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Jaesa Willsaam Romance and Customizations

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Jaesa Willsaam Romance and Customizations

Dremoth's Avatar

01.08.2012 , 04:41 PM | #1
Greetings everyone.

I am willing to bet these questions have been asked before and I apologize for repeating them if this is true, but I don't feel like swimming through pages of old threads to possibly not find my answers.

This thread has two major questions.

1. Playing a dark side Sith Warrior, I have the corrupted Jaesa companion, I just got her last night. If I peruse a romance with Jaesa will I be locked out of a romance with Vette? From what I can tell Vette is on the verge of cracking in the next couple conversations and I would like to know if I am only allowed one companion romance or not. Preferably I would like to romance both of them. Anyone treed this with any results?

2. Torhead, for what it is worth, mentions that there are character customizations for Jaesa Willsaam, 5 for her dark and 5 for her light. There is no list of where these might be sold at, I'm leaning towards they aren't in game at this point. Can anyone confirm this or know where they might be?

Thanks for your help.

DarthWalt's Avatar

01.08.2012 , 05:45 PM | #2
There is a custom vendor on Hoth,belsalvis or Voss I think that sell it.

I have Here currently maxed out but seeing a sI play a female toon I cant romance them. However if you are a male toon Vette seems to take issue with you not being faithfull to her. IE when you save her sister you can fool around with her and it ticks off vette.

However Jaesa become a bit of a tramp as she talks to me about how see parties and killed guys or slept with them but she cant rememebr most likely both cuse she was too wasted,

So i would think it owuld be posabel to romace vette then Jaeca but you will tick off Vette. itf you already involved with Jaesa Vette wont be open to romance with you.

IMO. I am re roling a male Sith War so I am going to give that a shot.