd be able to help them. Discreetly he motioned for the waitress to get Chase and Mila a desert and hands her a credit chip for the price and a tip.

The waitress nodded to Jayson and slipped him her address and a contact information with a heart around it. Chuckling, he put it in his pocket and slowly slipped out the back. Soon after, the waitress, pushing out the kitchen door brings Chase and Mila each a desert, letting them know it’s on the house and already taken care of. Completely confused, Chase and Mila watch as the waitress walks away slowly, looking around the room.

It was Chase who spotted them first. The men that had followed them into the cantina looked away too quickly when Chase's eyes roamed over them. Something in his mind told Chase that it was time for him and Mila to leave, but Mila had already started on her desert and, knowing how hungry she was, Chase didn't have the heart to stop her. He started to eat his own, always looking over his shoulder at the two men, who seemed to be talking animatedly to one another, not to notice Chase and Mila anymore.
Outside, Jayson moved through the dark alley behind the cantina, knowing that if he didn’t hurry, that girl he saw in the cantina would be taken and her companion likely killed or taken as well. Jayson looked around quickly and through the darkness saw a ledge just above the alley. As quickly as he could he climbed up to the ledge and crouched there, taking out his only weapon, a long piece of rope, which he quickly fastened into two nooses. Leaning back more into the shadows, Jayson watched the entrance somehow knowing his help will be needed before this night is done.

Inside, Chase and Mila finally finished their desert and were getting ready to leave. Chase, keeping his eyes on the two men who had been watching them, before heading to the door and opening it for Mila. Waiting until Mila exits, Chase follows close behind. The two men stand from their table and make their way out, quietly sticking to the shadows as they follow the brother and sister. They watch them, trying to see when to strike and take them both.

Hearing the footsteps behind them, Chase and Mila turn and start down the alley where Jayson was not moments before. The men following begin to walk faster, their hurried footsteps tipping off Chase who turns, looking at the men.

"We have no money!" Chase states. "Robbing us would get you nothing!"

Chuckling, both men and draw stun pistols from their coats.
"And who said we were going to rob you?" The taller man asks with a smile, showing his rotten teeth.

"Maybe we just want to have your little friend there." Crooking a finger, the other man motions towards Mila, his smile showing something more sinister in his eyes.

Chase, moving directly in front of his sister and crouching into a fighting stance, readied himself for attack. Laughing, the two men shake their heads and raise their stun pistols, taking aim at Chase.

"Boy," the taller one starts. "This will go much better if you just give up now."
Chase rushed the men just as they fired their stun pistols, the pulses hitting Chase hard, throwing him to the ground, his consciousness fading.

Turning, the two men the two men advanced towards Mila. The shorter one with the sinister eyes gets close to her while the taller one starts to go through Chase's pockets, snickering to himself about all the money they're going to be paid for these two. The shorter man, cracking his knuckles, sneered at Mila as he advanced. But then he was taken completely taken by surprise as a noose came down out of nowhere and tightened around his throat. A small, choking gag emitted from his throat as the noose then yanked him up into the shadows above the alley, his scream muffled by his own cut off windpipe, struggled only for a moment his body went limp.

The taller man, having not seen this, stood up from Chase's limp body and looked around, seeing only Mila standing there, shaking and scared. Levelling his stun pistol at Mila, he thumbed the power level, increasing it, knowing if he hit the girl, it would be fatal.
"WHERE IS HE" The man yelled at Mila. "TELL ME OR I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU!"
From the shadows above him the man heard a voice that was calmly angry.

"I would not say such things if I were you." The voice spoke from just above the man before a noose dropped down around his neck before dragged him up into the darkness.

Struggling longer, he suffered the same fate as his friend, left dangling in the air, dead.

Jayson, dropping, down out of the shadows, looked at Mila, offering his hand to her in calm manner.

"I won't harm you, Missy." He said calmly. "But if we don't go now, there will be more people here than we have to deal with."

Mila, looking from Jayson to Chase's body on the ground and rushed over to check if he was dead and looked back at Jayson with a pleading look in her eyes. Walking to her, Jayson nodded and knelt down beside Chase and lifted his prone body over his shoulder and stood up.

"C'mon," Jayson said to Mila, looking towards the front of the alley. "We need to go."
Nodding, Mila followed behind Jayson as he ran to the back of the alley, the three of them disappearing into the shadows.

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01.10.2012 , 11:43 AM | #5
Chapter 4: Listen to the Drunk

It was several hours later when Chase finally opened his eyes to find himself in a strange bedroom. He felt the cold compress on his head and then slowly sat up, looking around at the strange room. Through the small window, Chase could tell it had to be at least early morning. When he finally remembered what happened to him the night before, he started to look around franticly for his sister, not seeing her in the small room. It was then that he heard the voice in the other room through the small crack in the door.

Chase got out of the bed and slowly moved to the door, opening it carefully and stepping out into the short, dark hallway. Keeping his pace slow and cautious, Chase walked towards the voice, who was apparently talking with someone that wasn't responding. Finding his way to the kitchen, Chase stopped short at the door, peering in, seeing Mila and Jayson, smiling and talking. Hearing the shuffling feet behind them, Mila looked over, turning to see Chase. Her chair clattering back, Mila rushed over to Chase, hugging him tightly, almost squeezing the life out of him. Chase reacted in kind, wrapping his arms around Mila, holding her tightly, relieved that she's alright.

Chase looked around and saw the source of the voice; a man who was sitting...with his arm around the back of Mila's chair and a rather broad smile on his face. Already, Chase did not like the look of this guy. Mila turned back to Jayson and then looked at Chase, the look in her eyes telling Chase that it was Jayson who saved them.

Chase looks from his sister to Jayson, quirking an eyebrow curiously.

"My sister tells me..." Chase began, addressing Jayson. "That we have you to thank for our rescue."

Jayson leans back in his chair, a small smirk on his face as he watched Chase watch him, knowing that look all too well.

"That's right." Jayson responded. "You're welcome. Now, if you don't mind, stop trying to stare me down. It never works."

Chase just looked at Jayson for a moment and then to Mila.

"Are you okay, Mila?" Chase asked, looking concerned.

Looking up at Chase, Mila smiled. It was a smile he had never seen on her face before. He knew she was alright. But there was something else in her eyes. Something he had never seen before...and he didn't like it. Looking from Mila to Jayson, Chase saw the same look in Jayson's eyes as well and sighed softly to himself.

"Mila," Chase began as Jayson stood, interrupting him.

"If you're thinking of going, like Mila said you would," Jayson started. "That wouldn't be the best thing to be doing right about now."

Chase's head turned to Jayson, suspicion written all over his face.

"First off," Chase began, not even trying to not sound offensive. "Who the hell are you? Second, how the hell do you know that wouldn't be a good thing?"

Jayson chuckled softly and walked over, offering his hand, which Chase didn’t accept. Shaking his head, Jayson responded with a calm tone.

"The name is Jayson. And that's a fine way to talk to the person who saved your *** and your sister's virtue by hanging two men. And I know it's not a good idea because, by now, those bodies will have been discovered, the security holos checked, our faces seen, and people will be looking for the three of us."

Mila moved back from Chase, looking at him as if to say that she believed Jayson to be right. All Chase could do was shake his head and look from Mila to Jayson.

"If they're looking for us," Chase began, starting to pace. "Won't they search everywhere? Including this..."quaint" little apartment of yours, Jayson? I mean, shouldn't we keep on the move?" Chase's tone was all but friendly. And now Jayson started to take exception to his tone.

"Look, Chase, " Jayson began, starting to get angry. "The only way this is going to work, is if we get out of here together. If you two go, you won't make it five blocks before you're picked up by...someone. And they could be much worse than those goons from last night."

"ANYONE is better than you with the way you're looking at my sister!" Chase almost yelled towards Jayson, balling up his fists like he was getting ready for a fight.

Jayson moved in closer, getting almost nose to nose with Chase as Mila backed away from them both, looking mildly annoyed with the two of them. The tension in the room was getting extremely thick when Mila finally stomped her foot, looking between Jayson and Chase, who immediately stopped their bickering, turning to look at her, surprised by her outburst.

Mila turned and went out through the front door before either Chase or Jayson could stop her. Chase whipped around and looked back at Jayson, sneering.

"Look what you just did!"

"What I did?" Jayson responded. "You're the one acting like an ungrateful Dug with a glandular problem!"

"Just stay away from my sister!" Chase ordered. "Do I make myself clear?"

At this, Jayson smiled and chuckled softly, looking Chase right in the eyes before responding.

"And what if she wants me close, Chase? What if she chooses to have me as close as she wants?"

Chase, unable to take it anymore, pulled back his arm to take a swing at Jayson when his head snapped over to the door, as if he heard something. Lowering his fist down he ran to the door and almost forcing it open ran outside. Jayson, not knowing what stopped Chase, followed him out.

When they finally got outside, Mila was nowhere to be found. Both Jayson and Chase rushed out into the street and looked around, but there was no sign of Mila anywhere. Just a drunk man in a dirty robe lying on the sidewalk.

"DAMN IT!" Jayson screamed. "Where the hell is she?"

Chase crouched to the ground looking around, trying to remain calm and rational, searching for any signs or any clues as to where his sister may be.

"You...won't find her..*hic* that." The new voice came from the drunk laying on the ground trying to sit up.

Both Chase and Jayson looked over at the man and slowly approached him, being careful of a trap.

"What did you say, old man?" Chase asked, squinting to try to see the old man's face under his hood.

"I said...*hic* won't find...the girl like that." The man responded, trying to get to his feet, falling back down and laughing.

Jayson, getting impatient, moved to the old man, crouched down beside him and whispered in a low, angered voice.

"If you don't tell us where Mila went I will personally hang you from the highest point on Nar Shaddaa!"

The old man stopped laughing and sat up, always keeping his face hidden. He reached into his robe and pulled out what looks to be a license plate, handing it to Jayson.

"I...took that...*hic*...from the back of the speeder -they- took her on. Thought it might be worth some credits for...some drink." The man laughed and then fell back over, being of no more help to the boys.

Jayson and Chase both studied the plate for a moment before Jayson sighed.

"It's a just a regular plate. But it may be of some use to us."

Chase looked at Jayson, the stress showing in his eyes.

"How can a damned plate be any use to us? How is that going to help us find Mila?"

Jayson motioned to Chase to follow him before turning and heading down the street.

"I need to find an interface terminal." Jayson stated. "I may be able to use the Traffic Monitoring System to track who this plate belongs to and get an address."

Chase, really having nothing more to go on, caught up with Jayson. Their arguing ensuing as to whose fault it is that Mila was taken and how they'll get her back. Their voices faded off into the distance.

Meanwhile, the drunk old man finally made it to his feet and took off his dirty robe, revealing a dark black one under it, holding his head, whispering and chuckling to himself.

"Who knew pretending to be drunk could give you a real hangover?"

The man chuckled again then turned and walked down the darkened alleyway, suddenly disappearing.

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01.20.2012 , 10:04 AM | #6
Chapter 5: Waking Up, A Fight, and A Question of Trust

As the groggy feeling left her, Mila realized that she wasn't with Chase and Jayson anymore. Slowly waking up she felt her wrists and legs restrained as if they were tied to a bed. She started hearing strange voices that worried her.

Opening her eyes, Mila looked around and saw what appeared to be doctors and nurses working around her. She tried to sit up but the restraints were holding her down to tightly. Her struggle was heard by one of the doctors who turned and saw that she was awake.

"Sedate her, Nurse!" The doctor ordered.

One of the nurses ran over quickly and injected Mila with a sedative which quickly took effect, rendering Mila unconscious once again. The last thing Mila heard as she faded off to a drug induced sleep was the same doctor talking about someone.

"If -he- finds out that she woke up and saw all this, we're all going to be in a lot of trouble." The doctor stated, as if he were scared. Then Mila fell asleep once again.


Chase and Jayson had been walking for a while from Jayson's place, Jayson always looking over his shoulder as if he was waiting to see someone following them. Each time he looked back to where he and Chase were walking, Jayson seemed concerned.

Chase, however, had been losing patients this whole time. His sister had been kidnapped and now he felt they were walking around in circles, trying to find a terminal so Jayson could try and trace this plate they got from a drunk they had just met. And that drunk still seemed "wrong" to Chase, as if he was there on purpose, and had been waiting for Jayson and himself. Finally, Chase couldn't handle it anymore. He stopped in his tracks and looked at Jayson.

"What the hell are we doing, Jayson?" Chase asked, not bothering to hide the tone of anger in his voice.

Jayson stopped and turned back to look at Chase, sighing with annoyance before walking back to Chase and speaking very low.

"Look," Jayson began. "I may be good with a computer. But to find Mila we're going to need a Slicer. And one just happens to owe me a favour."

Chase looked Jayson in the eyes and then blinked with shock, looking back in the direction they had just come from and then back to Jayson.

"You just told that drunk you could track that plate!!" Chase nearly screamed at Jayson.
"I don't trust that old man!" Jayson almost screamed back.

"Then..." Chase began, looking very confused. "What the hell are we doing?"

“We?” Jayson started to answer. “We aren’t doing anything. I’m trying to remember where my “friend” Dev Nul lives. He’s the one that owes me the favour.”

Chase by this point was getting more agitated by the minuet. He was just about to say something to Jayson when Jayson suddenly stopped in front of a very dilapidated looking building. Smiling to himself, Jayson walked up to the front door and knocked hard three times. Chase stood off to the side, hoping this was the place that Jayson was looking for when the door slid open just a little bit. Chase didn’t see anything inside…until he looked down.

“Well, what would you be wantin’?” the Dug asked rather suspiciously as he slid the door open even further.

Jayson smirked, and knelt down to better talk with the Dug.

“Hey Dev,” Jayson started, the smirk widening. “I’m here to call in one of the favours you owe me.”

The Dug known as Dev squinted and then placed what looked to be glasses on his head.

“Jayson?” the Dug asked. “Well, will wonders never cease? I thought you’d be dead by now!” The Dug laughed and then looked over at Chase with an appraising look on his face. “Who’s the stiff ya’ got wit’cha?”

Jayson looked over his shoulder at Chase and smirked again. “He’s no one of consequence. But his name is Chase.” Jayson motioned between Dev and Chase. “Chase, this is my friend, Dev.”

Chase inclined his head slightly and looked around the area, still nervous and anxious as Dev still appraised him with a look.

“So,” Dev started again after a moment. “Ya’ll be calling in one of your markers on me, Jayson? What is it you be needin'?"

Jayson reached inside his coat and pulled out the registration plate the drunk had given them and handed it to Dev.

“Chase’s sister was taken by some goons.” Jayson started to explain. “We managed to get this plate from the speeder. Think you can track it?”

Dev, to Chase’s surprise, looked shocked at Jayson’s request.

“Why couldn’t you…” Dev started, but Jayson interrupted him quickly. Too quickly, Chase thought.

“She’s important, Dev!” Jayson started, talking just a little louder than usual. “Can you find her or not?”

Dev seemed to think about this for a moment before stepping out of the way, letting both Jayson and Chase pass inside and then led them down a long hall into the furthest room. Upon entering, both Jayson and Chase looked around, both with different expressions on their faces.

Jayson smiled and nodded his head as he looked at all the systems that Dev had set up. Dev Nul was one of the best Slicers on planet. Jayson knew this, because he had saved Dev Nul’s life several years ago and had been friends ever since. So Jayson was not surprised at the amount of systems and monitors and other techy like things Dev Nul had crammed into this one room. It was his “nest” as Dev called it.

Chase, on the other hand, looked around in awe. He and Mila had never known any slicers. Nor had they ever seen anything think like what Chase was looking at right now. Chase started looking around, not really understanding what he was looking at, as Dev jumped up into a chair and started typing on four keypads at once.

“Don’t you be touchin’ a damn thing!” Dev nearly demanded as he started to work. “Just stand back by the wall and let me work.”

Jayson took Chase by the arm and guided him over to the wall where they stood silent for a few moments. Jayson then looked around, smirking again, and spoke to the Dug.

“So, Dev…” Jayson started, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “I see you’ve been having a hard time lately.”

Dev just laughed and just as he was turning to answer Jayson an alarm went off on his system. Turning back to the screen, Dev let out a howl of laugher.

“Tryin’ ta track me, are ya?” Dev asked the screen. “Let’s see how ya’ll be likin’ this!”
Working the four keypads at the same time, Dev managed to silence the alarm and chuckle as he watched at least three screens at once.

“Okay…” Dev began. “So you be wantin’ to know where I’m at, do ya? Well…as far as you’ll know I’ll be at…hmm…Imperial…no…SITH HQ.” Dev nearly cackled with glee as he rerouted the tracking signal to hit the Sith HQ databases.

With that completed, Dev turned to look at Jayson and Chase, grinning from ear to ear with glee, before directing a question at Jayson.

“So what’s so important about this here girl you’re helpin’ Chase here find, Jayson?” Dev asked, a note of suspicion in his voice. “She wouldn’t be the one you wanna “conquer” next, would she?”

While Jayson just smirked, Chase looked between the two of them, his fists clenched in almost absolute rage.

“What did you just say, Dev Nul?!” Chase demanded.

Dev looked from Chase to Jayson and back, shaking his head with a smile still on his face.

“Ya’ll mean to tell me,” Dev started. “You don’t know Jayson’s apparent track record?”

“Shut it, Dev!” Jayson all but ordered his friend. But Dev just smirked and looked back at Chase again.

“Any girl that Jayson here saves usually ends up in his bed, from what he tells me.” Dev stated as seriously as he could.

Jayson moved towards Dev but he didn’t get to far before Chase’s fist slammed into the back of his head, staggering Jayson and making him knock over several seemingly unused monitors onto the ground, shattering them.

“HEY!” Dev shouted as the monitors crashed on the ground. But he wasn’t heard. Jayson and Chase were already hard into their fight, Jayson cracking Chase hard in the side of the head with his own punch, sending Chase backwards into a large server, and the server then crashed onto the ground, sparks shooting from it.

“WHAT THA..?!” Dev screamed again. But again he went unheard as Chase rebounded and planted a kick square in Jayson’s chest, causing him to crash hard into a table of parts and monitors, toppling the table over and sending the contents everywhere.

Jayson got back to his feet and rushed towards Chase, who was ready for almost anything. They both swung with their left fists and they both connected, causing both Chase and Jayson to fall to the ground, semi-conscious, and laughing.

Dev was about to scream at the two of them for destroying his equipment when an alert on his system went off. He sent the information on screen to a small data pad and looked it over, sighing and shaking his head before looking over at both Chase and Jayson.

“Why?” Dev started. “Why did ya’ll have to get involved with these guys?”

Jayson, looking up at Dev and still chuckling, motions for the data pad and takes it when Dev hands it over. Jayson’s chuckling automatically stops as he reads the information. Chase looks over at Jayson and sits up.

“What is it, Jayson?” Chase asks as Jayson hands him the pad. Chase reads it and looks confused. “Who are…?”

Dev jumps off his chair and walks over to Chase.

“Ya’ll tellin’ me…” Dev began, trying to be as kind as possible with this information. “Ya’ll have never heard of Special Branch?”

Chase shook his head as Jayson left the room, pulling a small communicator from his pocket. Dev sat in front of Chase and looked at him, his eyes becoming full of pity for the young man.

“Chase…” Dev started. “Special Branch be some of the worst people you’ll ever be wantin’ to meet. They don’t care about anyone but the orders they be given and achievin’ their aims, doin’ whatever they need to be doin’ to get the job done. And if they are the ones who be takin’ your sister…”

Dev stopped mid-sentence, dropping his eyes to the floor.

“What?!” Chase demanded, worry coloring every bit of his expression. “What are they going to do to my sister?!”

Dev started to walk around the room, sighing softly before turning to look at Chase again.

“There be rumours…” Dev began, trying to talk so Chase kept his calm. “Rumours that Special Branch be lookin’ for young women of breedin’ age for some experiment. I don’t know more than that. I’m sorry Chase. If they be the ones that got her…”

Chase jumped to his feet and looked down on Dev, his eyes now burning with a madness that Dev well understood.

“Where are they?!” Chase demanded, not caring anything for safety, just wanting his sister back with him.

Jayson returned about this time and placed a hand on Chase’s shoulder.

“Calm down, Chase.” Jayson started. “I know where the base is and we’re going to try to get her back.” Jayson then looked at Dev. “It’s time you left Dev. The contract that was on you has been called off. ‘They’ think you’re dead.”

Dev looked at Jayson in disbelief. But he shook his head and sighed.

“I got some place to go, Jayson.” Dev stated. “And I may have someone that can help ya’ with this crazy idea of yours. You just be careful, ya hear?”

Jayson smiled and nodded to Dev as he passed by, Chase close behind as they left Dev’s house and ducked into the alleyway, both Jayson and Chase fully determined now to get to Mila before anything bad could happen to her.


During this time, Mila had slowly started to come out of the sedative she was injected with. She was still very groggy but aware enough to feel that she was strapped in place, unable to move her arms or legs. She could also feel that she had been dressed on something like a hospital gown. Soon the sedative started to wear off and Mila started to struggle against the restraints with very little success.

Mila was feeling that she almost had her left arm free then the security door on this room slid open. The light from the corridor streamed in, blocked only partially by the guard who entered the room. As the door slid shut the lights in the room were turned on but left low, letting the corners of the room become shrouded in small spots of darkness.

“Well,” the male guard whispered. “You’re awake. This might be more fun that I thought.”
As the guard talked he placed his weapon against the wall, his hands slowly traveling to his belt and unfastening it.

Mila was able to raise her head just enough to see what was happening and started to struggle even more. But she became very still except for the small shivers of fear that gripped her body as she felt the guard’s hand touch her knee and start to slowly slide up her thigh.

“It’s good that we have some privacy.” The guard commented. “I’d hate to think of someone walking in on us.” The guard let out a very evil chuckle as he slid his hand further up Mila’s thigh just under the hem of the hospital gown.

Suddenly the guard became ridged, his hands grabbing at his throat like someone was choking him. Mila watched as the man was lifted off the ground, apparently still being choked. She was relieved that the guard had been stopped. But horrified that this was happening in front of her.

From the shadows a figure clad wholly in black stepped out, his left hand stretched out as if he were the one holding the man off the floor. And when he spoke, there was a hateful malice in his tone, directed only at the guard, and he spoke in just a whisper.

“I warned you!” the figure spoke. Mila could tell this was a man and he was supremely angry with this guard. The figure at that moment just flicked its wrist and the guard hanging in the air had been sent crashing into the farthest wall with such force that Mila heard the sickening snap of the man’s neck as the body fell to the ground dead.

The figure turned towards Mila and raised its hand again. Suddenly, Mila felt the restraints slacken and fall from her body. Scrambling up onto the bed, Mila slid back and watched the figure come closer, both hands raised now as if to show he meant no harm to Mila herself.
The figure spoke again in a whisper, this time with a more soothing tone as if he were concerned about what almost happened to Mila.

“I mean you no harm, child.” The man stated. “Did he injure you before I arrived? Did he touch you anywhere else?”

Mila shook her head and spoke in her mind, thinking that the man couldn’t hear her.

“No. He just touched my leg.”

“Well,” the figure stated again. “So much the better for him.”

Mila looked at the figure, unsure if he guessed what she said or actually heard him. To test this, she asked a question in her mind.

“Can you hear me?”

The figure smiled under his hood, his eyes shrouded by the hood over his head. Stepping forward the man kindly responded.

“Can’t everyone?”

Mila was taken aback by this. Only her brother Chase and now her “friend” Jayson were able to hear her inside her own mind…or so she thought.

“It’s not actually inside your mind, child.” The figure stated, stopping at the foot of the bed. “You’re actually projecting your thoughts into the mind of someone else. A very…useful tool…if used with someone else’s ability.”

Mila blinked and then stood from the bed, looking at the man with suspicion but also with gratitude.

“Thank you.” Mila stated in her mind before asking the most obvious question. “Are you here to help me?”

The figure shifted slightly before answering, his tone always kind.

“Yes and no, child.” The figure stated.

“Can you get me out of here?” Mila asked almost in desperation.

“No.” The figure said, this time with a hint of sorrow in his voice. “I am unable to remove you from this place at this time. But help is on the way. Your brother and his friend are on their way.”

Mila smiled brightly. But at that moment the door slid open and several guard came into the room, guns drawn and pointed at the figure and at Mila. Mila started shaking and cowered in the corner from the guards. The figure, now becoming very agitated, turned on the guards and raised a hand. Suddenly, all the guns in the guards’ hands were floating above them.
The figure moved towards the men and spoke in a harsh, demanding tone directed at the apparent leader of this group.

“What did I say about touching this girl, Captain?!”

The captain of the group looked from the figure to the girl and back again before standing straight and saluting.”

“To not to, Sir!”

The figured pointed with his arm outstretched to the side at the dead guard lying all the way across the room.

“Apparently I need to say it AGAIN!” The figure all but screamed the last word at the guards, who all cringed away from him. “Get that piece of FILTH out of this base before I do the same to the rest of YOU!”

The guards had their guns returned to them and they started to move quickly removing the corps from sight. As they were leaving, the captain tuned to the figure to ask a question, but the man answered before he could ask.

“If you think this young girl holds any threat to me then you have not seen a proper demonstration, have you?” The figure asked before turning back to Mila, giving her a warm smile out of the view of the captain.

When the guards left, the figure moved back and helped Mila to her feet, giving her arm a gentle squeeze and helping her to the bed.

“What’s your name, child?” The figured asked soothingly.

“I’m Mila.” Mila answered softly. “Who are you?”

“You,” the figure started, a smile in his voice. “Can call me Morey. And with those guards gone you’ll not be bothered by them again. I need to go, Mila. But you will be safe. You have my word.”

The figure moved towards the door before turning back to Mila.

“This won’t be the last time we see each other, Mila.”

With a smile the figure faded out of sight as he approached the door.

Mila stood there, looking dumbfounded at what just happened. When she was finally able to come back to proper thought several minutes later she looked at her bed and found a strange package sitting there. Upon opening it, Mila discovered proper clothing…and two small handles, just large enough for her hands. Picking them up she pressed a hidden button on both of them and they extended to form two batons. Clicking the button again they retracted back into the handles.

With a smile on her face, Mila looked at the rest of the clothing on the bed, including the boots and long sleeved shirt…both good hiding places for the batons. As she started to dress she heard something strange…an alarm going off. Wherever she was, it was under attack.


It had been several hours since Chase and Jayson had found out where Mila was being held. Now they were lying on the ground behind cover, watching the guards patrol the outside of the structure. Chase looked around and spotted the unguarded air vent on the southern part of the building.

Moving so they wouldn’t be detected, Chase and Jayson were able to make their way along the structure to a place where they could see the air vent more clearly. What they didn’t see was the figure, robed in black, standing directly under it.

“It’s about time you two got here.” The figure stated as he moved towards them.

Chase and Jayson stood straight up, both on guard. Then looking more closely at the figure moving towards them they realize they’ve seen him before.

“The drunk?!” Jayson exclaimed.

“What are you doing here?!” Chase demanded. “What do you have to do with my sister?!”

“Your sister,” the figure started, a matter of fact tone in his voice. “Is alright for the present. If you wish to rescue her, you’ll need to trust me.”

Jayson and Chase looked at one another then back at the figure.

“Trust begins with a name.” Chase stated.

The figure smiled and then raised his head just slightly.

“I am Morey.” The figure said. “Now…will you trust me to help?”

Jayson and Chase looked at each other again and then nodded to Morey.

“Good.” Morey said. “This air vent is your only way in. Your sister is in the western medical facility. I can’t help you get in except to turn my back and allow you to enter. But you know…” Morey started to walk away as he finished his statement. “If you look around, you usually find other things to help you.” With that said, Morey vanished into thin air.

Chase and Jayson watched this and then looked at each other and shrugged. Taking Morey’s advice they looked around for something to help them get into the building.

It was Chase who found the package first.

“Jayson, over here!” Chase called to Jayson, who came over quickly as Chase opened the box. Reaching his hand in, Chase pulled out a set of what appeared to be full fingered, iron gauntlets that fit him perfectly. Jayson pulled in a handle with two buttons on it. Pressing the first a long, metal whip extended from the handle. Pressing the second the whip started to glow slightly.

“Electric?” Jayson asked out loud. He looked over at Chase who had already slipped the gauntlets onto is hands, flexing and testing them.

“How do they feel, Chase?” Jayson asked. Chase just shook his head before responding.
“They feel…right.” Chase looked confused at his own words before looking up at the vent. “Think your new toy there could take that thing out?”

Jayson and Chase smiled at one another before Jayson shut off the electricity and snapped the whip up into the air vent, pulling it out and catching it before it hit the ground.

Soon Jayson and Chase were climbing into the vent, thinking they were unseen. But only a few meters away someone spoke into a communicator.

“Boss…we have a problem…”

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Chapter 6: Boss…we have a problem...

*A few minutes earlier*

The commander of the squad just outside the Special Branch base had just finished receiving her orders when she was moving into position. She and her squad were placed about 50 meters away from the base on the southern side. There was another squad at the northern side of the base; waiting for word from someone they called “Boss.”

The commander of the southern squad crouched by her second in command and watched the building, mapping out in her mind the patrols of the guards to figure the best route to enter the base from this end. She had just watched the guards move away when her second in command tapped her on the shoulder and whispered.

“Dani,” the man’s voice whispered. “We have some activity about 40 meters away. Under the air vent.”

The commander looked over to where her second in command pointed and saw a very strange sight. Two boys were approaching the structure as quickly as they could without being seen. And they were doing a good job. They had managed to sneak by Danielle’s troops without being spotted.

“How in the name of the Force did they get that far?” Danielle whispered. “And without us seeing them? Jo-Tow, how could you not see them?”

Jo-Tow, the second in command, just looked at Danielle and shrugged.

“Hey I’m just as baffled as…wait…who the hell is that?!” Jo-Tow whispered in surprise as the boys were now apparently talking to someone who had appeared almost out of thin air.
Danielle looked more closely as she reached for her communicator, shaking her head and whispering back to Jo-Tow.

“I get the feeling we don’t want to know…what the hell..?”

Danielle and Jo-Tow watched in amazement as the figure robed in black pushed off the wall and walked away to the west and then suddenly vanished into the air as if it had never been there.

Danielle was about to call to the other squads through the communicator when she saw the boys, now apparently armed with strange items, break the air vent open and start to climb inside.

“Damn it!” Danielle whispered. “I’m calling the boss!”

Jo-Tow nodded and then started over to the rest of the squad, telling them to hold position until Danielle gives the order to move. Danielle, communicator already in hand, clicked the transmit button and whispered into the transceiver.

“Boss…we have a problem…”


*A makeshift command post in a nearby building*

“...look, I know they don’t like us. They want us gone as soon as possible. But they like Special Branch even less than they like us. Those scum are seriously bad for business.” A small holo was saying quietly to the being in charge. “They ALSO don’t want Cranna overreacting. You KNOW what she would do if she were here.” Every soldier in the room shuddered as one. Yes, Cranna detested Nar Shaddaa almost as much as she detested the rest of the Hutts. Almost. “We have to... What...? What do you mean a PROBLEM, Dani?”

“I can answer that, commander.” Another voice had everything still in the room as a cloaked form seemed to ooze out of thin air. The woman acted as if she hadn’t a care in the world as she reached up with a slow hand and dropped her hood. As soon as the soldiers who had raised their weapons saw the face, they lowered the weapons. No one SANE pointed weapons at Istara Sharlina Andal. No one who wanted to live anyway. “Your point team leader is right. We have a problem. Several of them actually.”

“Ah...” The team commander stiffened as his com chimed. Istara smirked.

“I think it is for you.” The Grandmaster of the Bladeborn Order just stood there while the commander stared at her. She shrugged. “Don’t keep her waiting. From all accounts she has a VERY firm hand.” Her smirk grew wider as ALL of the soldiers jerked as if in remembered pain.

“Ah. Boss...” The team commander said as he keyed his com. “Did you send for... someone else?”

“No Dron, I didn’t.” Cranna the Hutt’s voice was sour.” What are YOU doing there, Istara? You are supposed to be somewhere else as I recall.”

“Morey is here, Cranna.” Istara said flatly. “If he is it the base, none of your people have a chance against him. I am here for two reasons. First to find and kill Morey.” Her tone was cold and matter of fact. “Second, I HATE Special Branch and will kill any and all of them I find.”

All of the troops looked at her and then looked away. Yes, she would. Special Branch called Istara, or Sharlina as she had been known then, the ‘Dark Woman’. She had hunted them for almost a decade, destroying their bases, slaughtering their personnel, rescuing their prisoners, all to fulfill an oath she had sworn.

“Morey...” Cranna’s voice held hate and worry in equal measure. “Can you take him, Istara?”

“Please, Cranna.” Istara said with a put upon scowl. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. Although there is something... Odd...Here.” She shook her head. “Not sure WHAT it is. I saw Morey, but he got away. I will catch up to him. He can’t sense me I think, but I have a line on HIM. Right now, though, we have a nest of scum to kill.”

“They may have prisoners.” Dron said slowly as he went back to his command display, relaxing a little. Not that it was easy with such a dangerous and volatile woman within sword reach. “We were planning a quiet infiltration, but two kids just snuck into the base through one of the access points we were planning to use.”

“KIDS?” Istara stiffened, her hand on her sword hilt. “How did they get past your perimeter?”
“No idea.” Dron admitted. “And they met a man in black. One who matches the description of this... Morey of yours.”

“That is... odd...” Istara mused. “If they were WITH him, they wouldn’t have to SNEAK in, now would they? Hmmm...” She shrugged and then looked at the commander. “Quick and loud or slow and quiet?”

“We will try for slow and quiet.” Dron said. “If they DO have prisoners, we don’t want them to get away with them.”

“They won’t.” Istara promised. “I will get in first. I did a fast recon myself. I have an entry planned myself. One none of your people will be able to reach. I will get in and try to get to the holding areas before they realize they are under attack.”

“Where if I may ask?” Dron said, scrutinizing the display.” We have checked everywhere.”

“No you haven’t.” Istara said with a scowl. “Special Branch has tried to be less standardized over the years, but some things never change. No one ever bothers to lock incinerator pipes.” All of the soldiers stared at her and she smirked. “Trust me, I will be inside before they know I am. They NEVER seem to get the hint that people can dodge between flame streams.”

“Most people can’t.” Dron said with a shudder. Just the thought of being broiled alive in his armor made him queasy.

“Don’t worry about me, Commander Dron.” Istara said with a smile that had a hint of madness behind it. “Worry about whether or not I am going to leave anything for you and your people to do...”

“Istara...” Cranna’s voice came from the communicator. “Don’t do anything TOO crazy.”

“Pot meet Kettle.” Istara said with an insolent half salute at the communicator Dron held.
Then she was gone.

“Rules of engagement, Boss?” Dron asked in the sudden silence that enfolded the CP.
“See if you can take those kids alive. The rest.” Cranna made a disgusted sound. “Flush them with the rest of the excrement.”

“Right Boss.” Dron said with a grin. He loved to fight. And he TRULY loved to fight people who liked to prey on the helpless.

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Chapter 7: The Unexpected Intrusion

It had only been several minuets that Jayson and Chase had been crawling through the air ducts when they had to stop for two guards below them to pass by. If they had not stopped they wouldn’t have heard the conversation the guards were having, which interested both of them greatly.

“You know…” the first guard started. “He didn’t have to kill Richie, did he? I mean, he could’ve just punished him, don’t you think?”

The second guard laughed and clapped his friend on the shoulder.

“For Ravishaw…” the second guard stated. “That WAS punishment. Richie is the lucky one in this. If he wanted to, he could’ve made Richie beg for his death. But don’t worry about it, Darr. We just need to be sure we don’t make the same mistake.”

Darr shook his head. “I wouldn’t go near that girl now if I was getting paid three times what I’m getting now. What about you, Jame? You think Ravishaw has an “interest” in the girl?”

At this point it’s hard to say what was holding Chase and Jayson back from just dropping down on the guards. But they waited to hear the end of the conversation, holding they’d get a better idea where Mila was located.

“If he does…” Jame started to answer, shaking his head. “It ain’t none of our business is it? He could use a little “action” anyway. He always seems so…tense lately.”

Darr laughed as the two started to move away. Chase and Jayson stayed where they were for just a moment before moving past a junction in the ducts. Just as they passed it they heard a strange noise behind them. Turning back they came face to face with a security droid who had pushed his head into the vents to check out the strange noise.

Instinct took over for Chase at that moment. Balling up his fist in his new gauntlets he punched the droid in the head. To his and Jayson’s surprise, not only did Chase connect but the head of the droid was knocked clean off and sailed through the duct and out from where the boys entered.

Blinking almost dumbfounded about what happened, Jayson and Chase look at one another and then start to move again.

“Chase…?” Jayson started.

“What, Jayson?” Chase asked in return.

“What the hell was that?” Jayson asked quietly as that approached another air grate.

“I really wish I knew, Jayson.” This was the last they spoke for quite some time.


In the command centre of the base a captain noticed that one of their security droids had suddenly gone off line.

“Um…Commander..?” The captain started, a little unsure of what just happened.

“Captain George…” the Commander started with a note of annoyance in his voice. “This had better not be one of your damn false alarms!”

Captain George shook his head. “No sir! It seems we have a security droid down in the southern section of the base.”

The Commander, a rather intimidating looking man, walked over to observe the screens. Seeing that Captain George was not exaggerating, he nodded and stood back.

“Alright, “the Commander started in his most business like tone. “Send another droid to that section on medium alert to check things out. Could just be a malfunction.”

Nodding, Captain George dispatched a second security droid to that section of the base, hoping this was nothing more than a malfunction as the Commander suggested.

Once the order was received by the droid, Captain George activated the internal video feed to watch what the droid saw and projected it on his larger monitor while he worked. The droid moved through the corridor and finally came to the spot where the first droid’s mechanical body lay without its head. Thinking this was important enough to mention, Captain George turned back to the Commander.

“Sir, I don’t think it was a malfunction.” Captain George stated. The Commander turned to look at Captain George’s screen and moved closer, leaning in to more closely examine the picture on the screen.

Soon the droid moved off on high alert to search for the reason why the first droid had lost its head. As it was walking through the halls it heard something above it in the air ducts. Reaching the closest air vent the droid stuck its head into the ducts. As it turned around, Captain George and the Commander were shocked at what they saw. Two boys crawling through the air duct. Unable to believe what they were seeing they watched in amazement as the first boy drew what appeared to be a small handle from his boot and flick it towards the droid. Suddenly the droid’s video feed went to static and then cut out completely.

“Sound the alarms, Captain!” The Commander ordered quickly as the feed cut out. “We have intruders!”

Captain George sent out the word to all the guards in the base as the alarm sounded. Soon every passage way was watched and there would’ve been no way for those boys to get anywhere in the base. Except…

As the Commander turned to speak to his subordinate he paused. He started to speak and stopped. Everyone turned to look at him and froze on seeing the point of a sword protruding from his chest. He fell off the sword and a woman was seen behind him. Her brown armor was scorched and her cloak was tattered and singed, but her fiery eyes were cold and remote. Istara Sharlina Andal, known to Special Branch as ‘The Dark Woman’, wasted no time. She attacked and all anyone else had time to do was scream as the doors slid shut.

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Chapter 8: Guards HATE Surprises

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO, JAYSON?!” Chase suddenly yelled as the alarm sounded.

“It wasn’t me!” Jayson exclaimed. “At least, I don’t think it was. Damn!”

Chase and Jayson then dropped from the air vent. The alarm was loud but no one was around. Chase and Jayson didn’t even hear the sound of anyone approaching. Confused, the boys looked around as Jayson extended his whip again, leaving the electricity off for the moment.

“Where…” Chase began to ask.

“…Is everyone?” Jayson finished the question.
Someone behind the boys cleared their throat. Jayson and Chase slowly turned around and looked into the eyes of the guards Jame and Darr, the ones they had heard talking about Mila and someone named Ravishaw. As he turned, Jayson let the hand that was holding the whip slip behind his back and his thumb was just lightly pressing on the button to start the electric current.

“Names!” Darr demanded as he pointed his blaster rifle right at Jayson’s chest.

“Well…” Chase started. “I’m the ventriloquist Deff Humjam. And this,” Chase motioned to Jayson. “Is my dummy Jalter.”

Jayson looked over at Chase and he couldn’t help but smile, never thinking that Chase actually had a sense of humour. Looking back at the guards, Jayson smiled even more.

“What’s so funny?!” Jame nearly screamed, taking aim at Chase’s chest as well.
“Oh…” Chase started. “Jalter there has his own trick. Show the nice men, Jalter!”

At that cue, Jayson flicked the switch on the whip to start the electric current and brought the whip around quickly, letting it smack both blasters and causing them to short out.

Darr and Jame had barely had enough time to drop their blaster rifles before the shock would’ve traveled up their arms. They started to reach for their blaster pistols but they didn’t have enough time. As Darr reached for his he felt Jayson’s whip without the electricity curl around his wrist and then with a sharp tug he was pulled forward onto the ground, shoulder dislocated and then Jayson’s fist connected with his chin, rendering him unconscious.

Jame wasn’t as lucky. As he was reaching for his blaster pistol, Chase rushed him and smashed his fist into Jame’s chest. There was a sickening crunch and crack of bones as the air rushed out of Jame and he was thrown back ten feet, slamming into the wall and falling in a crumpled heap, twisted, contorted, and barely alive with blood starting to stream out of his mouth from the internal injuries Chase had just caused him.

Chase looked at his hands and then to the man lying all the way across the hall and secretly he smiled to himself.

Jayson came over and looked at Chase.

“Chase…” Jayson asked. “You okay?”

All Chase could do was nod as they walked quickly past the two men. Chase stopped and looked down at Jame. He slowly kneeled down and bent close to Jame’s ear and whispered very softly so Jayson wouldn’t hear him.

“You know…” Chase whispered. “You shouldn’t lay all twisted up like that. It isn’t good for your back. Die slow.”

Then smiling again, Chase stood and looked down at a pad that fell from Jame. Taking a quick look at it, Chase then moved to follow Jayson. Once he caught Jayson, Chase started to look around.

“Where to?” Chase asked finally as he and Jayson looked around.

All Jayson did was shake his head.

“We went the wrong way!” Jayson finally exclaimed as he slammed his fist against the sealed blast door.

“That’s right!” A voice answered Jayson from behind.

For the second time, Jayson and Chase turned around to face the guards behind him. But this time it wasn’t two. It was twenty, all with blaster rifles pointed right at their heads.

“Well…” Jayson started. “This was unexpected.”

“Indeed.” The Captain of the guards said as he moved forward, a smile on his face as he hoped Jayson and Chase would make a wrong move. He then pulled out a communicator and spoke into it with a smug smile on his face. “Open the blast door! We have the intruders!”

A strange and unfamiliar voice to the Captain answered him.

“Of course, Captain.”

As the blast door slowly slid open behind the boys, Jayson and Chase observed the faces of the guards change from victory to sheer horror. But before Chase or Jayson could even move a muscle a voice came from behind them and said the strangest thing.

“Duck boys!”