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World first Operations - Casual/RPers need not reply.

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World first Operations - Casual/RPers need not reply.

-Arcane-'s Avatar

12.14.2011 , 04:55 AM | #1
This is a thread to the hardcore raiding portion of our community.

If this does not include you, do not reply.

How will you value any Guilds world first achievement given the staggered launch?

How does this compare to other MMO's?
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Gereon's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 05:16 AM | #2
Are there any world first achievment at all?

Willemguitar's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 05:19 AM | #3
I dont care for achievements at all

Kagu-tsu-chi's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 05:20 AM | #4
I'll probably not give a crap about world firsts in this first tier. Everything was downed in beta anyways so who cares. Tier 2 ftw.
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12.14.2011 , 11:52 AM | #5
Unless there is an in game recognition of it, it's a nonpoint. Competing against less than 10% of the potential population is just a small pool, you got more people than anyone. Good on you for getting them down.

Frankly, given the immersive leveling system I'm probably not going to take most of the first sets of world/server firsts seriously. A lot of people are going to sit down an enjoy the game, as most of them are here to distance themselves from That other Game.

Hell, I'm not even openly recruiting yet because who is playing what class, and who is just here to sightsee a new mmo, and who is here to grind out and push content is still up in the air, everyone starts a new game with the best intentions.
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Heimskringla's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 09:28 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Gereon View Post
Are there any world first achievment at all?
No. This was a deliberate choice.
- I spent $149.95 on a video game with no release date, and all I got was the key to the executive washroom.

morganlion's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 11:45 PM | #7
I am not a casual player i had a crazy amount of achievemnts raid kills and all that on another game even a realm 1st. So ill actually repley to your statement. Look i personally think they shouldnt start that crap up here in starwars because here is the far sighted answer to it. So they start using the data to say whats hard core to whats casual and begain to push to make nerfs with how many haves vrs have nots. I am totally against nerfing a game becase the casuals find it to hard and then they nerf everything till us hard core pll dont want to play cuz there isnt a challange.
If end game content is your idea of fun awesome mine too So you will gravitate on your own to or threw differnt guilds till you find the hardcore ppl in the meantime stop and enjoy the game in the process. You do realize you are playing in a new era of gameplay right its story driven and also the whole game talks. I get mad when ppl complain about it talks to much its like would you rather be reading texts or skip it and looking it up on the map and rereading it anyways cuz you have to do somoethin special and not just kill everything in sight?

Vetorept's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 11:54 PM | #8
Take anything and everything wow related and go back to there.


No one cares about your achievements and e-sports.

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12.15.2011 , 12:00 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by -Arcane- View Post
This is a thread to the hardcore raiding portion of our community.

If this does not include you, do not reply.

How will you value any Guilds world first achievement given the staggered launch?

How does this compare to other MMO's?
Just because we don't have 24/7 to be hardcore now doesn't mean we haven't been there more than long enough to be able to reply to your thread believe it or not. It's pretty simple this tier doesn't mean ****. There's no equal footing for the hardcore guilds at all and it's been cleared already. You could essentially have a ranking for nightmare modes but even then people who got in early have the advantage. Next tier (and hopefully by then we have actual server forums) make an official thread, use ss to verify like we used to before achievements ever existed and montior it among the hardcore community. I never had any issues when the guilds I was in did it this way and for the most part this let the hardcore people have their server first and the casuals left them the hell alone in their own thread.

Edit: I also never understood why the casuals get so pissy about hardcore people doing what they enjoy in a game they pay the same money for. If they want to compete among eachother who really cares. If some of them are *********s and simply must spout how amazing they are in a video game and tell you how bad you are for not being hardcore you can just assume they have a ****** life and feel bad for them. For the most part though the hardcore players I've played with are ******* and only care about their competition with other hardcore guilds, not rubbing it in everyone elses face.

azmundai's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 12:06 AM | #10
This thread is going places.
x-server lfd tools are great for cramming people into content, but quality > quantity.