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8 and 16man Ops set ups

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01.13.2012 , 04:57 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Clexarews View Post
Pretty sure you get one free respec a week...

But it does cap out at 99,800 credits per respec.

Which really isn't that much. You can make 110k by taking an hour of your time and doing all of the space mission dailies. Take another little bit and you can make another 200k doing repeatable lower level heroic quests.

Couple hours a day nets you over 300k credits easily - and that's not even selling stuff on the auction or vendoring things. Just quest rewards.

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01.13.2012 , 08:21 PM | #12
And what you're suggesting are just work-arounds to terrible design decisions.

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01.13.2012 , 09:26 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Maltuvion View Post
And what you're suggesting are just work-arounds to terrible design decisions.

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01.13.2012 , 10:15 PM | #14
We initially recruited based on a quote from Bioware saying that 8 and 16 man content would require teams that are upscaled from a 4 man group of tank, mdps, rdps, heal - so meaning that a 16 man raid would need 4 of each.

We thought it odd based on previous MMO experience, but hey, maybe Bioware were breaking the barrier with new innovative endgame!

Nope, it's all still Tank, Spank and don't stand in the fire.
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