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Black/blue Lightsaber crystal. How do I get it?

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Black/blue Lightsaber crystal. How do I get it?

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01.15.2013 , 09:46 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by SturmUndSterne View Post
If there was a way to have a moddable training saber on my jugg, you bet your butt I would, and I'd pvp constantly.

For the lulz.
I thought there was a orange (custom) training saber for arms (just no one runs it at least no one I see). All I ever see is the swords, and have yet to see anyone with the axe.

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01.15.2013 , 09:48 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryat View Post
ROFL, I want my Vulcan Jedi!
After he falls to the dark side he would be the most powerful sith ever. His fall and sudden release of all his repressed emotions would crack the planet he was on.

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01.16.2013 , 10:35 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by GnatB View Post
I'll admit I haven't watched the episode of the clone wars show that featured the dark saber (or any of the series, for that matter) but from all the screenshots/pictures of it, it looks like some fancy black sword that happens to be glowing white, with a far more defined shape than a lightsaber. It does NOT look even remotely like a "simple" lightsaber with a black core. (wiki article says it was originally going to just be a regular vibrosword, but Lucas didn't want lightsabers to be able to be blocked by regular weapons that look like swords, so it was made special... 'course, Unless I'm missing something lightsabers are getting blocked by vibroswords all the time in TOR (and KOTOR, for that matter), as well as similar weapons in the books.
The reason normal vibro swords and the like weapons can block lightsabers is during this and the KotoR times everything was made with a mix of metals including Cortosis. Cortosis is the only know thing(besides the force itself) that is able to stand up to a lightsaber for long periods of time.

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01.16.2013 , 03:14 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by Rincewend View Post
I thought there was a orange (custom) training saber for arms (just no one runs it at least no one I see). All I ever see is the swords, and have yet to see anyone with the axe.

Techblade, vibrosword, electrostaff, but no training saber. For that matter, no orange moddable offhands of any type can be crafted unless you're a merc, slinger, or mara/sent.

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01.16.2013 , 03:35 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by HumanPirhana View Post
Wrong, they exist in this game, therefore they ARE part of the Star Wars universe. (btw, did you really just compare wanting a somewhat differently colored lightsaber than appears in the films to wanting things from totally unrelated IP's? REALLY? Exagerate much? Two can play at that game)

Oh wait, you're one of those this is canon that isn't sort of fan I'll bet (as if that really matter to the guy who was just asking how to get something he wanted and who most likely doesn't give a flying flip about your self apointed title as keeper of the list of who is a true Star Wars fan and who isn't).

Okay, I'll play your game Mr canon. SWTOR isn't canon because SW games aren't canon (as I saw someone in another thread claim yesterday) I guess that means Revan isn't canon because he only exists in Bioware games.

Attention! Attention! Attention! Everyone! Could I have your attention please? It's recently been pointed out that Revan is in fact NOT Star Wars canon, therefore as a public service I'd like to remind all TRUE Star Wars fans to make sure they aren't wearing or owning, or having any of their companions wear, any Revan gear. TRUE Star Wars fans, in order to demonstrate their superior knowledge, loyalty and overall betterness, are encouraged to avoid playing the Order of Revanites storyline on Drumond Kass or running The Foundry flashpoint mission, as these bits of content deal with the unseemly and unworthy non canon Revan character. To be on the safe side, George Lucas himself has recently advised me that serious fans should also avoid obtaining HK-51 as a companion, since he is similarly non canon and also carries the double black mark of having been created by a non canon character. As a final reminder, TRUE Star Wars fans are encouraged to bathe exclusively in Windex glass cleaner not for reasons relating to canon or non canon issues, but because Lucas himself and a number of (I'm told) high ranking Disney executives find it entertaining to think that you do so. Carry on, or should I say Live long and prosper?
From Wookiepedia
Things are a bit more complicated with the matter of Star Wars games. The overall scenario and documentation (cutscenes, manuals, strategy guides etc) are proper EU (see C-canon below). This, however, doesn't apply to "game mechanics" and stats.
Kyle with gunsTopps card featuring Kyle Katarn, addressing the issue of carrying many weapons simultaneously.

Game mechanics are the "artistic license" properties of the game that separate any computer game from reality and serve to make one more playable and enjoyable; for example Kyle Katarn carrying 10 weapons simultaneously, fully and immediately recovering from wounds simply by touching a bacta tank, bodies of defeated enemies disappearing etc., are things not realistically possible. Game mechanics are also some special effects accompanying the use of Force powers, such as sounds and glow surrounding the caster, which never appear in the movies. Health, shield, and Force repository are also game mechanics.
On a similar note, "artistic license" for the sake of gameplay is often exercised in many Star Wars games which contain adaptations, either in whole or in part, of scenes from the Star Wars movies, especially when the player takes the role of a character from the film. For example, in Star Wars: The Arcade Game the player takes the role of Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Yavin, although the specific events of the game do not exactly match those seen on screen during the A New Hope. During any conflict of canon the respective movie has precedent, though this is rarely an issue.
Background information given in the RPG sourcebooks such as biographies, stories, blueprints, etc. is proper canon. Stats, on the contrary, are considered game mechanics. Stats include details such as weapon damage, speed, and character attributes (strength, intelligence, dexterity, health points etc).
In mission and quest solving, canon is assumed to be the fullest and best outcome possible of each mission/quest available as given in the briefing or scenario. Kyle Katarn, Keyan Farlander, Maarek Stele, Jaden Korr, etc. never failed their quests. Although the player can avoid some optional quests, Wookieepedia assumes that those heroes managed to complete all the "available" feats.
Problems can arise with customizable options such as the species or gender or alignment of the main character, until Lucasfilm releases a definite answer on this.
So far all game characters with customizable gender, except Meetra Surik, have been canonized to be male.

EmperorKatarnThe apocryphal ending of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II where Kyle Katarn becomes the new Emperor. It is non-canon since it occurs only if the player chooses the dark side scenario.

In side-choosing games such as the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series and Dark Forces saga where the player has the choice between light side and dark side, as of yet, the light side ending has been verified as canonical by Lucasfilm in all games.
It is not known however if it does impose additional restrictions on the secondary story and the outcome of any individual alignment-defining sidequest or choice in the game since they are not strictly set. For example the protagonist of KOTOR canonically followed the light and helped the Galactic Republic destroy the Star Forge but that doesn't mean that he didn't kill Bendak Starkiller or that he didn't join the GenoHaradan (both dark-aligned options in the game).
However, Wookieepedia articles assume that the player picks the light side choice for all scenarios; therefore, even the secondary choices and events pertaining to the dark side or triggered by relevant choices, are considered non-canon.
On the other hand, ambiguity is maintained when it comes to alternative choices and solutions to puzzles with the same outcome. For example in KOTOR, the fate of droid C8-42, or the responses to Rutum, is up to the player; although dark side options can be excluded according to the above, there are still several neutral or light-sided options possible to choose from; and none of them can be taken for sure to be the 'true' one.
In-game events and characters that are 'triggered' when the non-canonical gender or alignment is selected are non-canon as well. For example Hanharr is not considered to have followed Meetra Surik, since Hanharr joins the player only in the non-canonical Dark Side outcome of the game.

There are however some exceptions when an external canon source, such as an encyclopedia or Guide, state it as happening, like for example that Brianna joined the Jedi Exile. In the game, Brianna joins the player only in the non-canonical male identity. In that case, the game is inconsistent to the canon and falls under the "game mechanic" logic.

Battlefront games have both a Campaign and an Instant Action Mode among others. While the events in the campaign, including those that only appear there, such as the Battle of Kamino and the existence of X1 and X2, are considered canon. However, Instant Action allows players to create and replay battles in non-canon means and contain obviously non-canon gameplay elements, such as Luke Skywalker fighting during the Clone Wars.
You are wrong. Not everything in games are canon, but the majority is considered EU.
P.S. Double quote all the way across the sky-y-y-y!!!!!
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