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Whats better SWTOR or galaxies?

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Whats better SWTOR or galaxies?

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01.09.2012 , 12:47 PM | #1
ive never played galaxies and i love swtor but whats better?
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01.09.2012 , 01:18 PM | #2
doesn't matter now unfortunately

Need more inter-faction interaction! Come on, its an MMO!

Jadedfate's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 01:27 PM | #3
SWTOR by far...SWG was terrible..tried it on release...lasted about 2 months...horrid. Tried it a few more times over the years...always horrid.

slyvarius's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 01:28 PM | #4
SWG had some amazing features that TOR does not. Player run/built cities. Sandbox space flight. Sandbox planets in general. Atmospheric flight.

TOR does have things that SWG never did though. Good graphics, great story, better end game.

Sorgrim's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 01:38 PM | #5
SWG had tools that allowed players to customize aspects of their game. You could make player cities, own a house, upgrade starships and simply roam around, even. You didn't even have to touch the ground-component.

SWTOR is better, IMO, but could benefit from some of the things SWG had that I listed above.
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Foxfirega's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 01:50 PM | #6
Apples =/= oranges.

SWG had a more sand-box environment, TOR has a more 'standard' MMO setup. It was the same problem with comparing it with other MMOs of it's time.

There aren't enough sandbox MMOs on the market with a true, serious sandbox nature to even give it a solid comparison of if it was a good sandbox-MMO or not (as AFAIK it's only real, serious competition in that regard was EVE Online; I'd love someone to point out others, because off the top of my head that's about it).

TOR is still in 'launch' phase, and we likely shouldn't make any hard judgments until ~3 months out. Then we can get a better idea of not only the mechanics involved, but how the development team handles fixing problems and responding to player feedback (on the short scale - on the long scale, 6 months and 12 months are better benchmarks for developer responsiveness).

Even if both were still out, though, that wouldn't preclude you from playing both or just the one of your choosing. Asking for other people's subjective opinions is nice, but only you can decide if something is 'better' for your specific user criteria. Some people supplying information may just be biased, after all.
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LukeSaberRattler's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 02:08 PM | #7
Well I played Galaxies for 10 days before giving it up. I have been playing SWTOR since early access and don't see stopping before I have a character for every class at 50!!

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01.09.2012 , 02:18 PM | #8

Darth_Syphilis's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 02:30 PM | #9
Some things SWG had that are missing in SWtOR, but that's about it.

and below (with some repeats and the last should be omitted as something horrid):

I did love the resource and crafting on SWG much better - very deep, but Bioware was going more mainstream with theirs -- which I can understand.

The number of classes in the original SWG was pretty impressive too.

It just lacked a lot of actual "action" gameplay (i.e. quests were minimal, instances were meh, etc).

P.S. Still leveling in SWtOR -- really enjoying leveling (which speaks VOLUMES about it versus ALL other MMO's) -- so it's a bit early, but I can already say it is much better and seems to keep getting better. With that said, the above are some things I will miss but not to the detriment of the overall experience of SWtOR.

bakedpotter's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 02:32 PM | #10
Galaxies had some of the coolest MMO features youll ever see that worked very well. I hope Bioware aspires to get at that level for the side features ONLY (traveling, player cities, open world). The gameplay was not that great (bad by todays standards) and I will not miss that.